Meyer Mike, where the heck are you?

birdsnbloomsApril 3, 2013

Mike, although I haven't been around much this past winter, I scrolled down the page but didn't see any, 'Meyer Mike' threads, or plant pics.

Hope you're well. Is winter bringing you down, too?

I miss your beautiful plant pics. Viewing your fragrants in bloom makes my day.

Come back.... :) hugs, Toni

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He's around, I got an email from him last night saying he's still germ ridden and recovering.

He's been sick for about a month. spring/autumn bugs are hard to kick.

He'll appreciate that you asked after him, I'm sure.

If you could do an internet dance for him, he'd like it more...

You could say his birthday's coming up and even sing while dancing and that would be an extra urge for him to lose those germs and just laugh them away.

;) I can imagine you'd be a great singer... you should be on the "Voice" ... god, those judges are yummy, huh? :)

Let's begin.... "Happy B..... Day, Mike."

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Rose & Toni doing the birthday dance, singing,


I'm sorry Mike isn't well..Yep, those flu's are long-lasting.
Every year they get newer and more improved. :)
Although, I REFUSE taking a flu shot. I never get flu.
Everyone I know who got a flu shot, ended up sick..

Mike, when you feel better, drop a line..hugs, Toni

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Someone else is missing.....

What happened to Olympia Gardener? Has she been around? Toni

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Hope Mike makes a speedy recovery. He contributes a lot to these forums!!
Weather in the NE has been very wintery but that is supposed to change soon. Maybe that will help with recovery!

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Mike ,I hope you feel better.

I have also been wondering about Olympia, she went on vacation for a while in Feb.

Take care both of you.

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Hey Woodnative, How you doing?

Weather forecasters keep saying, expect spring-like weather, but so far they've been wrong.
Maybe they should change their technique...say it's going to stay cold. Temps will be sunny and 80F... :)

Yep, I agree, warm weather and SUN helps.

DL, OG hasn't been around since Feb? Toni

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Get well soon Mike so you can help us with our plant problems

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Now that's preetty! Is it fragrant?

Happy bday, Mike!
Should we call you old man, now? :)

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Mild soft sweet in fragrance, nothing pretty in them brown areas.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Oh how pretty, MrLike!

For you, Mike!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike!

Wanted to send my get well wishes to you and I hope you feel better soon!

We miss you and want you back feeling better than ever!

Please let me know if there is something that I can do for you...

Tell mom we are thinking of her as well..

Hurry back... ;-)



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Good Afternoon, Everyone!

MrLike, so pretty. Having problems seeing foliage. Is your plant an Orchid or Epiphyllum?

Hey Purple, Welcome back.
Beautiful plant, although I can't tell its type.
I can, however, imagine its fragrant blooms.

LAURA. Hello...long time no see.
Hope you're well.

Beautiful Plumeria. Love the colors.

Would you believe my variegated, grafted Plume survived blooms, but no insects either.
One thing I find strange is, leaves are variegted. When Plume was in brighter light, foliage was green.
During winter, I placed Plume away from windows, so it's getting medium-bright light. For some strange reason, leaves have more variegation now, in lower light, than during summer....
What's going on?

Mike, we know you're busy, but can you spare a few minutes?? Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Let me add my big hello to the rest. I don't hang out much in the Gardenweb, like I used to, but when I do....I want to see all of my pals!

Mike, I've lost your email again.....drop me a line, please?

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Well, my imagination has escaped and ... I think that Mike went shopping again, and now has so many plants he can't even get to his computer anymore. He's blocked from it until the weather warms up and he can put some of his plants outside.

Either that, or he got a new variety of orchid ... and, he was told it required special feedings in order for it to make fragrant blooms. So, the method he was told - was he had to feed it blood. And, Since Mike likes the unusual - he was very happy to take on this mystery plant... and it ate him.

All that was left of Mike was a pair of slippers, showing where he stood as he fed it.

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Rosey, that IS funny.

Poor Mike. He was such a nice guy.

Man Eating the sci/fi movie, Little Shop of Horrors, lol.

If Mike is lost amongst plants, he'll need a beeper to find his 'puter next time he disappears.

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I miss Mike, get him to come back!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello everyone!

Wes..beautiful plant.. Love it!

Hi Toni !

I have been around, but I seem to not see you when I'm on the forums.. Lol we must be passing on other forums.. Nice to see you too!
Things are great here. Just need for spring to arrive so I can bring outside all of my trees.. Sheesh.. That will be a job. Last year at this time, I put them out and then put them inside 5 times and I said that I would never do that again, my DH was going to commit me.. LMAO. He thought I lost it. Trees were everywhere to stay clear of the dipping temps. As far as your Varigated Plumeria, sounds about right. Most Varigated plants like filtered sun and I think you had a great experience with your tree this winter. Congratulations on keeping it growing and without spider ties, etc. that is wonderful. You should be proud. I can't wait to see pics..

Now.. Mike.. Where is he? I have heard from some that he is doing alright and that he is taking a break and feeling better.

Rest mike... We will all be here waiting to cheer you on. When you decide it is time.

We miss you...

Take care,


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Fenius said, 'I miss Mike, get him to come back.'

Toni --> crosses arms and bobs head.
Pop, there's Mike. lol

Laura, I haven't been online much this winter..upon returning, as far as I recall anyway, this is the first time I've seen you post.
Playing, hide and go seek. :)

You carried ALL your plants in and out, 5 times last year? lol. Your poor arms and back. Your poor DH, too. lol.

The only plant that's been out, so far this year is Gardenia. In fact, it's going to spend the wkend, 'I hope' outside. Temp is 61F.

Last winter, Gardenia was outdoors as early as late Feb. Except for 2-3 wks, temps were warm enough for most plants to remain in the garden.

I'm very happy about grafted, variegated Plumeria. The other Plume, 'cane' died.

Spring will soon makes an appearance.

Happy seeing you, Laura.

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Oh wow, I appreciate the kindness and concern from you all here!
Thank you. I have been under the weather and too tired to do anything but work and sleep. I miss being here and the kindness the few of you display. I'I noticed one new person and the usual good thoughtful people I am not surprised that care.

Thank you so much again. My mom and I are getting much better and I hope to be back more often again. Miss you all.
Took pics of many plants in bloom smelling real good right now I can't wait to share:-)


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Wow! Toni! You GOT MAGICAL powers! :)

Can you wish me a winning lottery ticket next? :D

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Toni ... let me know when I should check my powerball ticket # ... If I get your magic sent my way - I could be a winner right now and just not know it. :)

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Mike, there you are! :)

Winter takes its toll on people. Energy level = 1..

I hope you and your mom are 100% better.
Soon, your energy will return..healing takes time.

Between flu, etc and grey winter days, who feels like doing anything?
Working extra hours drains energy too.
Not enough hours in a day for hobbies...working on plants and getting online, when not feeling well and work.

I don't have the energy I once had. Plants aren't getting the attention they used to, 'younger days, lol,' especially during icy cold, dry, grey days..days, weeks and months.
Are you getting any sun? You, as in you, Mike. Your body. What about mom?

Can't wait to see your plants!

Rosey,, if I had power, I sure wouldn't be living in this old, broken down house. lol.
I'd pick the winning lottery ticket, cash the check, and have a house built..My dream house with solarium. :)

I know you're joking, but 6th sense runs in my family. I have 'feelings' and dreams that come true.
W/the meds I'm taking, I rarely remember dreams these das.
I keep a journal of different experience I had throughout the years. lol.
May sound strange, but I analize everything, so there are times I read the old sense/dream journal..
Strange events..:)

Anyway, hope you win the lottery thingy. lol.

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Not to mention the bi daily season changing during spring season in New England one day it's spring the next it's winter Not to mention that early buds and flowering still spread there pollen.

The orchid is a mounted item I picked up in January at the N.H Orchid show and rather new adventure for me. Not to far out of my plant cultivating comfort zone. Overall mounted orchids wont make my plant adversary list but I'd still preference the actual space saving miniature orchids that seem to offer limited selections with in the fragrant area over a bigger in size orchid offering small flowers with distinct fragrances.
So far so good three pics may have helped Mike break the flue storm and feel a little better.

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Wow, Wes! you finally showed us a purchase from the orchid show???? and it only took you 3 months to do it.

Toni, I didn't win - you weren't wishing hard enough, I'm thinking... & - seriously, you don't want to give up your house - you may talk bad about it, but you're a very sentimental person. If you won the lottery, you'd stay there - and just build onto it the solarium of your dreams. :)

And if you want a cornfield, knock down the neighbors' house and grow one. ;)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Glad you're up'n'about Mike.

Not that it's a comparison to the flu, but I'm still recovering from the time-change. And no doubt winter can give ya tha bloooz. Get well soon to Mike & Sissy and anyone recovering from anything!!

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Wes, where's the orchid? lol.
I see a very very nice succulent dish garden, but no mounted orchid...
Love your Euphorbias.

You mentioned 3 pictures. Only 1 is displayed..???

I find mini orchids much more difficult. Maybe their early demise is caused by improper watering???

Rosey.. Sorry you didn't win. Which game is Powerball? How does it work?
The only lottery tickets I bought were scratch-off types, though it's been years since buying any tickets.

When I worked, I'd buy 5-7 tickets on Friday. 5 were instant, the other two were the big lotto. I never chose numbers..let the puter pick them out. Stupid computers never selected the winning numbers. lol.

I don't bet for $..I never win when money is involved.
BTW, wishing doesn't ma'am. :)
A feeling pops in my head, or dream, but never involving numbers.

Rosey, you're right, I am sentimental. How did you know?

But, honestly, this house needs more work than not. Nope, I'd find an area that's roomy. Country-like. Then design the type of house I want. Yes, with attached solarium and sky lights.
I love Victorians, but wouldn't like cleaning, or PAINTING!
Victorians are so you agree?
If I won the BIG, BIG, BIG lottery, I'd give 'remaining family I talk to,' and friends enough money they'd never have to worry about finances,' buy a building for unwanted/abused pets, and last, buy a building for the homeless, hire doctors and various religious leaders. Priests, ministers, and Rabbis, etc.

ROFL, knock down the neighbors' houses! too funny.

Think they might complain?

Purple, it'll take time getting used to the time differences Soon, you'll be running around, working on plants. :)

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Toni, what do they have to complain about? they live near you.

If they seem a bit 'unobliging' ... let them know that when the corn's ready for harvesting, you'll let them have a dozen ears for free - come over and pick it.

And, after the first dozen - if they want more - it's a dollar a dozen. (what a bargain!)

It's just a house or two... and midwest houses aren't worth so much... that's why it's the perfect place - and plenty of cornfields out there... want corn - bulldoze a house and grow some. :)

(just teasing) Thank goodness you didn't ask for cows - cause then I'd have you buying them and turning your neighbors' house into a barn. :)

They might not like having to sharing their living room with a half dozen cows.

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Rosey : Three months ? that's it ? I preference waiting longer much longer.

Toni: LOL start at the top of the thread and slowly scroll downward 1st pic is the mounted orchid in question 2nd pic is a small white flowering fragrant from purple. The beautiful enough to make me envious Plumeria in the 3rd pic is from Laura

My bad by not typing it out the first time, the alleged Euphoria rock garden is actually five various Dorslenia and a few smaller mutants from the five. A very tricky plant to grow with one very easy trick DON'T WATER. They get plenty when it cools down from HEAT in the lower range of 100's to 120's then drops to middle 80's.

Which brings up the Mini Orchid question of your observation. I agree an early demise of any plant is most commonly IMPROPER watering.

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aww ohh I sense a turn for the worse As Mike gets better my camera becomes more ill.

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Rosey, you're so funny. lol.

I'll accept your first sentence as a compliment. lol

I think more a lot more than two houses would need bulldozing..
Hey, a cow or two sounds perfect! Dairy cows, not the type that's chopped and cooked. Yuck.
If we had cows, pigs and chickens they woulnd't end up on our dinner

If you hear Toni from IL blew up her town, you'll KNOW the who and why
Due to Rosey's inspiration. lol.

Where did you get the idea midwest houses aren't worth much?
Our house might not be, especially since the economy is so messed up, but adjacent towns, south and north of us, are priced in the millions.
Do you think a million for a home is inexpensive?
If you think it's a bargain, you must have won the Powerball

Most IL cornfields are extinct. It's so sad. I remember as a child, driving little ways out of Chicago. Farms were everywhere.
I'm angry at farmers for selling their property, 'fertile land handed down from past generations,' to build more malls!

If we drive south, the first cornfield is about 100 miles. If it still exists..we haven't been out that at the minimum of 10-yrs.

The only way additional malls will stop being built is if a major disaster ever took place.

Hi Wes..duh, I should wear glasses. :)

I saw your mounted orchid..bloom is a beauty. However, the flowers look pink/purple.

Wes, are you sure you spelled your succulent dish garden correctly? I Googled results.
Is it possible you mean Dorstenia? Dorstenia is a succulent that could pass for Euphorbia.

If you mean Dorstenia, I'm familiar and have a few. They're amazing, love their thick trunks.

I admit, I'm not the best orchid gardener. Most of my orchids are plain, old Phaels. They bloom, but as far as other, more difficult orchids, I'm lost.
Several years ago I bought baby, baby orchids. I'd have to get the tags for ID's, but they're still small.
It's possible, they're not getting enough light, humidity or fertilizer. I also admit, the only time they get fertilized is when I think about it..
So, my bad. :)

Ironically, my Phaels did better when they were potted in actual most are in orchid bark.

Your orange flower is a beauty.

Purple, is you're still reading this thread, love your white flowered plant!!! What is it? Toni

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Cuts in line to front of the not the best orchid grower and promising to keep the total count of orchids low for the other neat plant things in life ...Used trick lighting on the red flowering Hippeastrum with an orange back drop.
One of a few bulbs tried over the past few years and again it's just another mis-labled papilio that continues to elude my bulb collecting dept. ( same one with different lighting below )
Yes typos of uncommon words like Dorstenia show up on the browser for spell correction or edit it's pure laziness that I don't type from the labels that I don't usually have on hand.

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