Creating a Night Fragrance Garden

conjuay(9B)April 14, 2010

I am looking for a list of night bloomers with lots of fragrance! Tropical or temperate, doesn't matter.

Presently we have night blooming jasmine, confederate jasmine, ligustrum and citrus.

Any thoughts?



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nicotiana, four o'clocks, gardenia, moonflower vine.

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Brugmansia emits really nice scent in the evening.


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Okay, we do have gardenia, and the brugmansia MIGHT come back; -we've had a horrible winter... I've started some moonflowers. So, some four o'clocks and some nicotiana.

That shouldn't be too difficult!
Thanks, everyone.

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I know this is an old post, but Brunfelsia Americana has an amazing night time fragrance. Kind of a spicy vanilla.

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Definitely get one of the Sambac varieties of jasmine. 'Maid of Orleans' is a good one to start with. Give it good light and regular feeding and it will grow vigorously and bloom often. The scent is amazing.

'Maid of Orleans' will even bloom regularly indoors if given a bright window.

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