Gardenia moving outside

kellygreen(7 DC)April 16, 2012

My gardenia and I have a deal. It tries to hang on during the winter; I bring it outside for as long as possible. But I'm concerned about the transition. During the winter, it is in a window with bright indirect light and a smidgen of west sun in the late afternoon. Now, it goes onto a screened porch. I can give it full south morning/noon sun; bright, indirect northern light; or heavily-shaded western light. Which would the experts opt for? I have read the FAQs and searched on sun, but wasn't able to find something so specific. I have no doubt that the gardenia will think that whatever I choose is wrong, but I'd rather be less wrong if possible.

Oh, I'm not going for blooms - that is a dream for the future. I just want it fat, glossy and sassy again.

Thanks! Kelly

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I say slowly introduce it to the full south morning/noon sun. If the sun is super hot in the summer then it'll need some shade. Gardenia is hard to kill if you grow it in a good soil mix, watch your watering and feed it regularly.

Good luck and post some pictures when yours blooms!

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kellygreen(7 DC)

Hard to kill - according to the ghosts of all my gardenias past, they were not told that.

I will try to inch it into the south light. (It will be in the shade after noon). It's starting to drop buds. I'm pretty sure that I am being penalized for moving it outside (not that it would have been happy inside.)


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Give it some time to adapt. Meanwhile watch your watering! Gardenia is so sensitive.. can't underwater it.. can't overwater it *hm..sigh*
In the future try the hardy cultivars; They are much more vigorous imho :O)

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