what fragrant trailing plant?

diana1952April 14, 2008

Hi there. I am new to gardening. My question is. What would be your opinion of fragrant trailing plants for my four 10 inch pots in front of my house. I have them stacked one on top of each other tippy style. My house is chocolate brown white trim. I live in Boise. The pots are clay that have been sprayed green with masonary paint and white trim. I have no color preferance. If there isn't a fragrant one you know of what trailing plant suggestions do you have. I even like just green foilage but I'm thinking color would be nice. Thank you so much in advance. I'll forward a pic when it blooms.


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I'd suggest maybe a nice jasmine, not sure what zone you are in though. I know they sell a varigated madagascar jasmine with beautiful white/green leaves, they'd match your pots!

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Jasmine's a nice choice, but eventually needs a larger pot..How about Hoya? They're slow growing and enjoy being rootbound. Some Hoya's flower once a year, others can bloom several times. Most Hoyas hang, but they're are bushy types. Leaves come in green, and variegated. Toni

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Do you mean to plant outside of your house? Or will they be indoors as houseplants?

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a "scentimental" favorite of mine would be petunias.
dark purple (which i recall usually seem to be more fragrant) or light pink flowered would look good with the brown.
white flowers would also pick up the color of the trim on the pots and home.

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These plants will be outdoors near my front door and windows thats why I thought something fragrant would be nice. I'm think that the pink petunias may look very nice with the brown stucco house. Is there a certain variety that doesn't get so leggy?
Thanks for all the imput.

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How much sun do your pots get? For trailing, scented foliage, you could try herbs like mints, lemon balm or thymes, which would be hardy, or scented geraniums, which are not -- but all of these need a lot of sun.

For fragrant annuals, try heliotrope, wallflowers, sweet alyssium, etc.; is there a nursery nearby where you could get some ideas?

Realistically, you'd need something almost arctic-hardy to survive outdoors in a 10" pot in your zone, but you could try abelia mosanensis.

Hope this gives you some ideas,


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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

I would plant the old-fashioned vining petunias. Their scent is so strong and delicious that you would be able to sense it from at least 50 feet away on a summer evening. Yes, they do get leggy but it is easy to cut them back periodically. I obtained my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange last year but I think Select Seeds also has plants for sale this year. They put on a truly spectacular show, both from a visual and an olfactory standpoint.

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Anyone please if you see this message if you know a source to get Davanam fragrant leaves(South Indian Language) seeds or plant, please post it on this forum or e-mail to tekmaljyothi@yahoo.com.
Appreciate your help.


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You should post your message as a new post -- you'll get a lot more folks looking at it, and a better chance of finding an answer.


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