HAVE: Large animal cage

WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)October 6, 2005

I have come into possession of a large cage that I have no use for. My next door neighbors used it to house two small dogs, and when they moved a few days ago they left the cage as trash along with loads of furniture and other household goods on the street. It was too nice to see go into the trash, so I carried it in.

I thought that maybe someone would be interested in converting it to use as a rabbit cage or something. Maybe if so, trading me the cage for a nice big bag of rabbit droppings sometime in the future?

Otherwise, if anyone has any need or use for this cage at all, you're welcome to it, and I'll take anything at all in trade. I think it will fit in the back seat of my car and I could bring it on October 22 to our trade, or you could come and get it from my house in Atlanta if you'd prefer.

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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

I have two small dogs and a borrowed crate -- I could definitely use this, although I wouldn't have rabbit droppings to return! I'll email you offline so we can discuss a possible trade unless a potential rabbit owner responds -- may be a better deal for you.

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zasha(7b Ga)

Hahaha If anybody wants poopy Guinea Pig litter I am your girl. I have 3 GPs who do nothing but sleep, eat, and poop. Well they argue with each other and watch tv sometimes too.

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

This cage is still available if anyone wants it. The dimensions are as follows:

21 inches wide
24 inches tall
30 inches deep

It has a pan in the bottom which is removable.
It does not fit in my car seat, after all, so if someone wants it they will need to come to my house to pick it up. No trade necessary.

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can i have it but i cant pick it up im only 12.and dont have poop.....

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)


I'm so sorry but I ended up finally giving it away to a neighbor. You might try looking on craigslist.org if you still need a cage, though.

Good luck!


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