Largest worthwhile flower?

gnomey(7b SC zip296)June 1, 2008

I'm making my wish list for spring since I'm just about done with planting for this year.. and about out of money too ;(

Anyway, I am looking for one to put on my wish list with an outrageously big flower. It has to be within my price range though.. I don't think I could honestly spend more than $50. My favorite colors in the garden are the warmer tones.. anything peach, apricot and the like drive me wild.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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How about MOUNT HERMAN GIANT, an apricot, registered as having an 8" flower. TEXAS WHOPPER STOPPER, also Jack Carpenter, also a diploid, also older, apricot, 8.5" flower. Both are short relative to bloom size for my taste, but you might like them as they are.

One of my favorites is Curt Hanson's PRIMAL SCREAM. Tall, unusual form, with a 7.5" flower. "Orange-tangerine self." Dormant, from Ohio -- can you grow it?

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

YES YES YES! Wow.. all three of those look incredible. Thanks lynxe. I can see why you love Primal Scream. I think it's a definite must have.

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Take a look at Jan's Twister. Great plant, the warmer it gets the more the ends curl. Then there is Tuscawilla Tigress. Mike

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

sunset_shepherdess - thanks! Lots of great ones on that thread!

Mike1 - oooooo.. and I say I don't like spiders, yet I just added Jan's Twister to my list.

You guys are such enablers. :)

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I've searched through some of my picture files for you....I have fewer pics of southern stuff than northern, and I haven't grown or seen any of these myself (with one exception). But I fell in love with each one from its picture.

Margo Reed's DANCES WITH GIRAFFES is a dormant, so....? But an 8" flower on a 60" scape; unusual form; gold-yellow with rose-peach blush eye. Branching only 2; but bud count listed as 26.

Jan Joiner's LET IT RIP is a persimmon orange, 10" spider on a 32" scape; evergreen.

A Jack Carpenter is MARIE HOOPER MEMORIAL, an oldie form 1988 registered as a melon pink, on a 26" scape and with an 8.25" flower.

Whoo boy! How about MOJAVE SUNSET, a Stamile from '86? Amber pink and rose tan on a 30" -- and with a 9" flower.

MONSTER (Pettus '75), a yellow blend with faint brushing; height is 32"; flower is 9".

Or (!) OSTERIZED (Hite-Davisson '99) Another yellow; a tet; scape is 30" and flower is 10". A crispate-cascade uf.

RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, by Dan Trimmer, 2001. A 6.75" flower on a 32" scape; is dark yellow with a black-plum eye.

Aha! KatieSue Herrington's RETURN TO OZ is from 2000. A rose-tangerine blend with a rose-cinnamon eye above a vivid green throat. A SPUF, with an 8" flower on a 35" scape.

RISE OF THE PHOENIX, by Cindy Cribb ('04). Red; does that count? Flower is 8.5" on a 34", and it's a rebloomer.

Pat Cochenour's SCREAMCICLE is a dormant ufo with PRIMAL SCREAM as a parent. Listed at 34" and with an 8" flower. Finally got that one, and I should see it bloom this summer! Oh....and is orange with a red-orange eye. Do not know whether it grows well where you are; Pat is in Virginia, near Washington.

SELMA LONGLEGS (Heather Herrington). Light tangerine brushed cinnamon with an orange throat. (I love orange throats!). Scape is 34"; flower is 9".

TANGERINE IBIS (Brian Mahieu) is 54" tall, with a 7" "glowing melon orange" flower that has a "deep melon rose eye" and a (oh boy!) "glowing cadmium yellow orange throat."

Jack Carpenter's TIJUANA TREASURE is a dip from '04. Flower is 7.5", and the coral color in all the photos I've seen is beautiful.

TWIRLING WINGS (Terah George '04); red bitone; ufo crispate; 42" scape and flower is 10". Four branches and bud count of 22.

WILLA JEAN (Netherton 05) is an evergreen ufo that's got a 9" flower on a 28" scape. Red-orange blend, darker red eye, yellow throat. Bud count listed as only 12.

YELLOW TITAN, a Gossard (ie, from Ohio), dormant (may not like your climate?); 43" scape, 10" flower; a yellow bitone; crispate unusual form.

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Oops! I missed the bit where you said you didn't care for spiders. Lots of the ones I listed are unusual forms; and I think there's a spider in there as well. But I think there's enough other stuff to check out. :)

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gnomey(7b SC zip296)

lynxe: thank you! I have a lot to think about now :) I didn't think I liked spiders, but now I am seeing some really beautiful ones and am reconsidering adding a few next year. I think I cringe at spider forms after seeing my aunt plant nothing but yellow and red ones in a large area... Actually I think looking at that turned me off of daylilies in general for a while. I'm glad she doesn't read this forum. I wouldn't hurt her feelings for the world but ewww..

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I am beginning to love Wispy rays it is huge:

Height-3' 0''
bloom time-Mid

Branching: 3 Bud Count: 18
Pod: Yes (0) Pollen: Yes (4)

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jkunkel(zone 7)

I have one that isn't a spider that is almost 8 inches called Persian ruby, here is a pic

I also have a pink spider called watchyl digital scream that has 14 inch blooms. It wasn't up to full size its first year, so I hope it is this season! -Jessica

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I have a thing for the larger ones...

In my garden blooming now that are 7" or larger (minus spiders):

SPANISH MASQUERADE (not crazy about the crepe texture, but this one is fabulous!)
BAFFIN BAY BEAUTY (and a beauty it is!)

In my garden blooming in the next few days that are 7" or larger(minus spiders):

BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS (tons of branches and buds, can't wait for this one!)
JOHN ALLGOOD (I've heard some mighty good things about this one, and the way it's been growing in my garden, I'm betting it lives up to it's name!)

In my garden blooming in the next few weeks that are 7" or larger(minus spiders):

RUTH WHITTEN (double!)
WISPY RAYS (this one is relatively new for me, but see loveofmylife's post above)

On my wish list that are 7" or larger (minus spiders):


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gonegardening(7 VA)

I've got a picture of Christine Dixon on my blog (from this morning). She's just getting started...but I like that she's so early and so bright.

From the above lists, I have scapes on Giant on the Mountain, Jumbo Shrimp, Marie Hooper Memorial, Primal Scream, Persian Ruby and Jan's Twister.

I like them big, too, although not necessarily the colors that you prefer...hmmm, without my spreadsheet, a few oldies (inexpensive) that I still really like are Yazoo Elsie Hinston (always a stellar performer with huge blooms), Hildred West (that one's pretty bright and often polys), Gold Card (kinda an orangey yellow to me, more than gold...but big), Macho Macho Man (big like name implies), Mal, Great White, Ruby Spider, Laura Hardwood....

I'm sure there are others, but that's all I can think of for the moment. (After I walk around, I'm sure I'll see more...hehe).

Here is a link that might be useful: Christine Dixon, scroll down

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Clothed in Glory - 7" Tet

Glenn Fletcher Memorial - 7" Dip

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jkunkel(zone 7)

OMG greenthumbfish if you ever have extra fans of Ruth Whitten and want to trade honey come talk to me! I just love that one, but most places that have it, only have it for display. If you have a picture of her I would love to see it! Im with you on speedo too. But I can wait untill the price comes down a bit.
Oh yeah I forgot I had this one -

Star of Fantasy 8.5 inch bloom
I also have Silaom jean hogan 7.5 pink flower with heart shaped eyezone
Peacock maiden 9.5 inch purple bloom - hasen't bloomed for me yet though
I had rabbit ears, 8.5 inch bloom and its not a spider. I saw it at Marietta gardens last year when I was on vacation and it is a stunning flower! I ordered it and planted it at the begining of July and it died of rot. I was so mad. I think I might order it again in the fall, but it is a gorgeous flower! -Jessica

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farmerbell(6b TN)

Marietta's has Ruth Whitten for $40.

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I'll definitely keep that in mind, Jessica, but Ruth Whitten is new for me this year so it's still just a double fan. And it hasn't scaped yet, but when it blooms, I'll post a pic for you. And just FYI, I bought it from Jordon's for $20/df.

I don't think I can wait much longer for Speedo ;-) hopefully the price will drop a little by the fall. I'm really jonesin' for that one and Yo Big Mouth!

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