Cucumber blooms? Odd problem...

saintpflaApril 13, 2012

I'm growing a regular cucumber plant (burpee pkg type) in a container as I normally container grow. I planted two seeds...only one took.

The vine seems fairly healthy - except I am ONLY getting female flowers.

I've heard of only Male blooms being a problem...but, never a female only problem.

My vine is still small...about 3-4 ft. long. Do you think it will grow some male flowers eventually?

Is there something I can do to hand pollinate in the meantime? Like, pollen from a tomato plant or jasmine or...plumeria???...LOLOL....I have no squash has no blossoms yet.

I'm watching all these gorgeous baby cukes shrivel up and's killing me. :(

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

You still going with me to Lori's next Saturday? If so I'll give you some parthenocarpic cuke seeds to try...Tina's going with me to Silvia's tomorrow, kinda late but if you'd like to go with us we'll be headed out around 0930. We can talk veggie talk then ;-)


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Hey Tom - checking in here late...thanks for the invite!

Even if I wasn't so late, I have funeral this weekend to attend (a friend's family member).

But - next weekend- I'm definitely on-board! :)

I did plant the Corentine Cukes seeds that you gave me -- they are doing pretty good- so far anyway!

I'm frustrated that my Burpee Cuke Hybrid II -- which is healthy as can be (a miracle in itself) is only producing females.

I read on the back of the seed pack that it includes "pollinators". I'm assuming that means I ended up with a "female only" seed? With it never produce male blooms?

Am I doomed?....

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Check around any of the big box stores for any type of cucumber starter plants. Feed stores and Ace Hardware may also carry them. Most of those are male/female plants and will work for cross pollinators for your female plant.


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Thanks, Lou! I did just that yesterday and bought one that has 3 seedlings in it.I'm hoping it will grow quickly (I hope!). I lucked out as there were not many left.

I guess things are a bit more complicated when you small-space container garden. You can't just grow 'one seed' and expect results. Always learning something new....

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

You have to watch out when it states "includes pollinators"; if you didn't plant one of the pollinator seeds you're doomed. I'd stick with the parthenocarpic's, then you won't have to worry about it. Mine are doing well predominantly in the shade, only a few hours of direct sunlight daily. I did get some more Cool Breeze seeds, they are finally available again. I bought two 1/4 oz packets and took one to Silvia's party yesterday so I still have plenty to share with you next weekend, but mine are inside the pool cage so you'll have to watch closely for pickleworm since its so hot and dry now.


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Yeah, it looks like my "Home Depot Special" that I bought on Saturday is already developing it's first bloom. I understand those are usually 'male' too. The timing couldn't be better.

This is the time of year I get really frustrated with my veggie garden...

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