Pinellas County Pine Bark Fines

zenlikeme(9b/10a)April 8, 2011

Hey there everyone! Hoping someone can help me... Where can I find some pine bark fines in pinellas county, preferably as close to St. Pete as possible (palmetto/bradenton is very close to me too)???

Ever since someone posted about Garden and Hardware Dist., I've been using them. But they're out and at best will have them next week. But I have tons to pot and plant this weekend and NEED some fines!!!

Funny.. the guy at Garden and Hardware said everyone that buys them from him uses them for retail. But I can't find anyone who's selling them. He told me Willow.. but nope. Nor:


Twigs and Leaves

Kathy's Corner

Golden Rain


HD or Lowes

Anyone have any ideas?! Thanks!!!

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Try Walmart, they have carried them for a good while now around my area (Brooksville). The fines are in the purple bag.


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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Here's my earlier post, with pictures of the Walmart stuff toward the bottom of the post. If you can't find any I have six bags left, I get it from TreeMart in north Tampa close to my'd just need to come up to my place behind the dog track, but if tomorrow it would have to be early because I'm going to Silvia's get-together.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Yup, Tom, you beat me to it! Thanks! I was just going to link my photos of the WalMart bags.


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You guys rock! Posted this just before noon. Took the dog for a bike ride. And question answered! Just got back by 2 from the Tyrone Walmart where they had it ;)

Thanks so much! And thank you Tom for the generous offer!!


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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

My pleasure Kevin, have fun tomorrow....

Carol, see you at Silvia's?


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Just wanted to add to this old thread that I was at Dolins today and they now carry the purple bag fines as well. They were almost $8. I wasn't sure if this was a good price and I thought I had heard people on here mention Walmart so I figured I would look there and check that price first. Didn't have any luck at the Walmart here (south 34th St.)

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zzackey(8b GA)

What is so special about pine bark fines? I've never heard about them.

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Pine Bark Fines are the basis for the Al's 511 mix on the Container Forum

The Guru is Al Tapla from the cold North.....His 511 and Gritty Mix are subjects of HUNDREDS of posts/threads over there........He does this incredible Bonsai!!!!

Anyhow.....511 is a fast draining soil-less mix that gets great results for my Vegie containers....

Want to know more........

Here is a link that might be useful: Start Here

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johnjsr(9A DeLand)

The walmart bags just say Pine Mulch. Timberline brand, $2.68 /bag

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The kind at Dolins is labeled Soil Conditioner. I checked out the Walmart down her in South St. Pete and the Tyrone one with no luck. At the Lowes on 22nd Ave, they were carrying out front what was labeled as "Fast Draining Soil" for $4 and something and is a mix of the pine bark, peat, and dolomite. I bought a bag because I was curious and it appears that the higher ratio is the pine bark.

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Went to Walmart for the first time in 7 years just for this purpose as I too have been looking for Pine Fines in jax florida. They had them...but they were wrapped on palates on the outside second story. After 5 calls to someone "licensed" to help me and 20 minutes of waiting, turns out he only had a ladder and seemed reluctant to get the fork-lift. Furthermore, all of the bags in the wrapped palate where ripped open anyway and we couldn't get any undamaged bags out of the top...needless to say, I won't be going back to a Wal-mart. What a pain in the ass and such a way to torment me. It's the one thing I am missing.

*shakes a stick at fate*

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Been gone a week, needed to get away and not really into posting now but could not leave this one alone....

That's a ridiculous price for fines, there's never a bargain at Dolins. You can get fines in Tampa at Tree Mart for $2.65/2CF bag, if you have to spend that much and don't want to make the trip to Tampa I'd go to Loews and buy Jungle Growth Professional Flower & Veggie mix, its great stuff and the fines are COMPOSTED, something none of us can get in a BAG of fines anywhere here and its pH balanced so growth is amazing. Otherwise the second best bagged mix is Wal-Mart's Expert Growers Mix, but their fines are not composted and it doesn't measure up to Jungle Growth for a comparable price.


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zzackey(8b GA)

I'll have to see if it's sold on the east coast. Thanks for the info. I def. need something better than the cheap stuff I bought to avoid the fertilizer pellets in MG. Hang in there, Tom.

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Thanks for the advice Tom, next time I am in Tampa I will stop by Treemart. I have kind of come to the conclusion over the past couple of years that there are no deals at Dolins which is why my instincts told me to walk away and check back here first. I looked at the Jungle Growth Professional Flower & Veggie mix at Lowes later that day and it I think it said was a mix of peat and bark. I opted for the "Fast Draining Soil" from Home Depot which looked like a similar product but the bags weren't saturated like the Jungle Mix was and seemed to maybe have a higher bark ratio. I don't know if the fine were composted, but it did contain dolomite. Would this raise (and therefore balance)the pH?. The bag was no bargain but better than Dolins. I have never actually used fines before and needed some to quickly work into some already planted containers to lighten up the badly compacting and water collecting potting soil/peat/perlite. I mix I already had in them. Treemart sounds like a great price and I can't wait to get some for future planting.

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Hi - What I use now, rather than mixing up the different stuff, is FAFARD potting mix, # 3.... Willow Tree on 49 st. No. has it in huge bags------ also Carroll's on 38 Ave. No.--- also Neeld-Gordon Feed Store on 13 ave. No. has a smaller bag .... it is high quality composed of Fines and peat moss and Perlite, I find it just a good as doing the mixing myself..... sally

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How much is the big bag at Willow Tree?

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