Frost Proof Gardenia

farmer55(7B)April 29, 2014

I have 2 frost proof gardenia's that are in their third spring. The first year they grew a little with no flowers. Figured it was just settling in. The second year they grew to about 3' in height with some flowers. This year I thought would be the year of "loads of flowers" but I see no buds and the leaves are a golden-brown. When I did a little research I found out that these plants are considered [evergreens] Brown leaves I shouldn't have... The roots are firm and the plants are alive with a couple of hard to spot green leaves. Any Ideas on what is going on.
I have attached a photo hopefully it is good enough to see a true representation of the plant.

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

This looks dead to me. However, your photo is out of focus. Can you upload a better photo, and maybe a 2nd one with the close up of the green leaves?

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thanks for showing interest in my question. Here is a better picture I hope.
We did a bark scrape to check for green branch and it was good.

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it looks like to me they got bitten pretty hard by either frost or sun burn..It happens a lot to our evergreens too..

Hopefully those leaves will fall off to be replaced by fresh green ones..:-)


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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Hi farmer. Thanks for posting the picture. I'd go with Mike's recommendation. If the stems are green, then plant is alive. Here is a link and another below, where you need to scroll to "Care after damage".

Here is a link that might be useful: Leaves turned brown

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Thanks for the info and tips. Gives me hope that all will be well.
I see that you enjoy container gardening Mike. I have several square foot garden spaces as well as quite a few home made "earth boxes" After buying a few earth boxes and seeing how they were made I figured I's try my hand at making my own and they have worked out very well. I made them with a significantly larger water reservoir which makes life easier.

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