My large chinaberry trees are in full bloom!

dirt_dew(z9 az)April 15, 2006

The whole area is filled with the fragrance.

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Any chance of a picture for us Northerners? I really love the smell of chinaberry, I'd grow it as a bonsai or greenhouse plant if it wasn't so rangy and large. Maybe they'll breed a dwarf variety one day . . .


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here's one for you, jim.
saw this tree as i went by my bank yesterday.
i took some pictures of the entire tree but they don't really show the flowers that well, i guess because the dull purple color fades into the green. the tree as a whole is not as showy as some others in flower to me.
what does the fragrance remind you of? i sniffed this cluster and the best i could get was a cotton candy-like fragrance, though it was not overwhelming.
these trees have escaped cultivation down here and you see them growing in areas that are not maintained such as roadbanks and abandoned homesites. sort of a weed tree, i guess, with good yellow fall color.
i do recall from childhood that the ripe fruit smells like poop!

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Many thanks for the picture! Never smelled the fruits, but I'll stay away now!


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