Does anyone Have Dracaena Fragrans?

saturniidaebreeder(7)April 19, 2008

Does anyone have a Dracaena Fragrans plant? Does this plant bloom rarely? What is its maximum height? I love the smell! Do you?


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Hi Saturn. I have various Dracaenas. Some bloom in winter, especially Corn Plant and Song of India (Reflexa(a form of dracaena) Yes the flowers are fragrant, bloom in mid-winter while other tropicals are sleeping. Flowers scent up a room.

Does this plant bloom rarely? If given more sufficient light and some added humidity, they should bloom every year.
Heights vary. In the ground, they can grow 20+'. When we buy Dracaena fragrans, they're planted in pots with one to four canes. Each cane is cut different heights so foliage don't rub against each other,(at first.) As new leaves form, they eventually hit each other. The tallest D. fragrans I've seen was about 12', though they say the average corn plant/D. fragrans reaches 4'. Container plants never reach heights like they do grown in the ground.
Oh yes, I love the smell...Toni

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Thank you!

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