Star Jasmine (Jasminum nitidum) at Lowe's!

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)April 15, 2011

I don't know if this benefits anyone but I found Jasminum nitidum (Star Jasmine, Royal Jasmine, Angelwing Jasmine) at the mid-town Lowe's in Tulsa, OK. They're in the annuals section by an accents plants sign and you can pick up a quart sized plant for $3.98. Quite a bargain compared to the prices online. They have a light, fresh scent and the leaves are gorgeous. For that price it was a no brainer opportunity for me to expand my jasmine collection. :)

Other Lowe's in this region might also have them.

Good luck!


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I'm in SC, but I am going to check my Lowes also.
I really want a vine to plant in front of a window and I already have the trellis for it.
Wish me luck!

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I bought a Trachelospermum Jasmine Madison at local nursery, Lowes didn't have anything except the yellow confederate jasmine and clematis.
It is beautiful! It is full of little white star shaped flowers and smells so sweet! Boy are they bee magnets!
I planted it right in front of the bedroom window on a small trellis, but not too near the porch, I am allergic to bees.
I can't get over how fragrant it is.
See what you did?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I guess someone is benefiting from my post. :)
Congrats on your Trachelospermum find! I do like it's scent I just wish it had a longer bloom time. I purchased a small Trachelospermum asiaticum �Mandanianum� from Logee's this spring and am waiting for it to flower and get larger. It's supposed to have a cinnamon like scent and bloom all summer into fall. I can't wait.
My fragrance addiction has really gotten out of hand this year.
I've 5 species of jasmine, 3 brunfelsia species plus lots of odds and ends that are supposed to smell awesome. ;)


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