Central Indiana Plant Swap 2009

katielovesdogs(z5b/6a Indiana)March 8, 2009

Central Indiana Plant Swap 2009

PLEASE tell all your gardening friends, family, and colleagues! Were having the annual Central Indiana Plant Swap on May 17th.

Over the past few years, the numbers have started to grow. I got some terrific plants the last couple of years and got rid of a bunch of extras. I have a ton of stuff this year to share, and IÂm sure that many of you do, too. If you donÂt have many plants to share, come anyway. The people I have met at this event in the past have had very generous spirits. Most of us would be delighted to help out a new gardener with some of our extras.


â¨Date: Sunday, May 17, 2008 â¨

Time: 2:00 P.M. â¨

Location: Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260 â¨

Directions inside the park: Once you enter the park take an immediate left. Then pull into the first parking lot on the right. We will be under the giant sycamore tree. â¨Bring yourself, plants & trades, family, friends, tables, chairs, beverages and snacks to share. IÂll bring some lemonade and cookies. It would be nice, but not necessary, if others would brings some treats.


plants, well rooted cuttings potted up, bulbs, shrubs, happy seedlings, garden ornaments, extra gardening implements, gardening magazines, etc. â¨

PLEASE MARK ALL PLANT MATERIALS WITH THE PLANT NAME AND CARE REQUIRED!!! Also, mark any plants as invasive or poisonous, if known. I just go to an online nursery that sells the plants that IÂm giving away and cut and paste the care instructions into a document. I print out the directions and staple them to the plant, a piece of window blind, or container.

Since it worked fairly well last year, we're trying the Round Robin swap again: â¨Round One - pick one plant â¨Next Round - pick one plant â¨Next Round - pick two plants â¨Next Round - pick two plants â¨Next Round - pick three plants â¨Next Round - pick four plants â¨And so on, and so on....

This way everyone gets a chance to get some of the plants they really have on eye on. This works well and other swaps have had great success with it in the past. Everyone should be able to take home as many plants as they bring. â¨For folks who only bring a few plants, many of the folks who have LOTS of extra plants can usually be convinced to part with some of their extras AFTER the official Round Robin is finished.

Additionally, you can pre-arrange individual trades through other GardenWebber's trade lists. (PSSST! Everyone should update their trade lists!) These trades will happen before (or after) the big Round Robin trade.

Our Swap's motto is KEEP IT SIMPLE, HAVE FUN, MEET FRIENDS. â¨Some tips for the day: â¨Bring a box or container labeled with your name to put your new plants in after swapping. â¨If you have room in the car...bring an extra table to arrange your plants on. â¨Print out pictures of your plants in bloom, so folks will know what they look like in all their glory! â¨If it looks like rain, bring those rain coats, umbrellas, etc. We plan to meet even if it rains.

**Post here if you are attending so that we can all see who is coming and can check trade lists. Or email me, so we can get an approximate head count for the swap. â¨E-mail me if you wish to be put on the plant-swap e-mail list or if you have any questions. â¨I can't wait to see you all there! Hopefully we will have a great crowd with all the new gardening friends you may bring along! â¨


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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)

Woo-hoo! I hope to be there (hard to make plans this far out!) I love these swaps and all the nice plant (and people) you find there. I think this will be my 4th year attending.


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katielovesdogs(z5b/6a Indiana)

Here are some of the plants that I plan on bringing, so long as they still need dividing and didn't die over the winter:

Clematis blue lights
Coreopsis moonbeam
Purple reblooming miniature iris
Yellow reblooming miniature iris
Salvia May Night
Various hostas-maybe
-- Love pat
--'Candy hearts"
-- Patriot
--Red reblooming Ruby Stella
--strawberry frappe
--lemon custard
Red bee balm Jacob Klein
Various tomato seedlings
Various herb seedlings
Heliopsis summer sun
Lambs ear Helen Von Stein
Purple coneflower
Black eyed susan herbstonne

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Wow, just found out about this forum...too early to say definately yes...I live in Monticello! But will sure keep it on my calender as I plan my spring.

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katielovesdogs(z5b/6a Indiana)

My tomato seedlings are looking great. I had 100% germination and they're all getting big and strong. I just transplanted them into 9 ounce cups and buried about 3/4 of their stems, so they should have really strong root systems by mid May. So long as I don't kill them off, I will have at least 2-4 extras of the following cultivars to bring to the swap:

white current
bloody butcher
sweet tangerine
napa grape
yellow pear

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Is there anyone near crawfordsville that would consider a carpool?


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katielovesdogs(z5b/6a Indiana)

Farm boy:

You can arrange trades/buys before you come. You could also ask a gardener friend for a couple of clumps of plants that you could divide into 4" pots. I have some garden newbie friends that I will give some plants to trade, since I have a lot of plants. You might also bring garden-related stuff like garden magazines, books, pots, etc to trade. Every year that I've come, there have always been extras at the end of the trading that people generously give away to newbies.

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katielovesdogs(z5b/6a Indiana)

I just did an initial inventory of what needs to be divided in my garden. Here's a list of what I will bring:

2 dwarf spruce trees
a couple of suckers from Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' AKA snowball bush

Shade perennials:
sweet woodruff
sweet autumn clematis
hosta patriot
hosta candy hearts
unidentified hosta that my sister gave to me-small medium green with yellow edges on the leaf
lamium (nettle) pink and lavender

sun perennials:
May night salvia
small purple reblooming iris (blooms for a second time in the fall)
small light yellow reblooming iris (blooms for a second time in the fall)
hardy geranium (cranebill)-pink and pinkish purple
yellow Asiatic lilies
ruby red stella daylilies (reblooming)
lamb's ear-Helen Von Stein-large leaf, clumping, not invasive
Jacob Klein bee balm
black eyed susans
purple coneflower
malva zebrina (reseeds readily-best in its own space

25 tomato plants including:
white current
bloody butcher
sweet tangerine
napa grape
yellow pear
These tomato seedlings are already 6"-12" tall! I'm just beginning to harden them off, so that they will be ready to plant out soon.

Basil plants:
Siam queen
sweet basil
lemon basil
dark opal basil
lime basil

Other herbs:
Greek oregano
German Chamomile
parsley extra curled dwarf

I'm also bringing 2 baggies full of half full seed envelopes:
vegetables and herbs

What are you bringing to the swap?


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I have a bunch of everbearing strawberries that I can divide. I dont know the species of them but I do know they are everbearing. Would that be appropriate to bring? Does anyone know if I should pot them up or just bring them bare root? I could also split up some of my ornamental grass.

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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Still need to update my trade lists, but I know that I have already potted:

French Sorrel

Toadflax (pink)
Celadine Poppy (yellow)

Marginal & Pond
Hardy Water Lily (white)
Irises (purple)
Some unknown rushes/reeds/sedges

Will be updating my trade lists soon, am happy to pot up more stuff to swap.

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I look forward to attending the plant swap on the 17th. I will be a newbie to the group but not to the gardening world.

I would love to collaborate with the moderators to continue this wonderful group in a setting which would not be face to face...

Contact me personally at pacersgrl1973@yahoo.com

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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Ok, I have these potted up and ready to swap!

Herb & Veggie
French Sorrel
English Sorrel
Bronze Fennel
Sweet Bell Peppers

Hollyhocks (unknown colors)
Toadflax (pink)
Celadine Poppy (yellow)
Spiderwort (purple)
Columbine (purple, cream, wild)
Rattlesnake Master (err...funny flower, green/white/spikey?)
False Sunflower (orangey/yellow)
New England Aster (purple/blue)

Northern Sea Oats
Canada Blue Rye
Bottle Brush Grass
Indian Grass (or Big Blue Stem, I haven't keyed it out yet)

Marginal & Pond
Hardy Water Lilies (white, also might have some miniatures)
Irises (purple)
Some unknown rushes/reeds

Could also bring some lovely orange oriental poppies and some small forsythia bushes, but only if I hear a request for them.

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I hope to make it. :) I will have ferns, lemon balm, purple coneflower, some irises and a few unidentified hosta plants.

Katie, I'll have my eye on your Sweet Autumn clematis, irises, lambs ear and bee balm. Do you need any ferns? ;)

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My wife, kids, and I are planning to come out tomorrow. This event is great idea, but where do you start?
Is there a "wish list" of plants that people are looking for?

I am looking for a d'Anjou, Bosc, or Comice pear tree to pollinate a Bartlett that I planted last year. The Bartlett has produced a number of large "suckers" that someone could replant. Would there be an interest in "suckers" from various fruit and ornamental trees?

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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)

I posted this notice on the Indy Craig's List, farm and garden section, so hopefully that will draw more people.

My contribution is down this year -- I had a plant sale where I sold a lot of plants, plus, my parents moved in with us last month, and settling-in time took away from my gardening time.

I'm looking for:

stevia (sent a message to Katie)

I plan to bring to trade:

Roma and Super Beefsteak tomatoes
mixed hot peppers
canterbury bells
Lamium -- common silver
False Lamium "Herman's Pride"
ventricosa hosta
Stella d Oro daylily
Sedum "Autumn Joy"
Obedient Plant
"Aphrodite" amaryllis
Aloe vera
Variegated Scented (citrus) Geranium

I have available to trade, but won't dig up unless I get a request for it:

Siberian Iris "Caesar's Brother"
...Francis William
...Green Gold
...Autumn Moon
...Tiara Gold
...Canadian Border Patrol
...Caphis Robes
...Hot Pepper
...Chorus Line
Purple Coneflower
Coreopsis "Moonbeam"
Common Lambs Ear
Rudbekia (Black-eyed Susans)"Goldstrum"
Lamium "Golden Anniversary"


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indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)


I'm running low on cell-packs and flat trays. I have a good collection of 3-4in pots, which I'll bring some, but it seems all my cell packs decided to fall apart this year.


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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Oh! I'm also planning on bringing a bunch of soaker hose for trade (or give away).

Also bringing along a new neighbor & I believe a co-worker of mine will also be there. Woohoo!

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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Some folks have posted their wish lists here, and some folks use the trade-lists on their member pages instead.

Hope to see you there tomorrow!


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I'll also be bringing some potted willows tomorrow. Several varieties. I have the scientific name of each on the containers so that people can look up care and descriptions.

I bought them last year from the website linked below and the one in the link is one of the ones I'll have available.

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To Katie or Indyrose... I would love some coreopsis "moonbeam", if you get this in time to dig some up. Also for anyone with black-eyed susan and shasta daisies, I'm interested in those if they are taller varieties. I'll check this forum before Sunday afternoon.

I'm bringing:
several sedum "Autumn Joy"
daylilies, unknown name, but yellow blooms
Four o'clocks bulbs/tubers (Marvel of Peru)
various nice ceramic pots
perhaps some other odds and ends or seeds

My sister is coming too, and I know she's bringing hostas and maybe some vegetable starts. We're looking forward to our first year at the plant swap! Thanks for posting it on Craig's List!


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fionasol(z5 Indianapolis)

Ahhhh...the swap is always my favorite gardening game of the year! Thanks to everyone for coming out to play, and for sharing all of your wonderful plants!

fionasol (the one with the soaker hoses) :)

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