Brunfelsia (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow)

the_musicman(z9 FL)April 1, 2007

I've seen this shrub around my neighborhood in a couple of spots, wondering what the heck it was. Well, I found out and now I really want one :P

First of all, I'm not sure as to the species... I've seen B. grandiflora, B. pauciflora, and B. australis all claiming to be "Yesterday Today and Tomorrow". The space I'm considering for it is mostly sunny, with some shade at midday. I'd really like to have the tallest, fastest growing variety so that I could train it up into a small tree.

So I'd like to know what successes you all have had with these species, specifically related to cultural and light conditions.

Furthermore, where might I find one for sale?

anywhere around Tampa?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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I want one too. I have been told that it does best with some shade.

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Treemart on nebraska ave. in Tampa had some 3days ago. I think they are about $10.00 in a 3 gallon size. Home Depot had some about a month ago, the store on Florida Ave., but I did not notice them there last week. They are often only labeled Brunfelsia/YTT and I keep seeing conflicting info. when trying to figure out which ones I have. I purchased one at USF fest last year, one at UT greenfest and one at Treemart and everyone is slightly different in growth, leaves and flowering. Mine are in part shade for now, until I figure out which can take more sun. The one I bought at USF was from Gardino Nursery and I was told it would get to only 4 feet tall, if that helps any. Treemart ones say 5 to 7 feet tall and light shade.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I'm curious about this, too. I have one that is about 5' tall and at least that wide. It blooms in January and February, mostly, and is lovely, with all 3 colors on the plant at one time. But I'm not sure which variety it is, either. I need to move it, as it is too close to my house, and am wondering if I should try to move it or just make cuttings and start over again?

Oh, and mine is in mostly shade, with only a little bit of morning sun. It blooms pretty heavily, but it does lean towards the light.


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springtime_fl(z9 Tampa, FL)

I read in one of Monica Brandies books that the species which is fragrant is B. australis. I found one last year (or the year before) at one of the USF plant sales. It was probably the one in the spring. I am sorry that I do not know the name of the nursery where I purchased it. I do remember that it was not on the main path, but off it a little ways. It was fairly expensive ($20 or $25).

It is doing well and flowering nicely. I have it in part shade. It gets sun in the morning and shade in the mid afternoon. Hope this helps some.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have had one of these for around 15 years.Not sure which one and can't remember where I got it lol Flowers as soon as the cool weather arrives and stays in flower as long as it doesn't get hot. During winter it is covered with flowers.
One shrub I would highly recommend gets around 8 feet both ways and doesn't require a lot of pruning.. Even when out of flower has very nice soft green foliage.
Survived all the hurricanes though Wilma tipped it sideways. Pruned it back to around two feet and can't even tell it now.. Only one bad habit .Requires a lot of water
and will wilt easily if it doesn't get it.
Mine is in full sun next to a Queens wreath vine . Always a study in purples for months at a time.
Definitely get one The aromatic type would be nice . gary.

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AmberSky(9b FL)

I love Brunfelsias. You might want the B grandiflora, they get rather large.

My favorites are King's Mantle, batescombii, purpuria, and the gragrant white and gold nitida.

Here is a link that might be useful: B grandiflora

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In the Pamela Crawford book it has Grandiflora listed as needing medium shade to full sun, light shade being the ideal.The main problem is it goes through shock immediately after planting, losing their bottom leaves. To help with transplant shock she says to plant it in the beginning of rain season or use soaker hoses, a lot of water will lessen the shock. She also wrote to plant in a very calm area, that it defoliates much more than most plants in wind. Also to trim in summer, not after August and to trim hard, it blooms on new growth.The only pests listed are snails and scales. It lists the height at 8 feet tall , by 5-7 wide. Its supposed to be a very dependable bloomer from november through mar. or april. Leaves listed for this are apprx. 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. By this description the ones at Treemart seem like grandiflora , but she says the flowers are only 1 inch and they have 2 inch flowers. So once again I have no idea what mine are. One of mine with 1 inch flowers has much smaller, rounded leaves so it must not be grandiflora either. Sorry to bore you with these details, it just drives me crazy trying to figure out what I have so I can figure out best locations to plant these. I also found a light scent on only one of them, and that was when the buds first opened, at night and sticking my nose in the flower, no wafting scent. I am sure they will have another type at Usf springfest that I will add to my collection of unknown YTTs, confusing myself even more. Oh well, it is a pretty sight when they bloom!


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the_musicman(z9 FL)

Thank you so much to all these great replies!

This really gives me a much more balanced picture of these plants. I will probably check out Treemart, and of course I will see you all at USF in two weeks.
I would like to find the B. australis, if that is indeed the most fragrant variety, but my main concern is growth habit. Because, you see, I'm obsessed with training things up into trees... I'm doing it with Hibiscus, Camellia, Podocarpus, and hopefully Brunfelsia as well.

Thanks again everyone!


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I've been trying to find the magnifica, the one that blooms almost year round and is supposedly more fragrant than any of the others, and takes more sun-I think its also called macrantha. From what I've read the grandiflora is probably the best for trees, though. Crowley can probably help on that- he seems to be very knowledgable on brunfelsias, and usually has a spot right in the beginning of the main path at USF. If you want to train something easily into a tree with tons of great fragrance get a brugmansia! Scent is fantastic!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

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treefrog_fl(z10 FL)

Wow, now those are pretty!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

All three photos are of the same shrub - just different angle and lighting. The color in the first and third photos is most accurate.

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myfask(9a Jacksonville, Fl)

again great pictures
we are a pretty new subdivision so the trees haven't "grown up yet"
I do have a Japanese maple in the front that so far gets enough afternoon shade that I think it may make it.
I have a YTT in the back I had to move it under the weeping bottle brush because it didn't like all of the sun.
I am going to print one of your pictures and show my plant what it is suppose to look like :) :)
where in Jax are you ?

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abendwolke(9 FL)

oh great, they need shade? I bought one and have no shade spot left, only full sun. Is it doomed to die?

Carol, your bush looks awesome! I peeked in your album and love your hydrengea too :-)


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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Great photos! My plant is in the shade, and has done well, but I would like 2 more for out front, and can't find what I want. I would like ones that get at least 5 feet or taller, if anyone knows which one that is. I found some a couple of weeks ago at Lukas, but they wanted $40 each for them, and they weren't really that big. Plus the bloom was bigger, and I didn't like it as much as the one I have. (Maybe it was grandiflora?)

BTW, King's Mantel is actually a thunbergia, and not a brunfelsia. It's a gorgeous plant in it's own right, though, and loves sun.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Mine is on the northeast corner of the house - morning sun, afternoon shade. Karla, I'm on the Southside.

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I have a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant that I need to transplant as we are moving. I am in southeast Texas (Houston) and it is very hot here as it is now summer. My grandmother, who is now deceased, gave me this plant. I do not want it to die when I transplant it! It has been in the ground for about 8 years, but it hasn't grown much as it is in a very shaded area. How do I make sure that it survives the move? Thanks :))

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happy_girl(Z9 st. cloud)

I have one of these (very fragrant) that I started from a cutting a neighbor gave me about 6 yrs. ago. It is in full sun all day, about six ft. tall & I never water it. It survives on just the rain fall. No one else mentioned this but I have new plants that pop up from the roots around the base. Not alot, usually three to five per year. These make great "pass along plants".

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linda_leaf z10fla(10A Florida)

I moved a 14 year old brunfelsia two years ago. First I took a shovel and made a circle around the tree about two feet from the trunk. I cut through the roots as deeply as I could and just left it alone for a couple of weeks. I didn't remove any soil, just cut through the roots. Then I dug a big hole in the new location so it would be ready for the tree. Get your hubby or someone who is very strong to help you cut through the rest of the roots. They are deep and the root ball is very heavy. Move the tree to the new location and water it very well every day for several weeks. My tree is happy in it's new location.
Linda Leaf

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I'm looking for a cutting of this plant. I live in Houston, Tx. Please contact me if you can help.

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Mhmontes, what do you have to trade?

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Any information I have pretty much echoes what others have said, morning sun, afternoon shade. I have it planted with other plants that provide protection, it seems to be unhappy under 30 degrees.

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