Rangoon creeper- need advice

mrao77(TX US zone 7)April 24, 2012


Can some one please share their experience growing this creeper?

I think mine was from a seedling, I bought it when it was very small. It has grown a bit in the past two years, about 2" tall and lush. Wondering how long this takes to set bud? I have heard they start early, how does one get it to bloom?

I have mine in a large pot, goes indoors for the winter, outdoors, full morning sun.

Also, does anyone know how to tell if they are the single or double variety from the foliage? Mine does not have thorns, as I have has some report.

How do you propagate this vine? My attempts at air layer and cuttings have not worked.

kandhi and bunti,I read your older post about this, please share your experience about it.



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I have grown up with this plant my whole childhood. I never heard it sets seeds. Until 2 years back I have seen people are selling seeds of it. I was very surprised. I have ordered few and they have germinated and has grown to a nice size plant. Because of my negligence, it died.

When I was a kid, I had planted this by root division. Within an year it has grown like crazy and all over our house. It even bloomed very first year. Every year we used to cut it down to the ground once it�s done with the blooms. By next year again it used to grow too big with full of blooms with no care except water.

I have got this plant again from tt and eBay. I am hoping this will bloom this year. This is one of my favorite plants. It definitely needs full and hot sun. Except this I don't know much about this plant.

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Thank you for sharing your memories, bunti! I certainly know how fragrances and childhood memories can be intertwined. I too grew up amongs fragrant flowers and tropicals that I miss now. Hoping to recreate those gardens, just an attempt that's all :)

I don't see an email address linked to your GW page. If you wish to chat about plants and things, drop me a line. You can email me through my GW page.


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I've had one for several years and it has never bloomed - any idea as to why?

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