Bougainvillea mulch

timetraveler(9b Melbourne Beach FL)April 7, 2010

My soil is "dirt poor" (actually sand poor) but the bougainvillea grow like weeds. If I don't keep them cut back, they damage other plants. So I end up with tons of bougainvillea trimmings. I've been putting them out on the curb for the County to pick up, but now that I have a chipper/shredder, I'd like to grind them up and add them to the mulch or compost to return their organic material to the soil. But I'm afraid that the thorns won't grind up enough and/or won't ever break down. Then I'd end up with thorns all over the garden :(

Has anyone ever tried chipping/shredding bougainvillea and using it for mulch or compost? How did it work out?

If not, what do you do with your bougainvillea trimmings?

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trinigemini(10 Jupiter)

I have several huge bougies on my lot. I dont have a chipper. But when I cut them I just throw the cuttings into a bed of Mexican petunia (Ruellia). No one walks there so it should be fine. Maybe you could do something similar and after you chip them all up, put that mulch somewhere no one walks. I also weed the yard and just throw the weeds behind beds.

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