What bulbs did you plant, this fall?

lavender_lass(4b)November 18, 2010

It's snowing today! I'm so glad I got all my bulbs planted, because it's too late now :)

This fall, I planted purple dutch iris, cute little pink tulips and lots of big purple hyacinths...which the bumblebees love! I also planted a few cream colored daffoldils...and we have hundreds (seriously) of yellow daffodils that have naturalized all around the edges of the old farmhouse.

So, what did you plant?

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Nary a one. My folks & brother planted hundreds many years ago and they've naturalized nicely. My brother planted all different shapes & color combinations.

I'm always happy to see the crocus & snowdrops poking up through the thawing earth but these just seem to shout, "Look everybody!! Spring has arrived!"

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

-gardenweed, nice collection! Wish daffs did better in my garden. I really love that one with the reddish ring, peeking out from behind the tree!

Dangerous question LL! LOL. I have really started to get into bulb planting in recent years. Thought I would have to order many of these, but was able to find most of my wants on a recent trip to Seattle. Yay! Didn't have to pay shipping ;-)

Here is the list for bulbs planted this fall:

Tulip 'Ice Cream' from Brecks. Didn't like the company, but the bulbs looked good that they sent.

Tulip 'Sensual Touch'- a double orange peony type with fringed edges.

Tulip 'Estella Rijaveld'- white and red parrot

Puschkinia libanotica- striped squill

Anemone blanda- mix of colors

Iris histroides 'Katherine Hodgkin'- orchid type. Looks lovely. Plus they don't take up quite so much room as regular iris (and won't need division every other year!)

Fritillaria imperialis 'Rubra Maxima'- orange/red Imperial Fritillary

Fritillaria imperialis 'Lutea Maxima'- yellow Imperial Fritillary

Fritillaria meleagris- Checkered Fritillary

Chinodoxa forbessi- blue Glory of the Snow

Allium azureum

Muscari latifolium

Muscari comosum 'Plumosum'- a feathery grape hyacinth. Planted it next to the Sensual Touch tulip, thinking it may be a neat pair (if they end up blooming at the same time, lol).

Dichelostemma 'Ida-Maia'- Firecracker Plant

Also planted more Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola' and got a bag of crocus to make a "river" in the back garden.

STILL wasn't able to find Allium christophii, Allium karataviense/'Ivory Queen', Tulip humilis alba coerulea oculata, and Tulipa acuminata either locally or when I was in Seattle. Guess I will have to bite the bullet next year and order em'.

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Gardenweed- Beautiful pictures! They're all so pretty, especially the last one.

CMK- If you like the flower peeking out from behind the tree...I'm pretty sure that's the same kind that has naturalized on the other end of the property. They're very unusual looking and my grandmother loved them. If you like, you can have some, next spring :)

The daffodils that have naturalized on the farm, do the best, when they don't get any water. Of course, they get lots of snow and spring rain, but if they're in an area we water during the summer, then tend to disappear. We have lots of yellow ones, a few types of pretty doubles and the little one with the red outline.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Christin, I was going to say my favorite shot was the peek-a-boo daffodil too! Gardenweed, the photos are just great and so nice to see now that most of our gardens are put to bed. Reminders of what is to come.

LL, I planted so many bulbs this fall, but as usual, didn't keep track of anything I planted. I got a bunch from Lowe's (mainly tulips 'Juan' and a bunch of basic yellow daffodils). I think I got a few big bags of mixed tulips too. I did place a mail-order this year and suppose I could find the slip, but am being a little lazy right now. LOL! I also ordered the Muscari 'Plumosum'. Christin, make sure you post a picture of that combination next spring!

LL, please keep that snow in the West for a little while longer! I'm not ready for it yet!!

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I planted:

-Purple Crocus
-White Crocus
-Glory of the Snow
-Blue Diamond Tulips
-Dark Purple Tulips
-Yellow Daffodils
-White Daffodils (I think)

Some other colour of tulip that I'm forgetting!

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Thanks folks - glad you enjoyed the photos. I don't know the names of most because my brother couldn't be bothered keeping track of what he grew but the smiley face peeking out from behind a branch is Narcissus poeticus - the poet's narcissus. I was determined to identify the one that always makes me smile. There are only a couple of clumps of those--they haven't multiplied as fast as some of the others--but the ones that are here come up & shine their smililng faces in April every year.

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I wanted to plant some more daffodils in my front yard. I only have a few and they look skimpy, but when the time came, I guess I was just too lazy or too tired from trying to keep everything alive through the summer. I never even bought the bulbs. I'm sure I'll regret it in the spring. Oh well, better luck next year.

Totally Confused

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A hundred crocus, a few allium schuberti, and dug up a couple huge clumps of daffodils and redistributed. Also worked on my river of muscari. After nearly 27 yrs of planting bulbs, there isn't a whole lot of room for more!

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Crocuses, daffodils, "Kind Alfred" and tulips, "Double Early Mixed". Are the only ones I added to the garden. Of course I moved a bunch of irises that were taking over.

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dawiff(z7 WA)

I have a native/semi-native area that I'm trying to fill up, so I planted some bulbs there that are either PNW or West Coast natives. So most of these are fairly uncommon.

Calochortus superbus
Calochortus venustus
Allium cernuum (nodding onions)
Brodiaea coccinea
Brodiaea californica
Brodiaea 'Pink Diamond'
Camassia quamash
Dichelostemma ida-maia
Dichelostemma congestum
Fritillaria meleagris
Erythronium dens-canis 'Rose Queen'
Erythronium tuolomense

Technically the Fritillaria isn't a native. There is a native Fritillaria that looks somewhat like it, but is much taller. I'm hoping it doesn't look out of place.

In a front western facing bed I also planted 'Red Hunter' Tulips, Stargazer lilies, oxblood lilies, snowdrops, and Siberian Squill.

Those daffodils are really pretty. I had lots in a previous garden. Hope everyone's bulbs look wonderful next spring. We should revisit this thread then so we can see what they all look like.

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bev2009(6 IN)

Gardenweed - Loved the photos. You always take such pretty ones. Do you make an album each year of your garden? I'm hoping to make one this winter. It helps we remember where not to dig in the spring :)

Totally confused - Your story could have been mine....until Monday when I remembered how disappointed I would be next spring without more color...and I knew I would be mad at myself for not getting some bulbs planted...and the weather is still going to be warm for a few more days. So I bit the bullet and ordered a mix of 100 daffodils and 100 blue squills to plant out back under the trees. We'll be busy planting tomorrow. I still won't have much color out front early but we look out on the backyard more, so I wanted to really enjoy them. Our house is backwards, bedrooms in the front and living room, dining room and kitchen across the back with big windows.

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I buy daffodils and crocus for naturalizing every Fall and have for the 30yrs. I've lived here. I used to save labels but eventually gave up on that. There are just too many. For a couple years I was partial to pink cups, then it was doubles, now I try to pick out the bulbs with more unusual blooms. Now days there is a much better selection in the nurseries and big box stores, used to be you had to order anything special from catalogs.

Thought I was done for this year, but decided to put in some daffs across the road at the top of the ditch. A few neighbors up and down the road have done this, and it looks so pretty in Spring. So I stopped in at Lowes to see what was left, and at 75% off there were only four or five bags of 50 asst.daffodil bulbs left, lots of crocus and some hyacinths. I bought a bag of the daffs and one of the crocus. Cost me all of $6.

So right after I drink my second cup of coffee I'm headed out to plant. Was thinking of taking the weedeater to the higher weeds at the top of the ditch and put the crocus in there, and the daffs below. We'll see if the voles and mouses eat the crocus over the winter. What a nice meal they'll find under the snow when they need it most! ha.

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bev2009 - I used to make a slide show of all my flower photos when I first went digital but found I didn't have the time once I got involved in improving the flowerbeds here. Too much property, too much work and not enough hours in the day to get it done. Even fewer hours to spare for photography now that I started winter sowing. I am working on posting some more spring flower photos but thought I'd wait until January when we're all deep in the winter glooms.

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The quick answer is: more than I have in a long time, and still not nearly enough! Esp since I've realized that I always appreciate the early spring blooms much more than late fall when the trees are putting on their big show.

Now, I'll try to remember what I planted...(I know I don't remember the names)

In front: fancy double daffs, white with yellow and orange

In the main border, interplanted with late bloomers: a mixture of Queen of Night purple tulips and fancy red and white striped tulips, interplanted with blue alliums to hopefully save them from the squirrels. That was a huge job, since the surrounding plants were huge!

Also, pink cupped daffs in dd's border.

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