OT Thinking Of MY Friends In Boston...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaApril 15, 2013

I'm so sad about what is happening in Boston..

Thinking of my friends and family there..

Please send prayers to them.. they need some comfort.

Wes, Mike, Rosey... please check in.



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Laura, It's a mess out there. But, I'm at work and safe.

I just heard that some of the subways are closed going through the city so it should be an interesting commute home.

I hope they catch the idiots who've done this, and quick. I really wish we had corporal punishment in our state. People who hate like that, don't deserve the jail space.

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NO WONDER I HAVEN"T BEEN ABLE TO TEXT OUT! ... just learned on the web news that they shut off all boston cell service to prevent further detonations.

I'd been trying to text out that I'm ok, and nothings gone through - my phone is down to 5% battery.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Rosey... if you need me to help send any messages to anyone, please let me know. I would be more than happy to help.

Glad you are alright.


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The Oldest Restaurant in the Country.

ICA Inside it is one of the best in contemporary art

Out side view

Who needs streets in some directions and avenues in the others when you can have grid free landmarks ?

Old State House is still there, tucked away between skyscrapers

The " Salt and Pepper " Bridge

Not really but it does look like Salt and Pepper Shakers The Longfellow Bridge

A Starting Line

Year round pedestrians

How to send an important message

How to hear non digitally enhanced sounds

Thanks for thinking of us Laura. Our hopes and prayers for all and for your other friends We cope we recover and then we all gather to have......

Ice Cream New Englands favorite desert

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What a tragedy!

Yesterday, during the day while browsing GW, I turned the TV off. When my dh came home he asked if I heard anything about a bombing in Boston.
I turned on the Tv.
What I saw reminded me of 911. Another horror! Monsters killing innocents.

The image keeps playing over and over in my mind.

I feel terrrible for all in Boston, but the little 8-yr-old boy who died troubles me the most.

His father said, right before the first bomb went off, his son hugged him. How sad is that?

I hope and PRAY the bomber/s are caught.
This may sound cruel, but criminals are getting away with slaps on the wrists. Murderers!
Whomever did this should be tortured. Sorry, my words are graphic but everyday there are murders. It's time the government changes laws.

I called Mike immediately after the news reported cell phones weren't working..All I got was a fast busy signal, which meant he was either receiving several calls at once, or cells were out.

Thank God everyone here is safe, at home, with your families.
Give your loved ones hugs. Tell them you love them.

Laura, your friends and family are in my prayers. Toni

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Toni, I tried texting Mike yesterday too, and it didn't go through until late last night. (Phone didn't start working again until after 7). I don't think he ever comes toward Boston, and with his hellish work schedule - I think he should be ok.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


You just amaze me with your ways of sending messages with words.. then with pictures

I will admit, i was at peace looking at those beautiful pics from Boston. My mother and father are both from Boston and my roots go way back.

When i saw that pic of Paul Revere and you mentioned about " how to send an important message" My hair on my whole body went straight up... I am related to Paul Revere. On my mothers side.. starting with my Great grandfathee the name Revere is there.

Thank you for taking me from awful thoughts and putting my mind back in place.

I appreciate that...

Words speak volumes..

So do pictures!!!

Mahalo my friend..


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Interesting Laura... Did you know Paul Revere also had:
A fancy for granite stone.

My guess: The views of them yellow flowers has sent a sign to Mike resulting in his extended time of freeing the space of his bedroom only to move the already outside stored plants in to the free space for a later transfer back outside on the roof top.
It's only a guess, I do know that I wait to prune back the older dead canes and old hips when I see the yellow flowers

Sorry Mike old age has nothing to do with forgetting they call them yellow flowers forsythias.

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Hello Laura......

It is so kind of you to be thinking of us. I can always depend on you for thoughtfulness and kindness. You are one in a million.

Thank you. It sure is weird what is going on but I have to remember that there is more goodness than bad in this world, and on these forums:-)

I will call you soon. Been kind of tired, busy, and sick:-0)

Hello Wes and Rosey.....Rosey, does your text work these days again?
Wes, just awesome of you.

Much love to you all here!


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Once again your faiths answer Mike.

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