Alright, all you evil gardenia enablers...

quinnfyre(z7 PA)April 18, 2008

You are tempting me... tempting me! Even though I know it's not the best idea. Arrgh... but they smell so nice, and are so pretty when they're happy. Ok, so theoretically... if I were to get one...

Which variety is most commonly available in garden centers? Is it the veitchii? What conditions does it like, ideally? My parents had a tree, in the dining rm which had an east facing huge bay window, kept on the cooler side (that was the room with the thermostat, so the AC was always spot on in that room). It did really well there, bloomed frequently, sulked fairly often too, but not in any major way. The point is, they had it for years, may even still have it (haven't been back in a while) so I know it's possible.

I just have a feeling I don't have the right conditions for it. I have two filtered south facing windows, but the room can get quite warm (it's 80 right now). I have a west facing window downstairs, which may work better, as it stays cooler down there. But there is more traffic down there, both human and animal (dog, cat) and is likely to be moved around a lot to accommodate dinner parties. There is a south facing window there too, but it's right by the door and therefore is prone to drafts.

Ha, I think I'm trying to talk myself out of it. And maybe the orchids don't want to share the space : )

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi quinnfyre,

Sorry I can't help you out since I live in Florida and I grow them outside. But I just wanted to give some words of encouragement and say "Give One a try" you won't know till you try. I have 3 gardenias, one in the ground, two potted, one is a Dwarf variety "Radicans". The other two is "Miami Supreme". I don't know if they have "Miami Supreme" in your area, but if they do give that a try. The flowers are pretty big and smells wonderful. Good Luck with what ever variety you choose!

I'm sure others that are growing them inside will post.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Your post simply illustrates the feelings of us gardeners when we learn about new plants and think we may want to try to grow them. I would imagine you said something like 'Oh I have to have that one too'

The availability of Gardenia types appears to vary by region's stores. Now lets re-think this a bit more;-

1- Have a long talk with your Orchids!
2- Think a little more about where you will put it and if the growing conditions are really suited for it.
3- Follow the link provided below and spend some time reading the content.

-Still has no blooming gardenia this year!size>

Here is a link that might be useful: Follow me, I will show you ;-]

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

Hi Quinnfyre!
Go for it!
I grew my Gardenias in a western window their first winter- but during the summer they go out, where they get south to western sun. They grow in Florida out in the hot southern sun, so they have to love it!
During this past winter I had them under grow lights, nothing too strong or fancy, and they were fine- last month one had one bloom, the other had five. That after a winter long battle with spider mites. I put a warm air humidifier under them, and I used a small fan once or twice a day to circulate the air. That actually helped end the mite issue!!!!!
Needless to say, they're alive and well. They are both Veitchii- one from Walmart and one from Price Chopper. Both heavily budded upon purchase- plants on 'roids, so as to entice us!
Give it a shot- they should do well outside during the summer!

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Actually, they're not new to me, and I didn't say I had to have it : ) only that they are starting to tempt me again. Mainly, I think I miss having them around. We'll see. If I see one at a garden center and it really really appeals to me, it may just come home with me. But it's got some stiff competition from jasmine, which I like a lot, and more importantly, it likes me. A house and yard full of jasmine could make me a really happy camper!

I know... I can foist the temptation onto my roommate... ha!

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

The Whole Foods Market near my work place (Crate & Barrel) had gotten in some Gardenias (variety not specified) and Jasmine wreaths- Polyanthus, heavily budded. I almost cried as I left work today, passing right by the store. I wanted a Gardenia so bad! The Gardenias had a natural shape, large healthy leaves, they almost had a droop like a hanging basket type of plant- and they had a few large buds on each plant- not like the unnaturally heavily budded ones you find in big box stores. They were brand new (as of Tuesday) and fresh!!!!.... I have the day off tomorrow :0( boo hoo
It's not like I need ANOTHER plant, not that I should be spending the money (12.99, 6") much less buying ANOTHER Gardenia, but if they're still there Friday....

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It looks like you live in zone 7. Why don't you plant the gardenia in the ground? I have two in the ground, and I am in Central AR, considered zone 7. They've been there for years, before we moved in. I know they've gotten down to between 10 and 15 degrees on occasion, and didn't show a strain. I read they defoliate under 10 F, but come back. If your winters do not drop below 10 very often, give it a try in the ground. If your ground freezes, you can just mulch the base, probably. Grow it in acid soil, near a pine tree or other conifer, maybe near an oak, or amend the soil for acid. The one I have out in the backyard is taller that I and as wide, and get covered in fantastic fragrant blooms every year. It roots easy in water, too. Or, in soil, so I've heard. If you know someone who's got a big one, just take a clipping in June or July and put in water in a warm place. In a few weeks, it should have roots (try several clippings to be sure one takes). If you don't know anyone with one, you could trade for clippings here on GW. I am going to try rooting several cuttings this year, so I may have extras myself in a few months. I'm just waiting for that nice hot weather to stay. Good luck with your Gardenia. I hope you can grow it outside, and have one really big.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hmmm, I would be happy if I could plant anything in the ground, but unfortunately, I've got a concrete yard : (

But, this might be a fun experiment. I could get one, especially if it's not very expensive, grow it outside all summer in a container, and then protect it from the elements, and overwinter it outside. I'll have to protect other plants anyway. Or overwinter it inside under lights. Well, we'll see. I haven't encountered any gardenia lately, so I haven't been seriously tempted as of yet.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

You all eager ones. Over care can damage the gardenia. I grow a few kinds of gardenia in ordinary pot. put them side by side with my many other camellia plants like nursery. It is set at 60% filtered sun, mostly in the mornning to 1 PM sun. Fertilize it like camellia in early April. Then I do not pay any attention at all. Water them by sprinkler. Do not keep them in wet feet too long.

Now every year, it is time to bloom.

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