NE Ohio and surrounding areas Plant Swap interests

stardust(5b NE Ohio)March 14, 2004

I'm thinking of taking my maiden voyage down the 'plant swap' corridor. Yep, I'm pretty much certifiable ('nuts' that is). I do realize it is time consuming, but I also think it would be fun and there never seems to be anything in this area. That is within 2 or so hours of driving time. I know I can arrange what needs to be done for the set-up, I just need to find traders interested in attending. They are there, we just need to find them.

Are you reading this? Are you interested? Maybe the last Saturday in May or the first one in June? Holler at me. This would be in Deerfield which is in SE Portage County about 30 minutes West of the Boardman/Youngstown area. We can do indoor or outdoor facilities. Plants, seeds and anything else garden related. Food of course - covered dishes are always popular for a variety of reasons. Raffles or door prizes or some similar event to be incorporated for more fun.

Do I have anyone's attention yet?


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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

I'm Listening! I'm one of the crazy women who do the Columbus area/Hilliard swap. (see our posting "May 15 plant swap and pot luck") We don't find it too labor intensive but we hold it at our local park so everyone feels that they need to help clean up.

I bet you could talk Bev (Storygardener) and I into coming if you waited until June. We're even crazier than you because we would drive all the way there just to swap!

Keep us posted. I'll be checking this string!


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stardust(5b NE Ohio)

Hmmmmm . . . May 15th . . .

I'll have to check that posting out. I planned for it last year. Even swapped info with Storygardener. I may have to try that one again this year! Guess that means I'll be looking at that first Saturday in June for ours!


Hold the phone . . . just checked my calendar. I have a fund raiser for our school's F.F.A. Chapter on the 15th. No rest for the weary. I loose again. : (

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aml715(z5 OH)

I'm listening! I'm in Goshen Township about 20 minutes away from you. I would love to come to a swap. I was actually considering the Columbus swap myself, but it's just a little too far for me. Keep me posted.

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aunttootie(5 NE OH)

I'm in Newton Falls - and I'm interested!!

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kgbrott(z5 OHIO)

I'm in Hartville - I'm interested in attending! Any guidelines what & how to to bring etc? I'm new to the swap thing - I've swapped by mail though.


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pandora(Z5 OH)

I'm interested.

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heartwoman(z5 OH)

I am in Negley and am interested. Never been to one. Hope it is during a time I can make it. Hope to see all yuns!

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jmoeller(5 - OH)

I'm interested as well. I live in Wayne County.

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plcandlez(z6 WV)

Please post or email details! I'm very excited to be involved!


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I'm interested!! I live in SE Carroll County. We just had our first swap 2 weeks ago,(what a blast!!) but I am always looking for something new! I still have plants to thin out yet. I'll be watching for more info.

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stardust(5b NE Ohio)

OK, I think I have e-mailed all of you listed above by some means.

However, for others interested or those I may have missed here's the skinny on things as of now.

June 12th @10:00 a.m. at the Deerfield Town Hall just north of the Deerfield circle on S.R. 14.

Bring a plant/plants to swap and a covered dish for the luncheon. No requirements on what type or size plant you need to swap. Just something you would like to receive if you were getting that plant for the first time.

There will be table ware and a cold beverage provided (most likely either iced tea or Lemonade). If you have a personal preference for a beverage you may want to brig it with you as well.

There will be door prizes, a silent auction of garden related items and a garden craft project for those interested. Not mandatory to participate in any of this. There will also be a local crater on hand that makes soaps and other related items.

I have tired very hard to plan fun things for those that want them. An RSVP would be appreciated to ensure I have enough supplies for everyone but it is not crucial. I will be adding plants to the mix of swap items to give a boost to the mix. This is to try to keep anyone from ending up with their own plant.

Please e-mail me directly with any questions or for driving directions. Hope to see you all then!


OH, and feel free to set up outside trades with others attending this event to be handed off at this time. Only makes sence to save on postage!

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pandora(Z5 OH)

Hi everyone,
Hope to see you at the swap. Anyone have a wish list that we might set up trades or that would be nice to have at the swap in general?
Here are a few things that I am thinking about potting up.

peony - red & double
purple dutch iris
hosta - not sure which one yet
Corydalis 'Lutea' - yellow bleeding heart
Panicum.virgatum - red switch grass

I was wonder if anyone has:
elephant ears
asiatic or oriental lily bulbs
hostas - I am a hosta nut
rose cuttings or rooted stems


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stardust(5b NE Ohio)

WOW! What a Hosta list! I can see where the dilemma comes in on which one to pot up.

I'll have to take some notes in the garden and holding area and see what's what.


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pandora(Z5 OH)

hee hee, yep, a bit of a nut. I am trying to remind myself that there are other plants in the world.

I forgot to check your trade list, but I would like a hardy geranium. I had 2, but I poorly moved one last year and it did not survive. I think it was 'Johnson's Blue'. And I do love Liatris.

Is everyone enjoying their Memorial Day weekend? It is sure wonderful to see the outpouring of pride through momuments, parades, etc.

Has anyone else thought of what they might bring?

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stardust(5b NE Ohio)

Pandora --

Just to tease you, I WILL bring a couple of Hardy Geraniums!

and ... maybe a Variegated Jacob's Ladder, an assortment of Hostas, a few Daylilies (sorry, these are marked by color, no names), a few Cannas, herbs, a flat of veggies ... and I haven't gotten through all of my babies yet.

Oh yeah, there is a pot of Liatris and a pot of Red Hot Pokers in there too.

This is all "Trade Plants" and potted BEFORE the smaller sized 'extras' that will be given to newbies and used for prizes.

Can anyone tell that I'm excited about this ...?


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pandora(Z5 OH)

Stardust, what a list! Yes, you are teasing me,,,,hmmm just how will I know what number to pull
out of the hat to get one of those geraniums? lol j/k

Maybe you'll bring a Variegated Jacob's Ladder, now what is the secret to growing those?
I had one for 2 years and suddenly it was gone. :(

Yep, I think you are a tad excited.

p.s. to anyone reading this, the peony that I listed is more of a magenta than a true (fire engine or scarlet) red.

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plcandlez(z6 WV)

I am very interested in large quantities of groundcover type sedum, hens & chicks & other succulents. Low growing only. Especially those that are colors other than green. Please let me know if you may be interested in trading. Let me know what you are looking for or see my trade list. I have some other things that I could do on a special trade that are not on my list.


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lizardo(z6 sw ct)

I will bein Canton that weekend. Where is Deerfield from Canton?

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pandora(Z5 OH)

You can go to and get exact driving directions and/or maps. Maybe someone will be better at this than me, but here goes....

Take US 62E about 15 miles
US 62E becomes US 62F E for 4 miles
OH 225 ramp
Left onto OH 225 and follow for about 6 miles
Turn right onto US 224 heading East again
Take 224 E for about 2.5 miles to the Deerfield circle
(the Deerfield circle is at 224 & 14)
The get together is just north of the circle.

Hope I did not mistype anything. I would think it would
be about 25 miles and just over 1/2 an hour.

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What is the exact address of the hall, that will make it easier for map quest. If my husband doesn't have to work I am going to attend.


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pandora(Z5 OH)

I have never been there, but I did a google search and found this:

Deerfield Township
Town Hall, 1450 S.R. 14, Box 186
Deerfield, OH 44411

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pandora(Z5 OH)

I wanted to say a great big Thank You to Stardust !!!!

The swap was a success. She did a lot a work to pull this together. The hall was great and easy to find. There were tables and chairs inside for a great lunch of all the food everyone brought. Of course, all nicely decorated!

It was fun to see all the door prizes that were all wrapped. And there was a very nice silent auction of books and home decorations.

Then, on to the swap. Names were chosen at random to start the rounds and everyone redeemed the tickets they were given for the plants they brought in exchange the the plants they wanted. It took many rounds to use up the tickets. We sure had lots and lots of plants.

Stardust brought about 60 plants. Wow! So, everyone got to select a "bonus" plant after they ran out of tickets.

So, thank you so much. This was a lot of work and turned out to be a lot of fun.

Also, thank you to Stardust's long time & very good neighbor friend who helped the whole day and made the refreshments. I can see that you did a lot of planning, too.
Here are the lucky guys who came home with me::::

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I want to echo those sentiments. What a nice plant exchange. The food was excellent as well. I truly enjoyed the day, the company and the chance to make some new friends. Thanks Stardust for your attention to details. We know you put a lot of work in to the day. THANKS!! I spent the rest of Saturday thinking about where to put all the new plants. Pandora I like your pic of all the flowers. Thanks everybody. Lee

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stardust(5b NE Ohio)

Well the swap was an over all success. We had 14 in attendance and a TON of plants. Not bad for a maiden voyage. Next year (and there will be a next year) we will have even more fun.

You guys were the greatest. A really fun bunch with a nice variety of plants to offer. Not bad cooks either!

I'd like to thank eveyone that came. You were all great sports and a very nice crowd. I couldn't have hand selected a nicer bunch of people and we couldn't have done this without each of you. Gardening is all about growing, and I don't just mean plants. When we share the plants we have and what we know about them, gardening means so much more. Thanks for sharing with me and helping me grow.


PS -- feel free to e-mail me any time. Don't forget, I'm going to Park Seed this weekend. I could come home with more goodies ...

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