Hyacinth growing already

descoutJanuary 31, 2011

I planted some Hyacinth bulbs (at least that I remember) I notice they are coming up already. Is this too early for them to start sprouting already? Do they need to be protected from the cold at all? Thanks. I am located west of Atlanta.

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It's pretty common - daffodils are famous for this. If it gets really cold, you can throw a clump of pine straw or leaves over the tips for the night.

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Mine are peeking out as well. It's this CRAZY weather pattern.. warm, cold, warm, cold. I'm ready for Spring! :)

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(I'm near Macon) I have some nearly all the way up and fully flowering already, but interestingly enough NOT all of them are up...so who knows what is going on with the few that have decided it's tim to be popping up! The only thing that I hate about them coming up early is that they wont last long enough (for my liking).

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In the Southeast, winter is the season during which bulb foliage emerges--daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, etc. Our old-fashioned hyacinths--the Roman hyacinths and the Chestnut Flower hyacinths are up and growing.

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way down in south GA ours are coming up also.

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I live in forest park and there are no hyacinth yet. For some reason my gladiolus are started to come up too.

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I'm in Atlanta and the one that I left in the ground came up, blooms and all and: the ones I stored away started to sprout.

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I'm central ITP and about 1/2 of mine have some portion of the plant above ground now, but none more than 3 inches.

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