large rose trellis on wall: any photos?

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)November 20, 2012

So many of you know I have a pink house and a purple house side by each. Both have gardens growing (slowly) in size.

Recently we had two more trees taken out behind the pink house (and I hope they let us take out #3 this year, it's a crazy tree leaning precariously over two houses. Sadly, it's a healthy pecan. I just wish it could be straight. I like the pecans to eat!!!) ... it has made way for a full, hot beating sun garden on the back of the house where it was previously shady.

The wall is large back there, large and bare. I have a large rose that would be fine on the back wall and I'm thinking of building a large trellis right against the wall: well, blocked off the wall several inches. The house is wood, I'm not worried about insects because we will be replacing the house at some point. Frankly our biggest problem has been rats burrowing under the "foundation" (there is no foundation, it's a strangely built house). YUCK!!

Does anyone have a wall trellis they can take photos of? I'm thinking of building it out of treated wood 2x2's and simply having it spray painted the same color as the house so it doesn't stand out.



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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Glynis, we don't have a fancy house and the rose and trellis are't very pretty right now but here's the 1X2 frame we put up for Constance Spry, nothing fancy but it works for us, it's held out from the wall 2 or 3 inches. It all looks yucky right now but once spring rolls around when covered in bloom not too bad. Sorry about the blurry rose picture but it was the only one I could put my hands on quickly. Annette

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One of my trellises is just half a piece of purchased trellis (2'x8') with a wood frame. Nothing fancy, but easy and effective.

One of my 'dreams' is to find an old architectural piece, a gate or piece of fencing perhaps, to use as a trellis. Would that be something you would consider? I always think there must be many such vintage or antique things available in areas such as where you live. Perhaps that's only my faulty perception because there are so few such items here.

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Glynis, we have a large trellis on the end of our screen porch. DH just framed it out with 2x2's and used green coated 4 foot wide 3x3 wire between the frame. So the frame is actually 8 feet wide. First picture is the year we put it in(2005) and second picture is from 2010. I have 2 Ramblin' Red plus a clematis planted on it.

DH attached a second 2x2 on each side for support(you can see it better in the second photo) and also that is the piece that is buried below ground. At the top he screwed it into the wooden eve about 6 inches or so out from the house. Hope this helps.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Marylu, I really like your idea for a trellis I just might have to borrow it :), gorgeous rose by the way.


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Annette, you are more than welcome to do the same! It is really sturdy and has been in place for 7 years. Have had no problems with it at all.

I just went out to double check and measured. The wire for each side is 3 foot wide not 4 foot. So total width is 6 foot for the trellis. The center piece is 2x2 but I think the side pieces are 1x2's. While I was out there I took a photo from inside the porch showing how he mounted it to the eve. Sorry it is a little blurry, but I had problems getting camera to focus through the screening.

Come spring I am going to cut back the roses so that we can lean the trellis out and paint behind it. We were going to do that this past spring, but a cardinal nested in the roses, by the time the nest was empty the roses had grown too much. So had to wait another year. This coming spring I hope to get it pruned back before the cardinal nests in it again!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

WOW is all I can say ladies! Those look BEAUTIFUL, Annette, that's pretty much the look I'm going for. I don't need anything fancy, the house is a habitat for humanity box, I don't care for the style and am not too worried about it standing standing for any more than 10 more years...I just want to be sure whatever on it is sturdy, because it will get HUGE back there. I can build something like you have piece by piece myself. My concern with Marylou's for this area is the strength. I need something ironclad because I'm loading this wall with plants! I figure it's my one chance to do it because the husband doesn't like climbers on wood siding of our "keeper" buildings :) I am however planning on making a frame with the wire in it to wrap around our driveway water tank, exactly what MaryLou has but with bent wood.

This week my job will be to create a new wire trellis for some variegated confederate jasmine to screen the back plant shed. Again, a temporary fix (we are planning on tearing down the shed and going up along the back of our house for a master suite and double deck that will overlook the eventual back yard garden)...
I am finding that I can deal better with the idea of "temporary gardens" than I once could. Once I would put in plants and be terrified that anything would happen to them. Now I only wish to keep a sliver to keep them going of something should happen to them. I guess after the tornadoes, flooding, droughts I've learned some mental survival skills :)

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Luckygal,are those delphiniums?? They are beyond beautiful!!

Marylu,your roses are gorgeous as well,and i like that pump i see in the background,grew up with those,and have always wanted one for my garden.TFS ladies.

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Thanks Kathi, yes they are delphinium. They seem to like my garden.

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