How do I get my fragnant plants to bloom ?

mrao77(TX US zone 7)April 27, 2010


I love tropical fragnant flowers and try my best to grow them, taking them indoors during the winter (zone 7a). They grow lush and green with lots of foliage, but few or no blooms. What could be the problem? I feed them early spring and mid summer with a slow release fertilizer high in Potassium. They are in full sun outdoors and brought inside to brigght windows for winter.

My Murraya paniculata is about 3' tall, atleast 4 years old but has never bloomed.

My Stephantis is about 3 years old, vines around a trellis in a 15" pot, again never bloomed.

My M.alba is about 2 years old, I believe it was a rooted cutting when I purchased online, is now about 3'tall. Will it bloom this year?

The only thigns that blooms well are my jasmine sambacs. The grand duke and grans duke supreme bloom spoardically.

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I know someone who owns Belle of India and Duke of Tuscany and her plants were full of buds. She uses a fertilizer called Bloom Booster. Basically it is v.high in phosphorus. I read that phosphorus helps with formation of strong stems, buds and hence more flowers. YOU could either mix it into your potting mix or buy the miracle grow/peters blooming mix and use it every 2-3 weeks half the recommended amount. i.e if it calls for 1tsp for a gallon of water once a month, you could do half a tsp. for a gallon of water every 2-3 week. Fertilizing in small dose frequently is better than a big dose once a month. hope this helps

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