Best blossoms to withstand our rains?

AuntBarbieApril 22, 2013

I have two large bowls that are out in the wide open, full sun, and would like some ideas on what flowers will fare best with our torrential summer rains. I expect there are few to none that will come through unscathed but what recovers the best and/or quickest?

Thanks for any suggestions...

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How big are these bowls? I have gazinias planted in hanging pots around my pool enclosure. Full exposure to sun, rain, and everything else all day, every day. They really take the abuse! If you forget to water they're very forgiving and almost always come back no matter how badly they're neglected. The blooms close up at night and won't open on a cloudy day, but when they are open, they really provide a big splash of color!

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Hi Trad....Thanks for the would never have come to mind. They're clay bowls about two foot in diameter and maybe 8-10 inches at their deepest point and on stubby legs... more than deep enough to accommodate all but the most aggressive root systems.

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I have found that Calibrachoas are pretty tough customers, I love Gazanias, too. I like to mix the flowers with ornamental sweet potato vine.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

Profusion zinnias, moss rose, coreaopsis, blue daze, dianthus, and black eyed susans are are few that I can think of. You could also mix in some rain lily bulbs for added interest.


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Four O' Clocks. Tough plant, and smells amazing!

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There's crocosmia planted in the center of each bowl, tho' for another year rain lilies might look great! Going shopping this evening...think either gazanias or portulaca will probably be it. Love the idea of four o'clocks but the way they reseed, I don't think the apt. manager would be to happy with me.

Thanks for all your suggestions...I'll let you know how they turn out.

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