Blueberry tree zone 10

yogacathyApril 3, 2008


Because I have NO self control, I came home from Lowe's with a blueberry tree. It says on the tag just plain old blueberry, but it does mention the university of florida making this variety for florida. Or something to that affect.

Can anyone recommend the best way to plant this. Should I put it in a raised bed or can it go straight in the ground? And, what about soil? Any type that I should buy or mix together?

I am under the impression that they need acidic soil.

Thanks! I'm pretty impulsive with plants, and my son was almost squeeling with delight over the idea of eating blueberries from our yard.

Cathy :)

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Blueberries do require acidic soil. I planted mine in a raised bed filled with pine bark, pine bark fines, and peat. I mulch heavily with pine bark. Some varieties do well in containers, but your unknown may be one of the large ones that can get 4-5' tall.

There are quite a few Blues available for zone 10. I have at least 7-10 varieties.

You will find that one Blueberry plant is not enough! You will want more(G). You can buy them reasonably priced as bare root plants in winter. I got some Sunshine Blues last month bare-root, and they are loaded with berries already.
Most varieties go dormant in winter, and you do need to prune them yearly. Everything likes to eat them, so place them where you can either guard the plants or cover them with netting.

Hopefully your new treasure will produce well for you. Congratulations!


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I also have a 4 and 1/2 year old son, who loves to garden. We live in Palm beach county.
We could get together sometimes, if you are not too far from us.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

I left the tree at Lowes even tho I was tempted. Everything I read seems to tell me I'm in the wrong zone.
I mean 10b had practically no chill hrs. this winter.
The trees at my Lowes were from Pine Island, which is farther south than where I'm located, so how did they get them to fruit?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Blueberry shrubs from Pine Island sure will fruit in zone 10. There are quite a few varieties that need 150 hours or less, of 45 degree weather. If it doesn't stay chilly long enough, that year you get a poor crop. We had a very warm winter here in Jupiter, but the Blues are happily fruiting away(G).

How much were they at Lowes?


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Thank you Lisa! I went back out and bought the pine bark and the peat moss, but I'm not planting it till tomorrow. At my Lowe's it was $32. It has a ton of green berries on it, but I dont' dare to get excited yet ;) I'll post a picture when I get it in. Thank you again for your help!!

Veronika~ I would love to get together and I'm sure my son would too. But, we live on the other coast. We are in Charlotte county. I wouldn't mind making the drive sometime or meeting somewhere though!

Cathy :)

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Cathy, "ouch," that is expensive! I bought mine from Bay Laurel for $12, and have purchased from other nurseries for around $7. Og course, potted ones will be more, but bare-root plants really take off quickly.

They are easy to grow, I'm sure yours will do well for you.


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I didn't realize it was expensive! I always get taken, I swear. I'm going to have to check around for some more nurseries.

I'll have to REALLY enjoy this tree! :)


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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

I have been wanting blueberries... (sigh) I have PLENTY of pine needles, but I figure they want alot of sun though and I haven't figured out where I could put them. Now Bay Laurel says their shipping season has ended...

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ladybugfalcon(9b FL)

I've done some research and found that 'southern highbush' varieties, such as Gulf Coast, require between 70-150 chill hours. Do a search for "blueberry" on IFAS's website; they have a very good article on recommended varieties for Florida. Some varieties of blueberry require two or more plants of different species to set fruit too.

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Does anyone know how to control blueberry pests organically (other than netting)? And how well does netting work?
Do iguanas go after the berries too? Thanks.

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Can any of these varieties be maintained at 36-40"? I'd like to plant a few and use them as foundation plantings.


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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Netting will only protect B-Berries from birds, and making a frame over the bushes works 100 times better than just laying the netting over the plants. If the netting touches the berries, or is close, the birds will still get them. Netting does not stop squirrels, large chickens (G) or human thieves.

Beatrice, Sunshine Blues top out at around 36 by 36. They are VERY productive, pretty and easy to grow if you have the correct Ph. I use pine bark, peat moss and pine needles for mine. My Sunshine Blues did not drop leaves in winter, but most other varieties do.

I'll warn you in advance, a "few" will not be enough(G).
Once you sample home-grown Blues, you will never buy the mushy commercial fruits again.


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How neat! Blueberries in zone 10? These must be new varieties. Some of you guys are actually getting REAL blueberries in our sub-tropical climate? Where in zone 10 do you all live? I'm in Fort Lauderdale. As I'm sure you know, we get very few chilling hours here. Would love to see some pics of your blueberry trees. (They are trees and not bushes, right?) Sheri :)

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Sheri, Blues are bushes/shrubs, not trees. My largest ones are only about 3' tall, due to being too shaded. They can get about 5', depending on variety.

There are lots of Low-Chill fruit varieties we can grow here, including Apples, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Kiwis and many grapes.

Pine Island Nursery is in Miami. By looking at there website you will find Tropical fruits that have growm well for them in zone 10.


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Thank you so much! The sunshine blues sound ideal. With a lot that's 90x100', there's only so much I can cram in.

I'm considering taller edibles to plant between my house and the street as a privacy screen.


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Lisa, that is really interesting to know. One of my next projects will have to be buying some blueberry bushes! :)
Thanks for the info. Sheri

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What a font of valuable information! One last question - is there a nursery or mail source that ny of you recommend for blueberries? I saw that one of the big name mail nurseries had the sunshine blues.


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