Blooming in April!

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)April 1, 2013

Aglaia odorata (Chinese Perfume Plant)!

Flower buds have been forming for months and it's finally starting to bloom in mass. Oh, how I adore this delicate scent!


So sorry to hear about yours! I hope it pulls through.

My Hermannia verticillata (Honey Bells) is starting to open. It has a sweet scent. I'll post a pic when more blooms are open. :)


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Seems like we have another cold spell??????

Where the heck are all my flowers??? I bought all those logee plants and nada in bloom?

it's kinda' depressing. I hope others are having more luck than I am.

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Cool plants Robert! Mine is still hanging in but I'm not hopeful.. Rosey, the weather is strange all over this year..lately whenever I talk w/my sister who lives in London on skype she keeps whining about the spring snow and her plumeria/stump and I cannot resist making fun of all the things she's wearing at this time of the year! On the other hand, I guess the sun doesn't work any more in making us happier given our situation over here!...

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cold cold cold :( we have just had a -8.5c (16f) in March!! i think we can officially forget global warming more like a new ice age is starting! At least my Michelia Alba has started to flower in the conservatory/orchid house just one lonely flower at the moment but boy does it smell nice :)

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Robert, you always bring a smile with your pictures. How big is your aglaia? I remember you had posted a full picture in 2012.
I miss it very much.

Fenius I hope your plants recover.

fragrant , please post pictures. I get my high lusting at such plants. I cannot grow them due to lack of space & pain of overwintering.

For now I am adding to my tuberose collection. I found this on Ebay - Cheap and great quality,for anyone interested in growing Tuberoses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tuberose -Great bargain -TimerviewFlowerfarm,IN

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Holy cow.. I need to order one. Thanks for the link dl99!! : )
I'm currently obsessed with gardenia...and I want to order every cultivar. Lol.

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Kem, I am avoiding this forum ......... Now I completely understand why " Ignorance is Bliss"

Since the last post, I went shopping and ended up with some fragrant bulbs.

This is a bargain I couldn't pass up. The seller communicated well and I was very happy with the healthy bulbs.

Have you tried oriental lily? i tried stargazer once and I didn't like the fragrance.
I saw Casablanca and Conca d'or and have been debating on that purchase.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I tried stargazer last year and I liked it. It smelled nice from a distance.. up close not so much. Are you starting freesia this year? Mine are just popping up. They were planted about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

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Kem , I steer clear of Gardenias. NO, I am not going to be roped into buying that one again - Oh wait - I just saw one with big fat buds and INTOXICATING fragrance.......................Forgive me Lord for I have yieled to temptation again.

It is out in the open, Gardenias are my weakness .I am even open to suggestions on how to trick the nose/mind into thinking gardenias stink!

when it comes to Gardenias, I have a deep mahogany brown thumb.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Thank you so much! I too love pictures and wished more people would post pics of their fragrant beauties for us to enjoy. :)
fragrant2008 we're talking about you! ;)

My big Aglaia odorata is now about 3 1/2 feet tall. No doubt I'll be pruning that sucker at the end of this season before I attempt to get it through the door. Laugh. Enjoy a pic of the whole plant.

I also want to thank you for posting the awesome tuberose deal link! I bought some. Laugh. Monday I picked up two double tuberose (The Pearl) but really wanted to try the single variety but thought it would be too expensive to find some online. Not anymore!


On my lunchbreak today while going home to walk the dog I noticed a honeybee and two hoverflies on my scabiosa. I was so excited! I wanted to rush out and buy more plants. Laugh.


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Yes I agree, Stargazer is beautiful and pleasant from a distance.
Do freesias survive light frost. I wanted to wait unti April 15 in my zone. What do you say?
I read the double has lighter fragrance. I am looking forward to them.

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Robert ,Thanks for the picture.All I can say is OMG .
The agalia has had a growth spurt & they say it is slow growing? Even when not in bloom, it is pretty to look at , don't you agree. I always laugh when I remember your posts about tracking the sun, moving plants,spilling soil & annoying everyone in the house! I can imagine moving this plant in & out. This is the one from 9 greenbox, what happened to the one from accents, I remember you were planning on a bonsai? Was that you, sorry if I am wrong.

Kem , Robert, What are friends for ? I am glad you are taking advantage of the Tuberose deal. I agree they are expensive , but this has been my best purchase so far.
I favor the single tuberose. It is more reliable in blooms and flowers till the last on the stem. The double I grow just for fun, but it is no fun since most of the blooms on top stay closed plus it has lighter fragrance compared to the single.
if not annoyed by me, a bit of advice -, I plant them in rectangle planters - similar to window boxes, that way the tuberoses grow for 2-3 years undisturbed ,remember they are usually planted in rows in the field. If you plant in the ground, no worries.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I grew tuberose 'Pearl' last year and i wasn't impressed with its scent. The single cultivar has a much sweeter scent to my nose..

dl99 .. growing your gardenia in a light soil mix and a clay pot is best. Also give your plant a shower once a week or so. Do this when your plant needs water. Showering prevents spider mites..

Yes I would wait until the last frost to start freesia as well. Happy growing! : )

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Kemistry, I also prefer single tuberose cultivar over double pearl. As far as gardenia's I love the hardy varieties that survive outside in ground. So far the hardiest and beautiful double one I have is the 'gardenia crown jewel'. With all the snow and low temp we had it still looks green with several dormant buds. I am on look for a newer variety 'gardenia summer snow' that is new hardy cultivar this year.

Robert, I really like your aglalia, how big of the pot is that to hold 3ft tall plant? I looks like a big bonsai tree.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Wow! I'm amazed at your memory, my friend. :)
The Aglaia odorata I got from Accents (Pepper's Greenhouses) is now a little over 2ft tall and doing great in the fast draining 5:1:1 mix though my partner despises it since it sits next to the sink on the kitchen counter in the way of the cabinet door.
I think he's more ready for spring than I! ;)


The big one is in a ridiculously tiny pot for the size of the tree. 10 inches wide and 7 inches high. Yup. It's gonna need a bigger pot once it goes out when things warm up. I'll probably have to stake it as well since it's so top heavy. :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yes, I know I've posted pics of this before but while snapping a pic of the little Chinese Perfume Plant I noticed a glorious scent coming from my night scented stock (Matthiola longipetala subsp. bicornis) even though it was only 5:30pm and the sun was still out.
Love these guys. I think they're about to hit their peak bloom. :)


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It FINALLY bloomed! ONly waited for a month! This is the African Gardenia - I arrived home, and filled up my spray bottle - and, started spraying, then all of a sudden noticed a bloom right there! ...

It wasn't there this morning. that's one bud open - and 4 to go. :)

Not a lot of scent - very soft - more reminiscent of the delicacy of baby powder than I was expecting.

Still, very pretty.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Awesome, Rosey!
Thanks for sharing. Let us know your thoughts on its scent as time passes. One person said it reminded them of datura. :)


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Wow!! All favourites so far!! And the matthiola looks like a fairytale!

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dl99 and robert1971 here you go my friends :)

My lonely Michelia alba flower smells wonderful first thing in the morning and on the evenings

Here is the plant which i got as a small 30cm plant from France

also in the photo far left and right are murraya from seeds from my murraya bonsai bottom left is a cutting from my variegated Brugmansias at the far back is epiphyllum oxypetalum
Here is a photo of it in bloom last year

I would post a pic of my Aglaia odorata but i am sad to say it is just a dead stick in a pot :( left it outside last year and got hit hard by the frost :( never even got chance to see or smell the flowers which every one raves about

roseyd really wonderful photo of African Gardenia i also have one of these beauties never ever seems to want to stop flowering :) as soon as its finished about a week later another set of buds are coming through

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Hey Frag2008..even more favourites!!! Did you get your alba and your african gardenia from hodnik? I got them last year from him, killed the mitriostigma and keep waiting for an alba bloom .. Also, tell us about your murrayas from seed, how old are they, have they bloomed young ecc?? I have a seedling about 30cm tall but I've heard horror stories and I'm thinking of getting an airlayer this year (along with a new aglaia!)

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Hi Fenius , you are correct they were from Hodnik on ebay (thank god for ebay )
the murraya are now coming on to there 5th year they definitely flowered last year to be honest i can not remember if they flowered the year before that! so i would say 3 - 4 years before first sets of flowers they are now covered in flower buds again :) only problem i have with Murraya is they can produce loads of buds and then just sit there for weeks some times months before they open

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Fragrant! Love the epiphyllum - how long did it take to bloom the first time? I got clippings from Mrao77 last autumn and I have growth coming from every leaf - but, am thinking that it'll take years before I see a flower.

So beautiful though.

My logee plants are all teases. - the African Gardenia is the first to actually flower. I've had buds for a month. The Orange Jasmine still has only one bud, and the Jasminoide Gardenia the same. But, at least now that one has bloomed - there's hope that the rest will follow soon.

My Aglaia has no flowers at all. it's a mini tree. I'd cut it in half last October -because I wanted to attempt to thicken the trunk - and, she's grown about 2 inches - but no flowers. She's one of the plants I would like to change her soil. She would appreciate some thing better draining.

I'm hoping my night jasmine will bloom soon. I love the scent of that one. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ohhh my!

Everything is so beautiful...

fragrant.. I love your epiphyllum. That was the first real fragrant tree that I had and I lost mine due to the cold. My mistake, but I was new to all of this years ago and now I'm addicted to Plumeria. Your pic brings back many happy memories. If you ever want to do a trade for a Plumeria cutting for a piece of your beauty..let me know..

Ok.. I just bought some more Tuberoses.. Lol. Thanks, I do love these

Loved all of the pics too!

Great job, Rosey, looking good!


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Hi Rosey, my epiphyllum oxypetalum took only 2years from a cutting to flower was a decent size cutting! but it shot off in the first year put on a real growth spurt i was amazed at how it was more like a tree trunk :P was not until it was a few feet tall before it started to flatten out and branch then flower.
But if i was going on best fragrance i would choose EPIPHYLLUM COOPERI i sooo love the scent of those flowers just a shame they are so short lived :(

Plumeria are not the easiest to grow in this country or so i have been told! i could not resist giving it a go so bought 3 last year :)
Rubra Ngamvila , Stenopetala, and i have lost the 3rd ones label all have made it through their first winter and are just coming in to active growth now just have to hope we have a good summer so i might see some flowers :)

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Finally, my easter cactus is in full bloom, noticed it yesterday and she just opens in the sun, and closes at night. I don't know how long the blooms will last - but WOW! A plant full of these sure ain't a bad way to start the spring. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Finally have enough blooms on my Hermannia verticillata (Honey Bells) for a decent pic! Sweet scent but so far it's not wafting.


Thank you for posting your beautiful pics!


Gotta love color when it feels like winter outside, eh? :)

If all goes well I might be posting another pic tomorrow!


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Lovely pictures everyone, Thanks for posting and reminding that it is spring.
Fragrant2008,Michelia is looking very healthy. I see another bud. Congratulations, from a 30 cm plant to such a beauty. I like epiphyllum, I am reminded of my childhood I would wait up to watch it bloom only to fall alseep, and wake up to see the spent flower!
I agree murraya takes a long time from bud to flower.

Rosey, finally your gardenia bloomed. Enjoy.I have heard It is easy to care.

Laura keep us posted on how your tuberose babies are growing.

Robert, Sir you have a green thumb.Agaia from accents was so tiny and crooked. It is a lovely plant . Your house must be like visitng a perfume factory.
I like the combination of the honeybells and pansies, it is a wonderful arrangement on the table.

Are you following the other post about Mike? Why is olympia gardener missing from the forum. I hope everyone is doing well.

Keep posting pictures.

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Kemistry,you convinced me.
I will follow your suggestions this season. as you mentioned I am inclining towards cold hardy ones - Kleim's and chuck hayes.

Scale is my problem, even with G.Vietnamensis, I had this issue? any suggestions.

Kandhi did you get crown jewel locally? It seems to be available only thro Clifton's nursery (monrovia)?


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yes, the african gardenia blooms - and, I noticed she's beginning to suffer from spider mites as I found a web on her, Saturday - so I'm going to have to be more diligent about using the neem oil regularly.

and, there's just something so "HAPPY" about orange flowers. Orange everything. I love the color orange - and to have these flowers with their sunny faces, open to the sun - and the still unopened buds, bent and almost reminiscent to the dance moves of "Walk like an Egyptian" . :) ... Yes, Easter cactus are really cool plants.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I'm calling this post 'Taking an incredibly long time to open!' ;)
So my Dwarf Deciduous White Plumeria is finally going to give me a bloom without teasing me and aborting it before it opens ( least I hope so!).
All of yesterday I was worried when the wind blew or when I moved it or looked at it wrong that I'd lose the bloom but I think I'm in the clear!
It started to open last night. Even had a ladybug crawl inside the bloom. It has a perfume/citrus like scent which so far I'll call light however the bloom is not fully open and I know it will be more fragrant at night. :)
I'll post another pic when it's fully open.


You are too kind. I only post my successes. Trust me. I've killed many a plant or have not gotten them to bloom. :)


Love the sun on your electric orange blooms! They don't even look real.


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Robert, That's pretty. you are already getting plumeria blooms? My plumerias are just sending out leaves and I do not see any inflos on anyone. I just ordered 3 more from floridacolors. These are very addictive as they look so beautiful.

Roseyd, how long have you had that easter cactus, the blooms are bright and it low manitenance plant?

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Robert, I do believe that's called a tease. to have 6 buds all close and personal like that, and the one that opens only wants to do it half way? yes, a real tease.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Thank you. I've had this one under lights inside the house all winter...that is until it kept aborting buds before they opened! Then I got sick of it and shoved it under the lights down in the basement with the other plants. I've been bringing up plumerias, jasmines and other plants when the weather has been warm. Guess my plumie decided that it likes the outside better than the inside and is FINALLY started to bloom for me and not tease me. ;)
At one point I considered trashing the darn thing. Laugh.
They are highly addictive.
Kemistry already has 4 and I have 12. If my count is correct you'll have 15 when your new ones come in?
I'm cursing Kemistry since I want his last purchase, Plumeria 'Gardenia'. :)


It is a total tease! But hopefully it's done teasing and will stop dropping buds and bloom, bloom, bloom! :)


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Robert, That's pretty. you are already getting plumeria blooms? My plumerias are just sending out leaves and I do not see any inflos on anyone. I just ordered 3 more from floridacolors. These are very addictive as they look so beautiful.

Roseyd, how long have you had that easter cactus, the blooms are bright and it low manitenance plant?

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Kandhi, I had it since the logees shopping trip in early March (it was on the March sales list - for $7.95) . The plant showed buds for a month - and started opening this Saturday. I was home to see it happen. Sharing light from that south facing window - absorbing rays, me and my plants.

Gotta love the weekends when you make no plans and you take the time to appreciate what you have.

The easter cactus is really low maintenance. you water it when you remember - not to regularly - because they like it kinda dry. :)

see - that's easy.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

It's back to teasing me. This time on the ridiculously long time it takes to fully open! In all fairness though it has been overcast these past two days. :)
I'm bumping the scent level up to medium though it can be elusive. Seems to be more perfume like away from the flower and towards the center it's a higher/more harsher scent that sort of reminds me of tabernaemontana.


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Thanks Robert for the beautiful pictures . It was disappointing when it aborted last time. I got a dwarf Singapore plumeria from AE in 2011 and it died that same winter. I hardly know anything about them , I should visit the plumie forum ............
Do you plant them in cactus mix?

Kandhi , I enjoy your pictures very much.When it blooms, do post them. I am trying your airlayering technique on the jasmines.

Rosey, the coloring on the cactus is spectacular. It is so cheerful.

Here is my Mysore mulli, just one but is strong and wonderful.

I was wondering - Plants like gardenia, plumeria need the hot/humid weather to release the full potential of their fragrance while jasmines smell as powerful in any weather?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi dl99,

I say don't visit the plumie forum because you'll become hooked like us! Laugh.

I use a modified gritty mix (Al's 1:1:1). I screen pine bark fines, perlite and Turface though I also use Napa Auto Parts Oil Absorbent which is made from Diatomaceous Earth. Al's mix calls for chicken grit which I couldn't find and it would be awfully heavy for the size pots I have. :)
The plumeria roots go crazy in the mix though you do need to water more often.

I hope you have better luck with plumerias should you decide to try them again!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I almost forgot to thank you for posting your Mysore Mulli Jasmine pic! I've been moving mine around the yard trying to get it to grow but I'll be putting it back down in the basement tonight since we're getting another cold front. :)

I think most plants smell best outside when it's warm and humid.


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Dl99, All my jasmines have started budding with one or 2 blooms like yours. Today it is in 70s and it is tempting to move plants outside but I don't want to make that mistake. Its a big chore to take them out and bring them back if temp goes down to 40s again. I am still enjoying pics of last summer...
This is jasmine lei I made from mysore mulli and other jasmine variety flowers last summer. I wish some day I will make plumeria leis too :)

Robert is right, if you visit plumeria forum you will be tempted to buy some of those too.

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Beautiful lei!!! You also got me interested in epiphyllums now... Robert you must be the first plumeria bloomer of the season!
I don't have anything very interesting yet, just lily-of-the-valley

a lot of red and orange freesias which I decided I don't like..

then some amalfi lemon flowers and rosemary...that's all for now

...oh and in the non-fragrant department some campanulas and my first clematis bloom..

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

dl99.. my tuberose bulbs came today and omg they are huge!!! Thanks again for the link ;)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I'm hoping mine come soon... Talking about Enablers here. You guys and gals are terrible... ;-). How can I not WANT when I see such beauty...

Good luck Kem with yours... I will let you all know when mine come. I'm so excited!!!!!

Robert. Love the plumeria bloom.. Gorgeous! Congratulations on having one so early.. I have some Inflos developing, but we shall see, I did bring out all of my trees two days ago before I started this trip. It was in the 80's here and the long range forecast only will be in the lows to mid 40's . My DH will have a field day.. LMAO if I bring them in again like last year. I'm out working and I see this line of storms heading east.. If any of you like weather.. Check out the line that extends from the UP of MI to the bottom of Florida. It is huge.. So, you all know what I am worried about right? Should I call my hubby and have him tie up my tres.. Lol. Only kidding.. He would call the paddy wagon. If I did that. My large 8 to 10 footers are outside and should be ok, but you all know how we worry... Yikes!

Fenius.. Your flowers are beautiful. Stunningly gorgeous...

Kandhi.. I love you leis... I can only wish that I could make one.. Beautiful!

Oh?....Noticed that someone said something about the plumeria forum?

I am one who is not affected by the forum... LMAO.. GUILTY!!!! I am.

When I see Robert and others talk about the numbers that they have.. It makes me feel like I need to go to therapy for the addiction of Plumeria.

Really.. I have been good this year. I have only acquired a few cuttings from friends and bought two... My total...? I stopped counting ... It is a lot. ;-)

Have a great night!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


You must have a lot of jasmines to be able to make such a gorgeous lei! I bet it smelled incredible.
So fess many plumies do you have now? ;)


Love the flower pics. I bet the lily of the valley smells awesome!


Mine are huge as well though I did notice some surface mold on one clump of bulbs.

I'll try this method. I think they'll be fine-

Step 1
Treat storage mold by gently holding the daffodil bulb in your hand and wiping the surface clean. The mold should rub right off. You can identify simple storage mold by the fact that it will be dry and fuzzy rather than slimy. It will have a bluish hue. This mold forms because of humidity and inadequate circulation.
Step 2
Dip the cleaned bulbs in the 10% bleach solution for ten seconds to prevent further mold growth. Allow them to dry on a well-ventilated rack before planting.


So glad you're posting here on a regular basis! So I see you too were tempted by the awesome tuberose deal that dl99 kindly shared with us! :)

I hope all your plumies aren't damaged by the storms.
I've been driving my DH nuts this year with the amount of tropical plants (plumerias, jasmines, brunfelsias, passion flowers, Chilean Jasmine, etc.) I have shoved down in the basement (see attached pic of shame).
You can hardly walk down there! :)

And don't feel so bad about the amount of plumies you own. Kemistry has been doing his usual enabling and has now gotten me interested in 'Gardenia'. I'm having Wendy check on a cutting for me. Laugh.


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fenius, laura and robert, thanks.. I love making these leis during summer time but as I said some day I want to make leis out of plumeria's.. waiting for that day to come soon..

Laura, you don't have to count your pluemeria's, when you post.. we do that :). I received my shipment from florida colors today and the grafted cuttings are not that thick as I thought would be.. but its ok. they willl grow ..

Robert, Yes, I do have 3-4 matured big jasmine plants that bloom profusely in summer time
The one that is doing great with growth is 'jasmine flore plena' from logees, the main stem is 2inch thick now with strong growth. Hoping for more blooms this year..

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Our Viburnum x juddii has been pumping out blooms and making the backyard smell wonderful!
I've noticed flower buds forming on the 'Snowbelle' mockorange so I'm looking forward to that as well.


So you're not going to fess up on how many plumies you have now, eh? ;)

I've always been curious about Logee's Jasminum sambac 'Flore Plena'. So I guess you like its scent? Not that I need another sambac since I have 3 different varieties already. Laugh.

It's been super windy here over the weekend. The poor Hermannia verticillata (Honey Bells) was knocked off the railing and came crashing down onto the concrete right before we had people visit the garden (of course). I quickly shoved it in another pot and I think it's fine.
It's now wafting and I've decided the scent reminds me of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) tree flowers. I love the scent however the flower bud formation requirements of nighttime temperatures in the thirties can be tricky and a pain in the hiney. I was always watching the weather and bringing them down into the basement if it got too cold. Laugh.

My Dwarf Deciduous White Plumeria (DDW for short) smells wonderful but only outside. Go figure. Outside it smells like perfume but inside it smells harsh or has no scent or little scent. It also dropped 4 unopened flower buds yesterday. :(
At least it's got two open blooms right now for me to enjoy!


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I think this may be my new favorite! She's tiny - and smells like coconut. Meyer Mike knew I wanted one and surprised me with her. Isn't she pretty? :) She's got such tiny delicate blossoms - Just a few pups to add to my growing orchid collection. This brings me up to 8 orchids now. - 6 months ago - I was afraid of them. and now I'm collecting.

I'm worried for the folks out there at the Marathon today. I can't believe another stupid bombing. Why does there have to be so much hatred out there? I'm safe at work, and I really hope that there aren't to many hurt from this.

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Robert, I have total 17 plumeria's now, on some I am still waiting to see a bloom, some day I want to move to area where I can grow these outside.. Your viburnum buds/blooms look very pretty, how do you describe their fragrance?

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Robert, you have an empty saucer in that last photo... surely you need a new plant to fill it? :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


17! Wow. I don't feel quite so bad. Laugh.
Of the ones that have bloomed which is your favorite for scent?
I'm growing mine in a modified gritty mix however I think I'll use the 5:1:1 mix for California Sunset since it seems to like a lot more water than the others.

The viburnum has a spicy carnation/clove/perfume like scent. It's a great wafter. It can be overpowering up close. One friend said it smelled like an old woman when she stuck her nose into it. Laugh.


I love the scent of Coconut Orchid (Maxillaria tenuifolia). I saw one in full bloom at Lowe's however my parnter poo pooed it. :(
Probably for the best since I currently have 4 orchids and will no doubt have more after the upcoming Tulsa Orchid Society show and sale this weekend. :)

Don't you worry about that empty saucer. I'm sure I'll fill it up with my 38+ pots. Laugh.

So glad you're okay after the terrible events of yesterday.


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YOUR LOWES has fragrant orchids!!!????!!! - How did you luck out? our lowes around here seem so ... bleh.

Well, I wouldn't have walked away. ... the lowes price on that orchid was probably cheaper than the orchid show price. And one in full bloom too...

I hope you'll find some rare and pretty plants at the show. :) You'll have to take & post pictures.

I'm quite well, a bit grumpy that I missed "the Voice" last night. I understand the need for news, but it's all the same on every channel - and, after a while it's exhausting to keep watching it. It could be another night of the news "drama" - 24 hour coverage turning to week-long...

I work in HR, and being in a large company; yesterday we worried about our staff and family who had gone to the marathon. Today, we are setting up counseling support for who-ever needs it. By tonight, I'm going to want something happy to think about - and, the news isn't it.

I was in a GREAT mood yesterday. The sun was shining, spring is here... and then this idiot ruins my day. Today, I was coming in on the train - and, it was equally beautiful - and yet, our town is now in this state of flux and mourning. - I sense the sun, and want to feel happy like yesterday morning, and yet - there's a lot of suffering out there around me and I shouldn't be.

So, I think it's important that we realize that it's good to be alive, that the sun is shining - and that it's spring. We can't let this idiot take away our happiness.

We have to make ourselves secure, and move past this.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yup. Our Lowe's gets Better-Gro orchids. Some are scented and some are not. I've noticed you can't trust the name on the package but look for the name on the plastic tag inside the pot.
Who knows what you're really getting but hopefully it will be fragrant! :)

Hadn't even thought about snapping pics of the orchid show. Doh!
I'll snap a few to share with you guys.

I like your attitude about yesterday.
There are far more good people in the world than bad and we should appreciate the sun and spring and the sounds of birds while we can. :)


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:) Yes, even those (UGH!) 5 am birds that start before our alarms go off...

There's been some really beautiful stories that have come out of this, of some of the folks who have stopped to help those hurt, or in need. You always hear that us Bostonians are very stand-offish folks (and we are!) - but, when put to the test - we do the right thing.

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Roseyed very nice Maxillaria tenuifolia :) and if you have got the orchid bug you might want to look in to this book
Fragrant Orchids by Steve Frowine
Lists loads of Fragrant orchids!!(With some 20,000 fragrant orchids available today) strength of there fragrance what there scent is like what time of day they are at there best etc etc Its a really good book you can combine the beauty of orchids and your love of fragrance :)
Robert beautiful Viburnum i can see about 7 flower bunches in the photo alone :) my viburnum park farm hybrid is full of buds but as yet to open :( i do have some fragrant daffs open and some more orchids :P will try and get some photos up soon
p.s i was up all last night watching the terrible events unfolding on the news my heart bleeds for the family of that poor little boy (had hes whole life ahead of him) and the other victims of this evil terrorist monstrosity, its events like this that make you stop and think just how short and fragile life can be even with out these hatred filled nutters

This post was edited by fragrant2008 on Tue, Apr 16, 13 at 15:14

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Fragrant, just great! What I really need is to look at an Orchid book with 20,000 ones...I don't think I will be able to contain

Robert....How did you luck out with the flower on your Plumeria? I have been trying with mine for years and can never get them to do that. Great job!
Remember the jasmine I bought at Logee's? It keeps aborting its buds. They get limp and just die off. So frustrating.
I just love the smell of vibernums! That is why I have 4 in my yard and I can't wait for the flowers.:-)
If you like them then you MUST get the Azelea's that I have. My goodness, when they are in bloom, all the neighbors come for a whiff! I can't think of the name of my first favorite, Weston's Innocence and the second is the Vibiscum:-) Wwowoowwowo
I like the cellar....
That is quite the Chinese Perfume plant!

Laura, how are you? How are all your fragrant beauties doing and I second Robert's joy in seeing you here more often:-)
We are ok here:-)
You should see the Gardenia you sent me! It's getting buds now and I will post when they open.
I can't wait to see your flowers too:-)

Rosey!! Congrats of your gardenia. They do have a scent hard to describe, don't they?
Remember my Orchid that smelled so nice for 9 WEEKS? The flowers are gone now and boy do I miss them.
I love the looks of your Coco one..:-)

Fenius..You have some of the nicest plants I have ver seen:_)))))) I wish I could walk through your yard some day. You do have a gift in your hands I tell you!

Do you actually grow your Lily of the Valley's in a pot? I will do it if it works! Love it!

Hello Kandhi..Good to see you.
I love what you made out of the flowers...How did you do that without the flowers browning on you? Great work. It must of smelled just awesome!

DI99! Wow..Thank you for the info you share here and your beautiful pics! Love that jasmine flower:-)

Good night to all and be safe.
I will try to post some of my flowers soon.

Kemistry..I am with I can't wait to get mine in the mail and plant them!


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Hi Mike. Long time no see. :)

Yes, the coconut orchid is a beauty. It's was a complete surprise gift, and I LOVE it! :) thank you.

I ordered some shelves for my apartment so that I can better organize my growing plant collection. 4.5 foot shelves - I should be able to get the tall plants on the bottom of the window, and lower the shelf enough so that I can get all the shorter plants on the top and still get them the valuable sunlight they need. I bought 2 shelf units and they come with wheels too - so I can even follow the sun on the rare occasion that I stay home on a weekend. (Ok, I don't really see myself doing this - but, I could. I suppose if there are those who are willing to carry their plants inside n out to capture a few hours of sun - I should be equally as happy to roll 2 shelves of plants to east, then south facing windows.)

So, the idea of using shelves - I'm now considering if I should buy more lights so that I can clip them to the shelf unit to add supplimental lighting (which will be a very good thing for those rainy days).

I really love how the African Gardenia starts off with a Pink bud - and yet is so startling white once it opens.

Mike, still smells like baby powder to me. But you know I have a horrible sense of smell.

AH, I have a confession .... I ordered some more plants from logees, yesterday. (it's all because of the new shelves - I'll have more room for them. :) )

Some of them I ordered with the idea I'd give them away. (Hummingbird Mint "Tango" Agastache aurantiaca & Rose Cactus Pereskia grandifolia).

A few of them I ordered because I was impressed by how cool they looked in Mike's greenhouse. (Fragrant Wax plant - Hoya odorata & Wax plant -Hoya Australis)

and then a few of them I ordered because they looked interesting - (Red orchid cactus - epiphyllum ackermannii & ric rac orchid cactus - epiphyllum anguliger & Golden brush - burbidgea scheizocheila)

and finally - one that I couldn't decide on - but thought might have potential because it was listed in the partial sun area - - Butterfly gardenia (tabernaemontana divaricata).

Well, all those should fill up a shelf by themselves. But I'm giving 2 away... :)

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Rose Cactus Pereskia IMO be a better keeper for you Rosey grows easier than the Crassula Ovata Magnolianot.

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Wes, I've never had any luck with 'jade' plants - they always just flop over and wither.

I don't know how folks get them to be so strong limbed - when mine always turn so floppy.

The reason I was considering to give the Rose Cactus away is it's supposed to become quite large, and - it's a full sun plant. It would work a lot better on someone's full sun deck this summer, than in my tiny south windows.

I like to find unusual (ie. not found at grocery stores) plants to gift my best friend around her birthday. Last year, I gave her an Adenium (Desert Rose). This year - a Rose Cactus. - I seem to have a theme going, yes? :)

It's always all about me - even though I package it like it isn't. ;)

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I have a couple of hoyas (all fragrant of course:P) they make excellent house plants i think a lot of ppl under rate them for a plant that can with stand a fair amount of neglect and flower twice some times three times a year what more do you want :)
my Hoya Australis not in flower at the moment :(

I have never tried Hoya odorata! you would think with a name like that it would be fragrant but i have seen such mixed reviews online :S so you will have to let me know what you think of the fragrance when it flowers please Rosey
also if you have room look into Hoya lauterbachii "delicious fragrance, much like the scent of chocolate candy wrappers" :)

Mike there is always room for one more orchid or maybe 2 or 3 or 4 ;)

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Don't feel left out Rosey there is no such a plant as Crassula Ovata Magnolianot I cant grow them either.

Jade growing is as easy as taking a comfortable cool shower every morning and siting in a very dry with bright high UV light sauna for the rest of the day.
Hummels have it made on a good day it gets to feel a ghost crab walk by. Any of us would of already been lunch for a few brave vultures.
Desert ROSEy followed by a Cactus ROSEy Next one being ..... hmmm ROSEy O'Donnell Rose?

All of our Magnolias are in full blooming glory and are my pick for the fragrant blooms in April

Dayumm that is one nice looking Hoya, I'd have a face on that one for Halloween suspended in a window just to add to the theme.

Is this idea hoya abuse and not neglect ? I potted out six different hoya during the holidays and gave them all away to the same person instructions given where WATER Each plant DAILY with five gallons for five minutes per 6 inch pot or until each of them drown.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hey everyone...

Laura.. lol. I've been going a bit plumeria-crazy recently. I should stop.. okay maybe after getting one more ;) I'm eyeing Penang Peach right now. It doesn't help that I run into a few dwarfs that are said to have a sweet fragrance : )

Kandhi.. that lei of jasmine was gorgous! Geesh maybe I should get another Plore plena. My last plant didn't do so well so I gave up on it.

Fenius.. why don't you like those orange/red freesia? I've noticed that the yellow and white ones are usually more fragrant.

Robert.. the flowers of your viburnum look a bit like those of luculia **;).. ;) **
Mike.. i planted those tuberose bulbs already. I got lazy so I potted them up using a commercial potting mix which I don't like the muddy texture at all. Man I Wish the 511 soil is available commercially so I don't have to make it. Lol.

Cannot wait til Summer when the tuberose bloom.

Rosey does your african gardenia smells stronger? I've been wanting that plant for a while.

Wes.. I have never seen a jade plant blooms before. THat's one huge flower!!

Fragrant.. love your Hoya!! How big is that pot? Wish my obscura would grow faster.

Okay.. tonight my brunfelsia jamaicensis is blooming. It has a bright, sweet, fruity scent that smells just so amazingly addictive. Reminds me of mangoes. Love, love this plant!!!

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Fragrant: I hope my hoyas will stay smaller than that. I may be increasing my shelves, but my windows aren't that tall to begin with.

Wes: I'd been wondering about that strange new breed of Jade. with Pretty flowers, too.

I have a story about the variety of "Rose" plants that I gift. Everyone knows I love roses. And, I would take over my friend's yard with rose bushes if she'd let me but she told me, more than once - "no, I don't like the thorns..." So, what can a girl do, but choose other types of plants with the word "rose" in them? The funny thing is that the Rose cactus has thorns 'a plenty'. (But, at least I'm not asking her to plant it out in her yard!) :D

Kemistry, the African Gardenia! what a lovely scent. It's becoming stronger indeed, the closer we're getting to summer. There's more blossoms and last night, the scent wafted through the room, and it's quite intoxicating.

Yes, I'm very glad that I got one of these. My hardy gardenia in my bedroom refuses to bloom now. I've had an occasional bulb, and they seem to fall off, instead of opening. I know I need to repot this plant badly. She's still in the 6 inch pot that I'd bought her in. And, I need to flush her, and use the vinegar treatment, and even fertilize. All things that I've been bad at doing, it seems.

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Hey guys!
Robert, I was thinking viburnum to be one plant I would never be interested in until I saw yours, it does indeed look like a luculia! are the flowers really so big or is the photo deceptive?nice hoya Fragrant btw mine are all still rooted/ing cuttings.. And I'm so jealous of your mitristigma axillare Rosey!
Mike, welcome back! I can send you the fragrant orchids book link, I think I downloaded it from somewhere..By vibuscum did you by any chance mean azalea viscosum?And did you remember your favourite fragrant azalea? Thank you for praising my plants, I don't have a yard Mike only two smallish balconies so everything is in a pot!! Lily of the valley grows nice in a pot and you don't have to crawl to smell it!
Kemistry, I find I don't like the scent of my freesias and I definitely don't care for the colour..Next year I'll try the old white ones a friend offered to send me but I'm not thrilled .. as I am for my tuberose bulbs which I got too!!!My Brunfelsia jamaicensis went outside yesterday I hope it blooms this year like yours! In the meantime I have a few more april blooms to share:
Illicium henryi

some very sweet smelling dianthus

my amalfi lemontree and jasminum polyanthum which both scent my whole front balcony!

my lilac which scents the whole back balcony..

and makes me miss the scent of the bluebells!

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OH Fenius,

How ever do you manage to keep a lilac in a pot? Is it a dwarf? How big is it?

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Yes, it's kind of dwarfish, about 50cm's the size of two cats now! I'll take a photo of the whole plant soon, I also have a normal one, Charles Jolly which is two times this size but it's not blooming yet..You can keep everything in a pot!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


There are so many Viburnum carlesii hybrids out there! I've never heard of yours but of course now I want to sniff it. ;)
I also want Viburnum x carlcephalum (Fragrant Snowball) after reading about it in The Evening Garden by Peter Loewer. Books and this forum are dangerous for us addicts. :)

Your Hoya australis is huge! I also have one but it's yet to bloom. :(


I use a modified gritty mix for my plumies plus plenty of sunshine, Dynamite fertilizer, Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro and this year I'm trying Pro-Tect. :)

Thanks for the heads up about the fragrant azaleas. Of course none of our local nurseries carry them and I'm finding it hard to find some online but I haven't given up yet!

I hate bud aborition! So frustrating!


You're really pushing Brunfelsia jamaicensis! Perhaps I'll break down and order one this year. ;)


Your pics are gorgeous! Love the double lilac. I hope it smells awesome. I hate the barely scented ones like Bloomerang. At least sniffing them at the nurseries they don't have much scent.

As to my Viburnum x juddii the bloom clusters are about 4 inches across so not too shabby! The accompanying pic is I must say. Please ignore the bare earth exposed underneath. I haven't gotten around to spreading mulch yet.
We call this our 'wild corner' for the birds. Laugh.

Oh, yea. Now I want to sniff a luculia since I don't know about them...yet!


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Rosey Every consider the biblical famed" Rose Of Sharon"
it's a 100% THORN FREE Hibiscus shrub that can tower a roof or kept to size by pruning down for wider spread.

Yes like the many on the zone 6 flowering jade list I can flower a jade easily with all the same small bouquets of flowering fall season.
The one in the pic above is my attempt to spring flower a jade in the same zone. In weirdness I removed a magnolia flower from one of my magnolia trees and stuck it in the jade thinking the jade might need a training lesson so it would know what it felt like to have a flower on it.

Nice smell you got there too. I have one Brunfelsia "Lady of the Night" in boom as well the second time of a hopeful four or more times this year. Was a hand me down from a friend I grow it on a whim and a splash of water now and then. A charming plant overall offering a easy to please crisp clean scent.

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kemistry it is in a Terracotta Plant Pot 11inches wide by 9 deep
i have all my hoyas in Terracotta/clay Pots except hoya lacunosa and that is one sweet brunfelsia i have never tried jamaicensis how easy is it to grow and did you grow yours from seed?

roseyd you can always cut if back if it gets to big :) or start a new one from a cutting there pretty easy to root just be careful of the toxic sap especially if you have any pets

Thank you fenius Hoyas are one of the plants i find easier to grow just wish i could get my Milky way trees to grow :(
and wonderful pics once again may i ask what camera you are using to take your photos?

Robert looking at your photo i was just thinking the same thing ;) that is one really healthy looking Viburnum still waiting for buds to open on mine been checking it every day :)
But here are a few pics of ones that have flowered (taken with my mobile phone
narcissus very fragrant up close

phal sweet heart

cattleya lost the label :(

Oncidium Sharry Baby lovely vanilla chocolate

vanda dark spotty not fragrant but could not help posting the pic ;)

i know spring has finally arrived hyacinths

azara microphylla tiny flowers but really nice vanilla Fragrance

another form of prunus mume with almond-scented flowers


and finally my new hardy gardenia crown jewels
is the very best selection from a controlled cross between dwarf âÂÂKleimâÂÂs Hardyâ (dwarf habit, heavy bloom set) and âÂÂChuck Hayesâ (cold-hardiness, twice-blooming, double flowers) by Philip Dark of Oakmont Nursery in Chathem County, North Carolina

only a little cutting at the moment but i hope it does well

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Wow! Your Prunus mume is amazing! Thank you for the jolt of much needed color. :)
Of course now I'm interested in it and Azara microphylla.
Dang this forum! Laugh.


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I love the prunus mume too! I have ordered prunus okame some time ago, so can't order more for now...Actually, I bought it from stephen on ebay, Frag did you get your gardenia crown jewel from him maybe?I feel we might have a lot of the same sources!.. Robert, I'll try and search the lilac name because I especially bought it for the scent, it is finer than S.vulgaris and all the others I have smelled (not a lot though, about 4-5)
Fragrant, is your camellia fragrant too?? And where did you find stemmadenia? (My camera is a canon 550d btw, I've been playing with macro a bit, yesterday I felt risky and even turned the lens the wrong way and took a photo of the pollen on a gigantic forget-me-not!)

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Ok friends! Finally, a few of mine I wanted to share with you:-)

No fragrance on this one, but I wanted to test myself to see if I could carry a pot over the winter and I did! Now this open a whole lot of possibilities! This is an Azalea..

Now fragrant ones!

Hoya Australis..



Variegated Oleander

This Orchid smells like Skittles! Light and very fruity!
Ugly, but worth every smell in the spring.

This one use to smell bad, but now, NICE

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Rosey!!! I meant to tell you that your Easter cactus is absolutely Beautiful!!!!!! I need to get me one of those! I love the bright orange with the sun. Love it.
What do you think of the 30's at night coming back? What a

Robert..I am with you on this one! It's getting harder and harder every time to come here on a thread like this and not BUY!@!!!lol
Every time I think I have no more wants, another fragrant is introduced I never heard of and much needed.ha
Your Vibernum and beautiful and thank you for answering my questions.
Viscosum is the must have Azalea:-)

Fenius..Thanks for asking the same questions I always think I love those plants and boy do they look yummy!
Such pretty colors and thank you for the help!
I am going to buy a Lilac bush and give it a shot!
Do you lime the mix since Liliac plants LOVE sweet soil?

Fragrant2008! Love them all. Boy what a great job you have done and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful flowers!
I see some carnivorous plants:-)))))
Do you winter them outside and are they easy to grow for you? Do you use just plain peat? I am just getting into these too. Boy they are interesting plants!

Laura, I sent you a text a few days ago and I wish you well. Hope you and your family are safe and sound.
Thank you for all you do:-)

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Robert thank you :) and its my pleasure its just nice to finally see the sun out and see plants bursting into life and flower :)

fenius if you mean stephenroff then you are correct again! :) :P
and sadly not but it still puts on one hell of a display
i got two lots of stemmadenia seeds from a guy from America hes ebay name was docgreen44 i am not sure if he is still shipping abroad tho :( 1st set i got 4 to germinate they are doing ok but look like they have some kind of fungus or virus on the underside of the leaves so i bought a fresh batch but have only sown them this spring about 2 weeks ago so fingers crossed

meyermike_1micha you have some real beauties there love your Azalea they always put on a good show i have 4 or 5 of the multi-colour flowering varieties as bonsai :)
and i can not believe your Hoya Australis is already in flower how do you rate the fragrance?
Good spot i have 4 carnivorous plants 1 is left out side all winter the other 3 are in a greenhouse kept just above freezing
>venus fly trap Big mounth
.Venus fly trap Great white shark
.Brosera anglica Great sundune
and a Trumpet Pitcher
all from the littleshopofhorrors ;)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Somebody slap some sense into me!
So I briefly went to the orchid show (my partner walked the dog around the park while I was inside). I purchased two Neofinitia falcata orchids from two separate vendors for a total of $45 (hate it that my partner likes to do the math for's much easier just paying separately for each plant and not adding up the costs).
One white (the normal species color) and one pink (N. falcata Toutenkoh x Syoujyou).
One vendor says they smell equally awesome so I figured why not have a colorful one? ;)
Was really tempted by a fragrant Miltoniopsis for $35 (might go back tomorrow) but of course my partner pointed out I need another plant like I need another hole in my head.
Sigh. I hate voices of reason. :)


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Hi Robert congrats on the two new orchids hope they do well for you :)
Miltoniopsis are awesome orchids more cold tolerant then most orchids 55-65 degrees F some stunning flower forms and some have really really nice fragrance :)
Remember life is short if it brings a smile to your face and your not harming any one else then buy buy buy :P tell the other half it was buy one get one free ;)

meyermike_1micha forgot to say nice orchids too :) is the first one a dendrobium ?

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Wow! beautiful plants! orchids, azeleas, oleanders, gardenias - such great variety between the lot of us. :)

It's finally spring! Yeah! I got tired of waiting for several of the logees plants to bloom and decided today was the day to repot them all. So - I'm hoping that my efforts won't drop those buds that have been teasing me for 2 months. I got larger pots on the variegated gardenia, the african gardenia and the orange jasmine. I also repotted the hardy jasmine, 2 streptocarpus, and some filigree hosta roots that had come with a Michigan bulb order. I started some grow trays with shasta daisies, heirloom daisies, double anenomes, and bush morning glories. I started a 10 inch pot with 3 tuberose bulbs in it. and made 3 little pots each for dwarf lilies, and elephant ears? leaves? ...

thank goodness for those new shelves. I moved all the streptocarpus into my so-far unused east windows. It's not a long term solution because that window holds one of the summer air-conditioners. But, hopefully they'll do well enough for as long as I'm starting those grow trays.

Oh, and last night - I cut back the kumquat tree - 4 inches off - so that it would fit better in my shelf unit without crowding the upper shelf. that Tree is growing fast!!!!

ONly thing in actual bloom right now? the sweet olive tree. I'm so glad you guys tempted me on that one. :) and the two orchids that Mike gifted me to help me grow my orchid collection. My african gardenias are between blooms again. about 10 buds - almost open but not quite.

Happy spring and weekend, everyone!

Mike, when the bloom is finished, I will need to repot my easter cactus. I'll give you a few branches so don't buy any - my plant is big enough to share, and growing really fast for a cactus.

With the continued few days of nice, then an evening freeze - I don't know when to actually get my plants out and in the ground. My clematis, honeysuckle, butterfly bush and I'm sure there's a few others - are all waiting for it to finally be past these evening chills.

It sure would be nice to get them off my shelves and make room for the plants that will be coming next week. Are all the hoyas poisonous? I was planning to put them in pots at the top of the window to avoid the cats' nibbling habits - but if there's a poisonous one - I may need to be even more cautious than that. My cats are jumpers.

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I see a lot of spring cleaning Rosey!
Robert, make the neofins bloom and post pictures, my first try failed miserably and now I'm afraid of them!!
Frag, thanks, I will try to find stemmadenia this summer, good luck with yours!! I did mean stephenroff & I have an order pending from him!!
Mike, I know about the lilacs but I can't be bothered with lime, they have to cope with neutral which becomes limey in time by itself! Meanwhile, I wanted to show you my very first rose which finally bloomed today!It's jacqueline du pre & I'll go post it in the old roses forum now because they helped me in october when my rose fever started..

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Fenius, she's beautiful! And you have her in a pot? Dare I ask specifics? If you knew how many times I started roses in pots, and eventually... Got them a late spring hole in the front yard. But you have those balconies, and the outdoors makes all the difference. Congratulations on this first bloom. May you have a summer filled with many more.
Yes, I had a lot of cleaning to keep up with the potting. But I confine that job to the kitchen sink. I mix the dirt perlite and whatever else I can throw a large caserole dish. I don't bake, so I have to put those crockery to some use.:)
So, I hope a east window will give sufficient light to bloom streptocarpus. And I hope I will remember to water them in there. That's not a room I spend much time in. It holds my dwindling wine collection, and my wardrobe.

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Are all the hoyas poisonous?
Rosey you have more toxic plants than a few hoya but yes every hoya has toxic qualities that can cause burns rash and even serious long term illness to humans and animals.
On the bright side however with awareness we can handle them with safety and even avoid any harm. The bad news is your cat doesn't follow our logic of safely handling plants ,can see this stuff moving inside the plant as easily as the chlorophyll in any other green colored plant and sees it even better at night. Good luck with that.

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It's hard to decide whether I like gardenias or jasmine more.

The last 2 nights I had the enjoyment of the African gardenias, and the hardy jasmine wafting through my living room. The sad thing about the jasmine is that the blooms only last a day. I had 4 of them, and 2 opened on monday, and two others opened on Tuesday - so tonight, I will be back to a jasmine bloom free apartment. I'm happier that the gardenias seem to survive longer.

I think MA is just about ready for outdoor planting. This is going to be a fun weekend, getting some of my plants in-ground. I haven't quite figured out where I'll plant the honeysuckle. I've been waiting to see if the rose-bush would recover, and still have not seen any sign of growth. So, I may have some roots to dig out ...

should I plant a honeysuckle near the banister of the front steps? Or will a honeysuckle overpower it?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

I don't even know where to begin...

Ok, I do know... ;-). Mike. Welcome back!!!! We/ I missed you.. I guess I missed your text to me. When you were MIA. ;-). I sent you one and I didn't hear form you, but I knew you would touch base when you were ready. I wanted to give you time, my friend. Soooo glad to see you posting again. That makes me happier than any bloom on this thread, but getting to the blooms .. OHHHH MMyyyyyy!!! How beautiful.

Fragrant.. I have never seen such beauty. Congratulations!!!

WES.. Always love your pics... Rosey, yours too... I wish I had some blooms right now. I have nothing.. ;-(

Robert... I had to laugh at your room. I need to share with my DH so he won't send me off to some tiny island and say I'm missing... Lol. Everything you have is lovely...

Fenius... Gorgeous.. I'm so jealous...

Kandhi... New tree from FC? Can I ask what you ordered.. As I drool on the keyboard... LMAO!!! Sorry, but true... I always love to see your Jasmine pics.. Lovely!,,

YES.. My Tuberoses came and they are potted up and I see some activity.. That makes me happy!!!

Kemistry... Ohhhhh my!!! Getting the plume itch!!! Lol. I have had that itch for a long time, my friend.. I think Penang Peach is a must have. You will just love it for its fragrance as well as her beauty. BUY IT??

Mike... Glad to hear my Gardenia is going to bloom for you. This variety is an old heirloom type and is so large and fragrant. You will love it, I'm sure. Just glad you are doing well, my good friend!!!

I have been busy keeping these people from stealing my pictures an using them on EBay to sell their Plumerias.. It has been a headache, but I finally got them to take my pictures down. I complained to the listing company on eBay and also filed a report with them. My friend who saw this has posted about them and the link on thenPlumeria forum as well as the Adeniums forum. They used my pic to sell their trees.. My greenhouse with the plumeria inside and then they took a pic from John at Jungle Jacks nursery and placed it next to mine... GRRRR...

Ok, I'll stop.

I have been working hard and as you can see it is late, but I wanted to stop by and say hello to you all.. I love this forum and all that post. You all are a great group and I just wanted to let you all know...

Wes... I didn't know Paul liked granite? ;-). Must be in the "genes". Lol

Take care,


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Dl99 - I did not buy my gardenia crown jewel locally. I mailordered it from soonerplantfarm nursery 2 years ago. It is has grown 2ft tall and 2 ft wide now and we had so much show no sign of leaf loss or browning. It looks green as an evergreen shrub. I love it and I had lot of blooms on it last year. I sure recommend this to anyone who wants to grow hardy gardenia's. I will post the pics once it blooms this summer. And about jasmines, i think they are very easy to root atleast the sambac varieties.
Mike, If you pluck flowers off just before they start opening in evening making lei's is easy and they don't brown. If you pluck them after they fully open then there is a chance of flowers becoming brown.

Kemistry, J.flore plena is vigorous for me and it is almost 3ft tall now. I ordered it in 2010.

Laura, love you see you on this forum, I bought thorton lemon drop and charlotte ebert plumerias from FC. They came very tiny grafted plants.. I wonder when I'd get a chance to enjoy their blooms. You might already have these. Your psyco is doing great, it rooted very well for me and a strong grower. I will share pics once there is more leaf growth and maybe bloom :)

I just moved all my plants outside today, If temp go below 45, I will bring all my plumeria's indoors again ...

    Bookmark   April 27, 2013 at 1:01PM
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Laura, Hello!!! It is so nice to see you around too once again:-)

I can't believe that people actually do that..GRRRR is right!
That is so low in order for people to make a buck on their anything less than true looking plants...I guess you could make a fortune with your pics if they are..Ok ..I'll be back since my computer here at works seems about to crash. This stinks..It hesitates for minutes on end after I have typed!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike!!!

Nice to see you too! ;-)

I am so excited about the growth on my Plumeria right now... I just spotted a little baby Praying Mantis on my Kapalua ...

We all like to joke there about our "plumeria Protectors.." and this is the first of the season.. Ok.. I have to post him..

I did have the flashlight outside looking at the growth and seeing if i had any inflos.. I DO!!! Then i spotted this beauty!!! I had to look hard.. DOn't laugh.. I have good eyes when i need them!! LOLOL

Have a good night everyone!!!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

What a little cutie, Laura!
I hope he protects your trees well all summer. :)
I've spotted their egg sacks but no babies...yet!

Congrats on your inflos! I also think I might have an inflo developing on my plumerias Celadine and Sentsation. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to next month's blooming thread!


    Bookmark   April 30, 2013 at 9:39AM
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