stark county plant swap

kellysgarden(5)March 13, 2007

stark county's 1st annual plant swap

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly and I will be hosting the swap. I also have help from my new garden buddy Pam. This swap is for Stark county and surronding areas. I'm looking forward to meeting the garden web folks that have made my first year a truely awesome experience!

Plant Swap: How it Works

Bring up to twenty (20) live, healthy plants--indoor or outdoor-- in one gallon or smaller containers that meet the information described below. (A one gallon container is about the size of a one pound coffee can.) You will receive tickets for each plant you bring in, based on size.


1. Bring healthy, attractive plants that YOU would take home, in a container no more than 1 gallon in size.

2. Bulbs, corms and other tubers are accepted; please have these separated into individual bags with 3-5 in each bag; more if they are prolific, less if they are large or unusual.

3. Plants MUST be rooted. Planted cuttings should also be rooted and potted up.

4. Label your plants with as much information as you have for their new owners. Plants must be labeled before they will be accepted.

5. Tickets will be given out as follows (plant size should be suitable for container--small plants in small containers, larger plants in larger containers): 1 gallon: 2 tickets

Under 1 gallon: 1 ticket

Bulbs,corms, tubers: 1 ticket per bag

chairs and tables if you have any handy (they're ALWAYS appreciated by the host!).

boxes ~ lots and lots of boxes! You'll need them to carry your things there and to haul home your treasures!

Other things that are okay to bring:

gardening buddies ~ If ya' got 'em, bring 'em! And tell them to bring stuff to swap, too, so they can join in the fun. The more swap partners, the better!

spouses ~ Even if he or she isn't really into gardening, they're always welcome, too ~ they just might strike up a conversation with another non-gardening spouse and have fun after all! Or, better yet, they might just catch the gardening bug themselves ~

we will also be have a potluck, so bring you favorite dish.

this will be a round round style swap.

How this works:

round one- choose 1 plant

round two- choose 2 plants

and so.


Simpson United Methodist Church

4900 Middlebranch Rd NE

Canton Ohio 44705

Date and Time:

May 26, starting 10:00

Also this is a FREE event

The Day's Plans Are:

10:00- 12:00 You Arrive, sign your name and number of plants you have, view the the plants and meet and chat with the other gardeners.

12:00- Have lunch

After Lunch- Door prizes are awarded and the games will begin for prizes

1:00- The plant swap begins.

This will last until all the plants are gone.

All remaining plants will be donated.

We are also taking donation for the church. they have been of generous by allowing us to use their propery for free.

If you have any question at all, please feel freely to email us at: or

looking forward to see you there.

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Hi Kelly,
My name is Paula. I live in Adams County Pennsylvania. I have never been to a plant swap outside of a local garden club. Is there a paticular reason you do the ticket/round system? There just doesn't seem to be any swaps in my "area" the closest is 2 1/2 hrs. away. So, either this season or next I guess I will hold one. I didn't want to hold it at home since I'd feel the gardens would have to look perfect and I'm just getting back to work part-time after surgery. Parking is an issue also.
The church idea is a good one though. I imagine a lot of the ladies in the church might want to get in on it too. Any ideas and reasons why or why not to work it in a particular way would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

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hi paula, i just sent you an email. i hope this helps you. kelly

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Great! I'll be there and I'll let everyone in my garden club know about it too.


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hi everyone, i just wanted to let anyone know that swap has changed locations. it will now be at
351 ross rd
waynesburg ohio
also if anyone has any questions please email me at:
i'm sorry to say that pam is no longer part of this swap and i am very sorry that i had to change the location of the swap. i hope that everyone will still come. look forward to seeing you at the swap. kelly

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keets(Z5 Oh)

Kelly, I would love to come. If you need some pointers ask Beverly or Mimi of the Central Ohio swap. I went to their swap last fall and had a good time and got some beautiful plants. They also allow you to bring plant related items for trade. Sounds like a great time will be had by all. I live in Canton and it will be a short hop, skip, and a jump to Waynesburg for me.

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hi keets, i sent you an email. kelly

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