Psoralea pinnata

AgastacheMan(z7 CA)April 11, 2005

If anyone prefers intense fragrance with a differen't approach to leave size and shape, definately grow this shrub. I have had mine for about 8 years now, well protected from the frost, and lots of second generation plants coming and going through the business, not to mention the neighbors. On a warm summer night here, you can smell a sweet, grape kool aid fragrance....definately something to try for the warmer climates, or over-winter them in a cold frame or a sheltered patio.....

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I've only seen this species in books, and think it looks very interesting -- could you give a bit more details on how big it gets, when's the blooming season, etc?

Just one note of caution; it's listed as invasive in Australia, so California growers my have the same problem.


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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

Never had an invasive problem, nor other plants owners I know never had a problem with reseeding or suckering. This plant, also known as the grape KoolAid plant, will get about 15 ft. tall and so wide here in central California. It does not like frost, and will let you know, but it does pose a surgence of potted psoralea everywhere that you can see sometimes in yards here. There are, however, really nice specimens towards the coast, where it does not freeze. Psoralea provides with an exfoliating bark, making a slight manzanita appearance to it. The leaves are needle-like, but soft and not allergenic... Other than that, it blooms in Spring and again in late Summer with a clear blue pea-like flower, with a white under-lip. the fragrance, well, you get the picture with the KoolAid name....and not one invasive feature about it....

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I am planting mine today and hoping it is good fit here in a Rancho Cordova back yard and will choke out some nasty grasses, ivy and constant seedlings from the neighbors bay trees and yet is non invasive itself.
That's kind of a lot to ask but here we go.
I would love to hear about other people's experiences with it.

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