The promise of spring

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)April 26, 2014

Today I got super excited when I noticed what I'm hoping to be flower buds on my Ric-Rac Cactus (right pic). I've always been curious if it is indeed Epiphyllum anguliger or Cryptocereus anthonyanus.
Hopefully it will finally flower (I've had it for years) and I'll know!
I'm also excited on what appears to be a flower bud on my Passiflora venusta (botttom left) that I got last year and last but hopefully not least I'm looking forward to sniffing my Heliotrope 'Sweet Heaven' (top left) that I got this year from Select Seeds.

Do you have any buds that you are waiting to sniff? :)


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Oh boy Robert..Yahoo....It's looking mighty fine there!

I just realized your Blooming in April thread has run it's max..Time to start another..ha

By the way..Have you grown Heliotrope before?
Every time I try, the leaves turn black on me..The black starts at the tip and receeds until the entire leaf is dead...
I have never had luck with these in my possesion past a month or so..But boy oh boy, do they smell awesome!!

How do you acre for them? Do they require full sun or partial> Can they handle cool temps? If so I am golden, if not, well then they can join the

And, I can't belive you got that caactus to bud...I have never been able to grow one of them either to the point of buds...Just a bunch of growth..I think these plants too require hot sun which I can provide..

Guess I'm striking out here...


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Hi Robert , i do not know about buds! but i do have a list aslong as my arm on the plants i am hoping will flower for the first time for me :P
But as for buds on plants that have not flowered for me yet the only two at the momment are

magnolia x wieseneri i have about 5 buds says online "regarded as one of the most scented having been described as ethereal, medicinal, spicy, aromatic and even with a scent of pineapples! " so will be fun to see what it actually smells like :)

and holboellia latifolia

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true-blue blooming in April thread is to big can not post follow up :P i ment i have no Roses in my fragrant collection not 100% sure why maybe being from England you see them all over the place and i like to be a little different so never really found room for one

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Robert, is this Blooming in April part II - the return of Ric- Rac ;-)
Funny how spring is so different for so many of us. We're still in Crocus phase. The weather is still chilly.
Here is photo of my scented crocus: Crocus vernus 'Flower Record' in the foreground and strongly scented Crocus ancyrensis in the background.

It's fun to see a plant finally flowers, good for you Robert. Keep us posted. I have to say, I've never been wowed by Heliotropes. They sell racks and racks of them at the flower market, but they don't waft. I hope you're is the right kind.

Got it, fragrant. I can understand it, difficultly though ;-) If I'd the right exposure, I'd plant only roses. Lol.

That magnolia looks promising. I hope the scent won't disappoint you. I saw the photos of hauntingly white coloured cultivar,

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true-blue is good to see the sun out in your photo and the way it seems to be reflecting back off the center white parts of the crocus really beautiful :)
I just came across "FRAGRANT CLOUD Highly Scented - Hybrid Tea Rose Bush" on ebay :) do you know of a good Rose that smells of frankincense or gardenia as i might give one ago

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Fragrant you can't ask to rose to scent something it shouldn't, buy a Boswellia serrata or a Gardenia!

I'll try my best to answer your question. I have but a small garden and a few rose bushes and again my climate and yours are completely different. I think it's best if you go to the fabulous rose gardens in UK, such as the famous Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden or ask on the Antique rose forum.

In my experience, which is not much, I know of 2 roses roses smelling of myrrh, not frankincense! But I can't say if they waft. As you know it all depends on the size and number of flowers and mine can't reach that size due to my harsh climate. A David Austin rose called Tamora smells strongly of Myrrh. It should grow up to 4 feet in the UK.

Felicia which can grow up to 8 feet, has a sweet strong rose scent, with a hint of myrrh in the background IMO. But that's my nose ;-)

I've heard of several other roses with the myrrh fragrance however, it's not my favourite fragrance in a rose, but here is a link which might help....

Here is a link that might be useful: Myrrh scented roses

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Good point and i do already have a Boswellia and plenty of Gardenia's :)

I was looking at Kazanlik as i have heard a lot of good things on the fragrance of this rose.but i will look into your link and thankyou for taking the time to answer my question

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Most welcome, Fragrant! Tell me about your Boswellia, is your's Boswellia serrata? Have you harvested the resin?

Kazanlik is very fragrant rose. But it's a once bloomer. Blooms only for 2/3 weeks. If you have the space, by all means go for it. However, if not, I'll go for a an ever bloomer.....

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Where do you guys keep all these large vines and trees?

And how?

I'm eagerly awaiting my stephanotis floribunda. It grew 14 feet last year and attached itself to the balcony.
I'm hoping it smothers the balcony on the next few years.

It's sending out flowers on every node. Some are going to pop any time now. And some nodes have barely even woken up.
I'm very excited.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Glad to see this thread is taking off!


Yes I've grown heliotrope before. The leaves can fry in hot afternoon sun so I give mine morning sun and filtered afternoon sun and then full evening sun.
Perhaps yours are getting too dry? Maybe keep the soil more evenly moist?
Anyway they like cooler weather so you should be able to grow them. :)

I'm very excited if those are indeed buds on my Ric-Rac Cactus. I've had the darn thing for years now!


I hope you give us a scent report on your magnolia and of course now I want Holboellia latifolia after reading about its scent. Laugh.

True Blue,

Lovely crocuses!
And you're funny about only wanting plants that waft.
I too like strongly scented flowers but some are worth bending down to smell. ;)


I have way too many potted vining plants growing on trellises. Yesterday I was carrying one into the garage at night and the trellis hit the garage door track and smacked me in the face. Then I was carrying another heavier one in and managed to bang my shin on the metal pot.
Gardening can be dangerous! Laugh.

Love your Stephanotis floribunda! I hope it smells awesome for you.


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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Robert, Thanks.
Concerning wafting, if I remember well, it was for the same reason you weren't recommending Cestrum Orange Peel, now who's funny? ;-)

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I received this Pink Pansy plumeria from a friend about 2 years ago. It looks like i'll see some flowers this year yayyy..

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Congrats Kemistry :)

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Good for you Kemistry. I really love this thread, great idea Robert :-)

Here is a promise of Muscari pardoxum or Bellevalia paradoxa, extremely small....

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Another type of Muscari is peaking up :-)

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