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bevingaJanuary 3, 2009


I know there are experts on Crepe Myrtle out there, so I'm asking for help for my friend's not-so-pretty crepe myrtle. These are in the Bay Area of California, and I have cross-posted on the California forum; however, I really trust you guys to know what's ailing these trees, so posting here was first and foremost in my mind.

These were planted a year ago last summer and did well the first summer they were planted. They also did well this past summer, as they aren't experiencing a drought out there, but now that it's winter, their leaves are beginning to curl and then fall. They aren't just turning color like mine do here and then fall off...they are curling, turning brown, and looking puny.

They have not fertilized these trees...ever...but they have a sprinkler system and say they are getting enough water. As you can see, they are also getting enough sun.

I realize the weather in N-Central CA is somewhat different than here, but the leaves on these just don't look right to me. Are they okay, or is there something wrong?

What do you recommend they do to help these?



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Ugh...its winter! does not look like disease to me. The bay area has a totally different climate than Georgia its probably not cold enough for the leaves to completely wither. They should be fine by spring when they put on fresh growth followed by blooms.

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Uh...yeah...I know it's winter! LOL! I also know they have a different climate, as stated in my original post. I appreciate your reponse and will be sure to tell my friends that there is nothing wrong with their plants.


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No expert on crape myrtles here but, were I to notice one of mine looking like that, my first thought would be some kind of soil deficiency. You might want to have your friend take some samples to the Ag Extension and/or get a soil test.

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Hi - I'm no expert either - but wanted to share my experience - I transplanted a crepe myrtle at the beginning of the summer - it started out looking somewhat like your friend's do in the photos.... but got progressively worse until there were no leaves at all. I was waiting for my son to help me pull it up as I knew it was "dead" - then one morning while watering I noticed a little green leaf sprouting off the end. (I had even stopped watering this as I thought it a waste of water!) It contined to thrive and is now beautiful - or was before the cold made it lose the leaves again. So whatever is wrong - it will probably recover - they are very hardy - I might give it a shot of fertilizer and check to make sure it has enough water but not too much. Good luck!

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