vanderia newberry jasmine

fragrantgardener01April 25, 2007

My vanderia newberry jasmine bloomed and the smell is heavenly, a rich wafting scent of lemon blossom and jasmine. More like it's Vanda Amesiana parent than the Sederia Japonica. And instead of the 5 day bloom period of the V. Amesiana, this one lasted almost 4 weeks, like Sederia Japonica. This is the best of both worlds.

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WOW! 4 WEEKS!! That's wonderful. The fragrance of aerides is one of my favorites, and to have that scent around for a month sounds like pure heaven. Never heard of a Vanderia. Where did you get yours, and where can I get mine? judy

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Gosh, Judy, I think Carter and Holmes orchids in Newberry Sc. made the hybrid several years back.

I got mine about 3 years ago and this is the first bloom. It's probably worth giving them a call. Vandirea is a hybrid between a Vanda, in this case, the cool growing Vanda Amesaia, and Sedirea Japonica, also cool growing. It should do very well in Fl. By cool growing, I think they mean that they can take it down to about 50 degrees at night, but the plants don't grow well unless it's at least 60 degrees at night. Good luck in your search. I'd start with Carter and Holmes(803) 276-0579.
Good luck

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aHA! Carter & Holmes!! I suspected as much. Thanks for the tip, Fragrantgardener.

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