Oh no! Flowers are blooming!

soleil_blume_hooke(8a)January 16, 2013

I'm loving the weather right now. So are the plants.
Volunteers are coming up, particular flowers are blooming.
I temporarily moved all the potted plants back outside in the fresh air.
Doors and windows are open and I haven't had to battle the wood stove in a week.
It's been 80 during the day (79 right now)
with lows of 70 and 60s at night.

If the pecan trees had leaves or if the Florida violets bloomed, I'd think it's spring.
But! Confusingly my apple tree thinks its spring too.
It's going to be 37 tonight ... And it's getting down to 26 degrees this Friday.
The fun is over.
I'm putting row covers on all the volunteers, making some a frames, hauling my plants back in and raking the straw back onto the strawberries.

What am I gonna do about my apple tree!?
Does anyone have an idea?

It's about four years old. about 9ft tall and covered in beautiful pink apple blossoms.
It literally made a bushel of apples last year.
This upcoming cold weather is knock it kuku!

Is there some secret I can utilize to protect it?
Will it even phase it?
If it freezes the blossoms, will that affect its apple production.
Any advice?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

If your blossoms freeze and die, that will effect apple production if they have not already matured and been pollinated. The fact they have bloomed so early may mean that not enough pollinators got to them anyway. I have seen some out, but not huge amounts.

There is no secret to protecting plants from climate change.

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I figured it's just nature man... It's companion tree for pollinating hasn't bloomed. I figure the freeze will knock off the flowers and it will go dormant again until spring. Then, maybe it will be tricked into trying again.
I asked this question over at the fruit and orchard section, that's what they suggested. They also said cover it with a blanket but .... It's a big tree .... Just gonna let nature do its thing. Thanks though.

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