Gardenia and white flies

goatster(7bGa)April 29, 2005

I have a gardenia that gets white flies every Spring this time. I don't mean a few, a SWARM. Happens EVERY single year. I fight them like crazy. I don't like using chemicals and it is a real pain to fight these things. I am truly wondering if it is worth having this shrub any longer. If there is something I could do to prevent each infestation before it gets started it might be worth it to keep it, but I am about ready to get the ole shovel out prune it :( It seems to be the only plant I have in my whole yard troubled by them. I wonder if I should keep it as a magnet so they don't get on the plants I really do like.

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You don't have to use chemicals. Use a horticultural-grade oil to mix in water and spray on the undersides of the leaves.
If you get them every year, use it 3 weeks before they're due to re-appear.
You can also use a fine spray of water to knock some down. You want to focus especially on the undersides of the leaves.

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Thanks Kevin. I tried a mixture of olive oil and dish soap with water ( it was all I had ) and it has reduced the swarm but I need to do it again.

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And again and again!

White flies reproduce really quick, so you have to spray every couple of days for about two weeks in order to keep dropping the population down.

good air circulation helps, too.


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