Reblooms, FFOs and Strange Brew

shive(6b TN)July 16, 2013

STRANGE BREW, a Hanson, has been around for five years, and this is the best it's ever looked.

TAHLEQUAH FLAME, a late bloomer, with its ffo


GILDED BY GRACE reblooming


EYE ON A STRING - the last one






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Debra, you have so many beauties it's hard to pick a favorite! But.... if I haaaave to..... Entwined in the Vine is gorgeous. How does it stand up to Eye on a String, performance-wise? And what are the bloom sizes on Tallequah Flame and Inca Prince?

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Wow! You were either up late or very early. Inca Prince is always a favorite. Gilded by Grace and English Lavender are bot very lovely in rebloom. Strange Brew really looks fabulous. And, I like Royal Passion. In fact, there isn't one I don't like. Very nice group.

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I really like Strange Brew, those colors are so nice and I like the edge on it. Long John Silver is also nice. I like the large green throats. Marg

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shive(6b TN)

mnclerk - Entwined in the Vine is new, so I can't give you a performance review. Eye On A String has been an excellent performer in past years. This year it is rebounding from the drought and does not have as many buds. It's in the garden farthest from the hose and was not regularly watered during the drought. Tallequah Flame is 4.5 inches and Inca Prince is registered at 5, but seems larger in my garden.


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Is English Lavender a vigorous grower? I must say that Gilded By Grace produced nicely this year, though I'm not expecting rebloom.

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What can I say but you sure have a awesome group of DL's especially stunning is Gilded By Grace. I think I just might have to add it to my ever growing collection.

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Beautiful flowers! First four and Inca Prince are my favorites. Strange Brew is a beauty, too bad it's so.. rare. English Lavender has such a pretty color, and Gilded by Grace is gorgeous with its double edge. And they are rebloomers!
Inca and Tahlequah are so bright.
Also thought of how short our season here is, my Tah.Flame will start blooming any day soon.

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Beautiful blooms, Debra. I've always loved the delicate coloring of Long John Silver and am in love with Strange Brew. That shade of purple with the green throat is striking. How has it performed for you this year compared to past years?

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Julia NY(6)

ENGLISH LAVENDER does it for me :-). Beautiful pics but that one is my favorite.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

OH wow, I really like STRANGE BREW, that's a beauty.
ENGLISH LAVENDER is a beauty, too. and GILDED BY GRACE is a beauty and my favorite today.


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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - English Lavender is not a particularly vigorous grower in my garden. It increased from two fans to three the first year I had it, but did not increase at all last year in the drought. Mine bakes for 10 hours a day in the sun. I'm very pleased with rebloom this year on every scape. It always opens well and had 16-18 buds on the original scapes. Gilded By Grace is having much larger blooms on rebloom. Both blooms in the photo above were 5.5 inches.

Linda and Jean - Gilded By Grace is a good one, and it likes the heat.

Chris - Long John Silver is having its best year ever. Strange Brew has grown in a pot with two other Hansons for five years with no fertilizing this spring. Not a lot of buds in those conditions. It usually looks more red than purple. But the past two days it has looked very purple. I'm sure if it were in the ground and had enough sun, it would perform well. What Hanson doesn't? Curt really doesn't introduce them unless they are performers.

Nat - It seems pretty early for your Tahlequah Flame to be blooming. Do you have any other lates starting?

Julia - As far as I'm concerned, English Lavender is the ultimate lavender as far as color. It's definitely one of the prettiest blooms in the garden. I love the white watermark and edge.

Marric, Jean and Chris - Strange Brew usually has red undertones. It does have a very nice edge and is a large flower. But it's probably my least favorite Hanson.


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Here is the caption mbouman posted on his picture of English Lavender in zone 6 (Missouri). From All Things Plants:
"Planted in spring, moved it in August. Never came back."

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Oh my goodness, ENGLISH LAVENDER is so beautiful. I've been lusting for that one for a long time. Definitely my fave!


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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - Moving plants in August is probably not a good idea. Of course here it's a hundred degrees then.


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Debra, other lates will be slightly later than Tahlequah. It's probably still somewhat new, last year was its first year blooming (not late)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Love TAHLEQUAH FLAME which I have also.

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