Retaining Walls

jackinthegreenJanuary 20, 2012

Anyone have any contractor recommendations for building retaining walls? Hopefully someone that has done work for you. I'm in the Atlanta area. Smyrna to be exact.

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Actually, yes. The work was done last year by a local contractor, but he does work all over. Our job is really small potatoes to him, but for us of course, it's big. It's sort of English garden, 80'long double retaining wall, with 12' wide steps at bottom to 6' wide steps at the top, with 2 sets of pillars. It was built to stop water runnning toward our house and create back yard space we could use. I included a planting area on both levels, and I am still doing the grunt work amending the soil, etc.. It did get out of hand, only because of the short notice I had to plan it. I do love it though there are a few glitches. I would know exactly to the letter what you want, before having any contractor come over, they are usually in a hurry to get in, get out, and don't want to stop or make adjustments as you go.

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What was the company you used and were you happy with their work?

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Cruz Landscaping- 706-252-2697, He is in Rome, but like I said, he works all over. Yes, I am happy with the work, the only thing that I am not pleased with is that they did not put the lanscape cloth behind the wall with the gravel. There is a certain way to do it, for this use, I did not know this beforehand, or I would have had them do it. My husband sort of sprung it on me, so I wasn't prepared. They had never built something like what I am using my walls for, it is my garden. Practical, yet a pleasing design, I did not want it to feel like the parking lot at Wal-Mart, those are the type of concrete blocks we used, econonical. They were great, very hard working honest guys.

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I had a retaining wall built in the fall by James Lamp of Fluent Landscaping. James has done a great deal of work for me, especially some beautiful stone work. I'm posting a picture of my wall and new planting area. He is very reasonable and works in Cobb County and surrounding areas.
Fluent Landscaping ph# 678-977-9661

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone retaining wall

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Have you had the work done yet? I would enjoy the opportunity to bid it at least. I have references here on the forum as well as all over Atlanta.

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