How do you know your mangos are ready to pick?

trinigemini(10 Jupiter)April 29, 2009

Maybe not the best way...but definitely one of the cutest :-)

Tootsie eyes Mango.

Checking to make sure it ripe :-)

That ones not ready yet...but seriously how do you know when to pick them off the tree....something is already attacking them and every morning we find eaten ones on the ground.

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jay-wpb(10 FL)

Option 1 - Get rid of whatever is eating the mango then allow them to ripen until they fall off the tree. Option 2 - You can also grab the mango and give it a little squeeze - if it is a bit soft then you can pick it. The ones that ripen 100% on the tree may taste better - Anyway my thoughts - I could be wrong. I still think you should go with option 1.

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When they start to fall from the tree, they are ready. Like Jay said, you can pick them just before that, but a clear indication that the fruit is ripe is that they start falling on their own. You probably have rats or squirrels eating the fruit. Try spraying it with soapy water mixed with cayenne pepper.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


I attached a video Blog on Mangoes...if you scroll down to the "Mango Video Blog" dated June 2007 there's a short video explaining when the fruit is ripe and ready for picking. HTH

BTW, years ago, I have picked Mangos when they start to show some color or blush and let it ripen in the pantry or counter top. I wrap mine in newspaper and check them every other day till they soften and start giving out some wonderful smells...I've noticed that green mangoes have no scent, but ripe ones definitely do! Also, there is a sap that comes off when you pick a green/unripe mango...this is usually not present when the mango is ripe. I know there are people that are highly allergic to this sap or the green peels. There is always a chance of picking it too soon, and will not ripen properly or rot...but you will get the hang of it with more practice.

What variety is it? Nice Mango and Adorable Dog!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mango Video

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trinigemini(10 Jupiter)

Thanks everyone...puglvr we have no idea what variety it was here when DH moved into the house and this is the first year he has tried any. I checked out a bunch of the videos too....I still can't tell what kind of tree I have....only know its not Julie :-)

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