snasxs, oops, these gardenias got showers!

meyermike_1micha(5)April 10, 2009

"You are the person who showered your root-rotting gardenia and claimed victory!"

Yes I am...:-)

And I can claim victory of a few others too, that made it through this winter with the help of lots of showers!

I may have lost one, but that was a repotting mistake. Not due to overwatreing. Your good avdice and concern will always be appreciated though...

Everyone else,

Here's some of my fragrants that made it after a long winter....

Next year I hope not to losse one!..:-)

I could of never done this without all of you..


As toni would say,



P.s. Your in our thoughts toni..:-) Hope your feeling better!

Oh ya,

By the way, too all those that care enough to want to know if Logees sold me that 4 inch denia I wanted so badly...


But they are sending me another one just like the one I wanted for free shipping!! Hopefully with no

Oops,a Jasmine Duke...Smells mighty good..:-)

A ponderosa for extra...

Another ponderosa


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longriver(SF Bay Area)

meyermike_1micha : Where did you purchase the gardenia, #3 picture? "Possibly" that cultivar was the one I released it in U. S. to a nursery 15 years ago in southern California. This nursery told me there was another nursery going to propagate this gardenia. Anyhow I am happy to see some one have this familiar gardenia.
How long have you had this plant? How do you to keep them warm in the winter?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Mike, those are absolutely FABULOUS!! Showers and all, LOL... kidding aside, you did a phenomenal job raising those plants! Way to go!!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!! Really enjoyed them!!

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Hi longriver,
I purchased that gardenia at Logees...They have the most unusual plants that no one else sells. I just wish they didn't come with bugs at times
These plants I got were clean when bought though. They do have great plants most of the time.
I keep them in a warm south facing window. I keep the room over 70 by day and 60's by night. I also keep a humidifier and a water fountain going all winter. They sit near the water fountain..
Is this plant what you were thinking it is? That would be weird. I love this plant. It actually has a very fragrant cinnaminy smell. It is always in flowering stage.
I have had this plant since September.. I almost lost it due to incorrect PH in the soil. Now it looks great after an adjustment in the soil and a repot..


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Bootiful pictures Mike!! How do you make your gardenia so nice and green...awesome!

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