most fragrant passion flower

hevaMay 13, 2010


What is the most fragrant passion flower and are they worth growing for fragrance alone?



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Well, it's hard to how you could grow passionflowers and ignore their color and fantastic form -- but from a friend who grows over 100 varieties, mooreana is the most fragrant, with a heavy, gardenia scent.Helleri is reputed to have a very strong honey fragrance, but it only blooms in winter.

I'd say fragrance is a good reason to grow alata-caerulea, and many of the larger species (alata, phoeneciana, quadrangularis, triloba, etc.) and their hybrids are very fragrant.

Have you posted over on the passie forum to see what they say?

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate the info.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Incense is my most fragrant, though incarnata is a close second (and since it blooms more freely it frequently overtakes Incense)


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Can you really notice a fragrance permeating the air - or do you have to sink your nose into the flower to sniff a "somewhat" aroma. I want real fragrance that I can sniff when I walk out the door. If not that smelly - I'll plant some other vine. I am counting on your noses performing as I don't want a ho-hum fragrance.

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