HAVE: Telosma cordata (Pakalana, Perfume vine) Seeds for trade

jcreefMay 28, 2009

Hey everyone, I am posting this here as there is not a fragrant plant exchange forum :(

My Telosma cordata vine set it's first seed pod after many years of growing it - I am very excited to say the least!!

I JUST picked the seeds today and am wanting to trade them while they are still super fresh. This is a wonderful vine and the flowers smell like heaven - perfume for the garden ;) It's not a common plant, i'm sure all you fragrant plants nuts will adore it.

I am looking for any Michelias, I already have a huge champaca (the common yellow one) But will love to trade for any of the other Michelia species.

email me at ReefAgents@Bellsouth.net

Thanks and Happy Growing!!


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Wow, congrats on setting seed on your telosma! I'm totally jealous, because this plant is one of my all-time high failures -- have killed at least 3 different plants, never got one to bloom, much less set seed -- though I wouldn't call myself a bad gardener otherwise!

so my first question is, how do you grow it? Any special treatment?

Second question, for clarification's sake, is are you asking for michelia seeds in exchange for telosma seeds, or are you hoping for cuttings? (I doubt you'd get many takers willing to trade a decent-sized tree for seeds, however unusual). The reason I ask is, it's my understanding most tropical michelias, including champaca, alba, and figo, are commonly propagated by air-layering, as both regular cuttings and seed germination are difficult, and it takes years for a seed-grown plant to start flowering.

Some of the more temperate species, like michelia yunnanensis (now labelled magnolia dianica) are easier from seed, even though the seedlings are quite variable.

I really don't mean to throw cold water on anybody's trade hopes, but just wanted to make sure you knew about the options for michelias.

Final confession -- michelias are another abject failure of mine, so if anyone's get a michelia to trade, just don't tell me! ;>)



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