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radhavallMay 25, 2011

Some of the bloomers this year...

Swamp Lily, Crinum jagus... soft floral fragrance. 4-5 years in waiting..

Encyclia sps.. forgot the species name, big spike and beautiful color combination, intensely , sweetly fragrant. took me by surprise. I was taking a picture of another flower and could not find where the sweet smell was coming from. i was very happy to note how sweetly fragrat it is. Much better than the Brassalova nodosa and the chocolate orchid.

Hosta in south florida!! 3rd year in blooming. Soft fragrance. will post picture again when the spike blooms.

Desmos chenensis.. prolific bloomer, somewhat of a musty smell..

Tecomaria with Stephanotis hiding below..

Maxillaria tenuifolia, coconut orchid, smells really of coconut, love the slightly fragrant oily smell!!

Tuberose garden/plants.

Catteleya Hawaiian wedding song, pristine white flower, (maybe not so prisitne when closely looking at the flower), soft typical catteleya fragrance. Reliable bloomer.

Jasmine Malipikul from thailand, blooms nicely, but I am disappointed as the fragrance is not what I expected.Does not appear to be the typical Jasmine fragrance so far..

remember my twig from TT... 8 months and a hard winter later..

Whereas the GDS from thailand..

Few other assorted..

Schomburkia Albapurpura.. Beautiful color combination Simple and elegant at the same time.

Vanda, forgot the name, reliable bloomer.

again lost tag blooms continously for me and is always a stunner with color and pattern..

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Hopefully you all will enjoy..

Rhyncostylis gigantica..

Crossandra, blueish green color, a very rare color in flowers, no fragrance unfortunately.. with Rhyncostylis...

Bleeding heart, beautiful vine and flowers appear to be in layers..

Crinum Ellen bosanquet.. quite a show stopper...

Thanks for looking.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Aw it's that time of the year again.. thanks for the pictures :)

So it is the GDS that the Thai seller is you've made me wanting to order it. Is this plant more vigorous and fragrant than the regular GD for you?

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By the looks of it, it does appear GDS. My grand dukes are in the ground and are very robust plants with big blooms. GDS is in the pot,in 511 mix and is also growing well. To me though grand duke flowers are bigger so far. may be it is the size of the plants. M.pikul from thailand is not that fragrant though.

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Radha, Beautiful pics, Can you post the pics of both TT and Thai's GDS flowers when they bloom. I think the one I have is GDS that I got from one of my friends who does not remember where she got the plant. Her plant is 4ft tall and it is a vigorous in growth than regular GDS. The flowers are closer to 2inch size look like miniature roses.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

How would you describe the scent of the Stephanotis, Radha? I read that it smells similar to the sambac, does it?

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, radha. Beautiful! Your TT twig fared a lot better than mine did :(.

The yellow encyclia with the lovely scent is Encyclia alata. Just a lovely plant and wonderful scent.

I love that bleeding heart vine-- very graceful.

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Kemistry, Stephanoitis has a soft floral fragrance. It is not overwhelming for me, like Gardenia or night bloomig Jasmine. I like it. This is the first year blooming. As the guy who was pruning cut of many growing ends, I had few flowers only.I don't know yet how it will be if there are tens of blooms.

Mehitabel, Thanks for the identification on the Encyclia. I love the smell. Bleeding heart is a beautiful vine. It is not unruly, unfortunately it blooms only once a year.

Kandhi, I was late to get to the pictures on the GDS. But I have to say the one from TT appears to have the form of your posted flowers. The edges of the flowers you posted are somewhat angular compared to those of the regular GD. I am yet to get a decent flower from the Thai specimen although it had lots of blooms. The flowers I will have to wait to say.
The Mali pikul (lotus shape flower)fragrance is very soft, but this is the first year. Mali chat flower though is very small, and I am not sure if it worth getting from Thailand.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Gorgeous specimens you've got there. I especially love that blue green Crossandra. I've only seen it is orange.

We have a tree here that is related to your bleeding heart vine, the scent is fantastic. Clerodendrum trichotomum, known as Harlequin Glorybower. I can smell my neighbor's without planting one.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

So glad you mentioned hosta as being fragrant. It's been my experience that the purple-flowered ones rarely have much fragrance, but the white-flowered ones smell incredible! I'm guessing yours blooms white.

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Thanks buyorsell888,and purpleinopp.
some Clerodendrums are fragrant. I have Clerodendrum cashmere bouquet. it has a musty smell, I don't know if I can call it fragrant. As it has runners, I grow it in a pot now.
Hosta I have is fragrant, and is white.

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Beautiful pictures Radha. Thanks for sharing... Love turquoise crossandra.... Have been looking for that for a while now, Do you remember where you got it from? Thanks.


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I believe I got it from TT many years ago, when they were still in Davie. It was 30-40 min drive for me then. I am not sure if they have it now. I too love the color of the flower. I have not seen this particular color with any other flower.

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Thanks Radha. Checked their site... I don't think they are selling them now. Does it seed? I saw pictures of your last year blooms too... They are beautiful. Reminds me of India...:-)

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It does seed. I have not seen the seed though. I only know that as they do come up here and there. They are not invasive however. I have to look around, but I may be able to send you one if you prefer for postage and UPS packing charges, if you don't find any online....

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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Beautiful flowers, Radha! It certainly reminds me of India when I think about the lovely frangnace of Jasmines and Crossandra. I used to have a green one (aka Pachambara)that I grew from seed, but did not make it through to the next year. My Yellow crossandra never seeded, and my orange self seeds. Not sure why?
If you can spare a couple of seedlings of the green crossandra, please let me know. I will gladly send postage. Please email me with your address so I can send postage.
Thank you so much,

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Thanks Radha. Would love to have a seedling if and when you have an extra one... will be glad to send postage. I will keep looking for it online too. I started red crossandra from seeds couple of years ago that I got from Andhra... They have really taken off this winter(Am not even sure what I did right this time around...:-)) They are around 5 feet tall in a container.

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Sushmita and Malini,
I think I will be able to send to both of you. I will check and let you both know. Then you can send me addresses..
Malini, I will try to send your Parijatha/Nyctanthes with it also.


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mrao77(TX US zone 7)

Thank you, Radha! I really appreciate it.

Sushmita, can you spare a few seeds/seedlings of the red crossandra? I have not come across that color, would be lovely!
If I remember corectly, we swapped plants a couple of years ago - bay leaf plant and curry leaf plant. Am I correct? The GW page does not have a link to your email..if you get a chance, please email me and we can get back in touch again :)

happy gardening!

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Sure Malini I can send few seeds as soon as they are ready. This variety is delicate compare to regular ones. Yes, we did swap plants few years ago. Unfortunately I killed that and few more curry leaf plants.... I cannot seem to keep one alive...:-( Hope your bay leaf made it.


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Malini, Can you send me your address, have some red crossandra seeds.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Lovely pics there Radhavall. :)

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Malini and Sushmita,

Can you please send me your addresses to my email.

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