Meyer Lemon question.....

echobellyApril 25, 2012

I planted a Meyer lemon tree two years ago, the first year picked off the flowers so it could put its energy into the roots. Boy did it! The soil it's planted in is mostly hardpan, I literally had to use a pick axe to dig the hole. Much to my surprise, it's rewarded me with a bumper crop this year. The problem is, there are at least a hundred lemons on the small tree, many of the branches are hanging on the ground from the weight, and it doesn't seem like they'll ever ripen. They've been the size of lemons for about two months, but they'll all still green, no sign of any of them of turning yellow. When should I expect some ripe fruit? Should they be allowed to completely ripen on the tree? Next year, should I pinch some buds? This is my first fruit tree, and I'm getting impatient!

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I am in Tampa area and mine are just starting to turn yellow now. This is my first don't know if that is typical.

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Meyer's can take nine months to a year to ripen. You can always thin the fruit if you think the limbs will break.

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A year to ripen! I can't wait that long for lemonade, summer's almost here!

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I learn something new every day. I didn't know that the lemons could take that long to ripen either. This is my first year with fruit on my little tree too. :o) I've been getting limes for a while now, but no lemons until now.

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