Lilac problem

larry42May 14, 2011

Why, do you suppose, desn't my 5 foot tall, 3 year old bushy lilac bush which is in a sunny, well drained but moist location, never flower? This year, for the 1st time, the whole top portion is covered with dark, tight buds which don't open up, Thanks, Larry

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Have you checked the pH of your soil? The soil around these parts tends to be on the acidic side. Not enough for azaleas to thrive in my yard in which I have to add some, and yet too much for plants that like sweet soil to thrive.

The very same thing happened to mine until I found out they were growing in an acidic soil. So I threw a lot of lime in around the roots mixed with super phosphate in the spring so they could spend all summer making energy to produce buds for the following year, and I have been getting tons of flowers ever since.

I have not done it again for the past couple of years and I think I should do it again since it is suppose to rain like crazy for days. In fact, you reminded me to do it again.

They love sweet soil and actually thrive in it. If growing in acidic soil, they will focus primarily on leaf growth and abort flowers if they even produce any.

Mike from Mass:-)

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