My first UF

Maryl zone 7aJuly 2, 2014

When I first started growing daylilies I saw these slim petaled ones and thought they were called UFOs because they looked so alien from regular daylilies. I was gently corrected by a daylily person. This year I finally decided to try one to see if I liked it. This is Herrington's Christmas in Oz. It has a striking pattern and a pretty color (not muddy at all). The scapes have been a little on the weak side but since it's only a few months old I'm hoping that will improve with age: CHRISTMAS IN OZ..Maryl

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

That is a pretty one! You picked a great one for your first. The UF's have really grown on me.


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I love UFs and considered getting this one, so I'm glad to have first-hand info from you. Are you thinking you might get more now?

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Nancy zone 6

That is a really pretty one!

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shive(6b TN)

Nice one! I hope is your first of more!

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Oh, good for you! I think their shapes and attitudes (some are so funny in how they pose, twist and curl) really add to the garden.

Do make sure it is in full strong sun. I many times...and still do...had them in what I thought was full sun...but, in actuality wasn't (as I discovered when removing trees that I would have sworn did not affect them). It makes a huge difference in scape strength and height. One of your first clues will be that they lean...

Also, some can take a few years to attain their height. For some reason, that is a lesson I must learn over and I continue to be amazed at some that look so much better a few years down the road (or, in my case, haha...many years down the road).

Looking forward to seeing you add some more!

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I have learned to like them more and more although I did not at first. That is a beauty! give it some time and some love and it should do fine. Good choice.

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Very nice. I had that one and lost it over the winter.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, I will say,I like the color of it, it has a gorgeous color.I have always thought to myself, they don't look like a daylily to me, but, I have seen a few that I don't have the same reaction on them no was given to me a few years ago,and I promptly gave it to my daughter, thinking she wont like it either, but, to my surprise, she liked it and it blooms good for her.I still have not seen it in her flower bed. but, the more I see them posted, the more I think I might ttry a bright colorful one some day :-)


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bragu_DSM 5

Striking ... You can really see Xmas in it, with a touch 'o oz!


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I too thought it was UFo :) I really like such form in UFs!

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Maryl zone 7a

I remember you saying that you lost it Mantis. I will try and protect mine even more because of your experience. Thanks for relating it again.....Today it's unusually cool outdoors. As in the mid 80's for a high. The colors on Christmas in Oz are even deeper and prettier then before. I'm still not too sure about the form (UF), but one thing for sure, I really do like the Prism/star type pattern. Time will tell on the other.........Maryl

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Hi, Maryl, long time no post, it's a pretty complicated reason, and long, too, so I will just say I love your first UF and I want to send along a picture of Debary Canary. It bloomed for the first time this year, and I think it is a lovely yellow that you would like. Of course, it is way too early to have a good critique of it, but I am hoping it turns out to be a winner. Avedon

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bragu_DSM 5

Debby C reminds me of my kindly light ⦠which I really like


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deangreen(7b OK)

the different forms do add more texture and interest to a daylily garden. nice first choice! :)

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Maryl zone 7a

Avedon: thanks for remembering how interested I was in Debary Canary. Love the yellow. It's so bright. Have you noticed if the color held by late PM? Is it more of a golden yellow or a yellow yellow if you know what I mean. Looks more yellow yellow (like a banana) in your picture. (P.S. Hope you DH is doing better)...Dave, I like the color of your daylily too. Nice UF form to boot. I love yellows.....I had another UF (Tropical Depression - gift plant) open today and same problem with weakish scapes barely able to hold up the bloom. Is this a usual problem with UFs or are mine just too young?.......I meant to say Gonegardening, that I have had a few daylilies "lean" on me (the whole plant). A daylily friend and I were discussing it just last year. It mostly happens on smaller new plants. I think you are right about the sun, so I've tried to get them into more direct sunlight after I repotted them a bit to elininate the tilt........Maryl

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Maryl, unfortunately just lately it seems to be one problem after another here, but I am hoping for better days ahead. I just found this pic of Debary Canary--I thought I had one that was more than a single--It is yellow yellow to my eyes but I can't remember how it does in the evening. I seem to think it holds up pretty well, but we have not had any super hot temps yet, and that is the real acid test. I hope to post some more pics of UFS that we have acquired this year---maybe tomorrow if I get a break, so hope you can take a look at the "newbies" in our garden. Avedon

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