Revisiting my Peter Rabbit garden idea

lavender_lass(4b)November 4, 2013

So, I've finally got all the plants on the porch into the garden beds...but my kitchen garden is a mess! Two years with husband getting sick, year long illness, and recovery have taken a toll on my garden. I'm so glad he's finally getting better, but I have a lot of work to do! :)

So, my mom has helped me keep the front gardens looking good, but the fairy garden is going to need some major work this spring...too many weeds. The roses are still there, but we'll be able to see them a lot more (hopefully) this year.

The kitchen garden is an overgrown mess...but still slightly charming, in its own way. I still like the overall layout of the half that 's finished (or was) but still working on the part closer to the road. So, I'm revisiting my idea for a Peter Rabbit garden.

We have a lot of new nieces and nephews and they're getting to the age that they want to play in the garden. They love visiting the fairy garden (looking for fairies) and seeing all the roses and herbs. I'm hoping a Peter Rabbit garden will get them equally excited about veggies! LOL

So, here's a picture from Nickelodeon, of Mr. McGregor's garden...or their interpretation of it. I'd like to use some of the beds and add a few bunny birdbaths (they have the cutest ones at Lowe's) and incorporate the arbor for seating. I'll never keep the deer out completely, but I plan to add a 3' fence to slow them down a bit. At least they won't be able to eat through the garden, but will have to stop and go over the fence. I'm hoping this will be a great help to my raspberries and blackberries. Right now, I've left them in the overgrown weeds, so the deer haven't bothered them...yet.

Any thoughts? I always appreciate and enjoy your advice and great ideas! From Lavender's Garden

And my arbor, that turned out to be too big to move, but should look good in the space. From Lavender's Garden

The fence would be between the arbor and the horses! LOL

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I love that picture, and especially like the little green gate.

Do you get a lot of dieback on your roses in the winter?

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Ogrose- No, not really. I stopped buying roses that weren't hardy in our area (for the most part) and most of them get through just fine. I still try the occasional clearance rose from Lowe's, but mostly we have old-fashioned roses, Canadian hardy roses, rugosas, shrub roses, floribundas, etc.

That is a cute gate! In fact, I have a little table and two chairs that same green that would look really cute, out in the garden. Now if I could only find the gate... :)

I've always liked Peter Rabbit and now that the cartoon is popular, I think the kids will understand it more, too. I have the book, but it's nice if they already have an idea who Peter is and why he likes veggies! LOL It's a cute cartoon, with very positive messages...such a nice change from some of the stuff I've seen on TV. I don't let the nieces/nephews watch TV, unless I'm watching it with them or I've seen it before.

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