Yellow leaves on daphne odora

erdolphin(7 VA)May 29, 2005

I have a Daphne Odora I planted last year. It has since bloomed, but now the leaves are turning yellow, one by one, with brown spots on them. Is this a fungus, or some other disease? I don't see any bugs on the plants.

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jbcarr(7 VA)

No one has answered, so I thought I would take a stab. It may just be the daphne dropping some leaves as it grows and gets bigger. I have had lots of good luck with Daphne, and from my experience, it seems pest free. If I have problems it was due to cultural problems, e.g. too much sun, not enough drainage. It is unhappy in lots of sun, and I have gone to planting them in a raised berm of a potting soil blend. Look for new growth- if you see that, its probably OK.

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mehetabelle(z8/9 CA)

Am I glad to find this thread! My Daphne O. Marginata is simultaneously dropping yellow leaves, and growing new ones, The tips of every branch is putting out new leaves, but the lower leaves are falling off.

Should I worry? What should I do?

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jbcarr(7 VA)

Sounds like you are OK mehetabelle, if my theory of new growth holds up. All evergreens drop leaves. I'd be interested in hearing from edrolphin- hope the daphne in the post did OK. Jim

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erdolphin(7 VA)

Yes, it turned out you were right. The yellow leaves were proximal ones and the distal new leaves came out fine. The plant remains healthy. Thanks for the reassurance!

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mehetabelle(z8/9 CA)

I used organic fertilizer on my Daphne and it's making flowers on every branch! But all the lower leaves have fallen off. The remaining ones are turning yellow, then falling off.

The nursery says it will probably like more light, and not reflected light. So I moved it to where it'll get more light. Hope it'll make more leaves so it doesn't look so top-heavy.

Here is a link that might be useful: My garden blog

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jbcarr(7 VA)

I have had them in fairly dense shade, and also in morning sun. I saw one at Davidson College outside of Charlotte, and it was very healthy in near full sun. So I think they can tolerate a wide range of conditions, but I have had the best luck with either full shade or morning sun at most. The one thing they cannot tolerate is less than perfect drainage, so I always build them up in a mini berm with potting type soil mixture as the medium. A bit expensive, but well worth it.

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mehetabelle(z8/9 CA)

I went back to the nursery where I got it and asked. They said, surprise, MORE LIGHT. And not reflected light.

So I moved it to a spot where it gets morning and early afternoon light. Seems to be doing better.

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Very happy to learn I'm not alone in this. I adore the odoras, and bought two last spring, which I planted in large boxes on my patio, where they got afternoon south sun. They were quickly scorched (or it seemed so to me, just guessing). I replanted them against the west fence, where they get some morning sun and dappled in the afternoon, but they continue to drop their leaves (though they're flowering like mad...). However, a third one I bought later in the year, which I planted against the west fence with the other two, is still full variegated dark green, glossy and healthy, no yellowing or leaf-drop, and is flowering too, though a couple of weeks later than the others. I'm concluding that the shade advice is the one to go with, rather than the sun advice. I've certainly gotten both from the nursery-workers here in B.C., and the books don't help much either.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Mine is dropping some leaves right now but also blooming and pushing out new growth. I'm not worried about it at all. It has done it every year.

Gets afternoon shade from a Japanese Maple during the time of year it is leafed out. Full sun when branches are bare.

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My daphne 2 odora's (2) were planted last spring in large planters with planting soil. They receive direct morning sun and filtered sun in the afternoon as they are on the front (covered) porch. I planted them in the spring and they have tripled in size, getting top heavy and leaning over ... is this normal? I'm thinking they need more sun and I want to move them to a planting area in the ground where they will receive more light and also be a little protected (they'll be in front of boxwood hedges). Does this sound like the right thing to do and if so, should I move them in the fall or winter? Also, when I transplant them I'll make a burb using planting soil. Should I plant them "deeper" so that the main branch gets thicker and more stable?

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erdolphin(7 VA)

I don't know about the leaning over part, unless the weight is pulling it out of the pot to the side. I don't think they would do well in afternoon sun. Ordinarily I wouldn't mess with success, except it sounds like they are getting too big for the pots. They really hate being transplanted, so the less tampering you do with the roots, the better.

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Should I give the Daphne that has yellowing leaves Epsom Salts, and should it be mixed with water.

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I pretty much think everyone has hit it on the head..It's normal...Mine drops the bottom leaves too of yellow while it gives me new growth and flowers...

If you are using a good fertilizer with micros, it should do just fine.

A good mix that drains well is a must with these. Just as much as I have heard they hate having their roots disturbed, even more important to know is that they a very prone to root rot...


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