Climbing Hydrangea

fennelgrl(Z6a OH)May 25, 2006

Climbing hydrangea doesn't get much of a mention as a fragrant plant, but the scent is nice and wafts. Mine is blooming now and my front porch is heavenly!

Anyone else have this plant?

Here is a link that might be useful: What's That Smell?

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broomhildah(7/8 VA)

I have one that I've been babying for 6 years now. First I planted it in the wrong spot. After the 2nd years of not growing I moved it to a better spot. Then two years later I moved to a new house and took my climbing hydrangea with me. It didn't take the move very well and now...a year and a half's finally starting to recover. I'm pleased to know that it will reward my efforts with a fragrance.

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Is there a name for your plant. I'm looking for something to plant between my neighbor and myself and promised her it would be fragrant as well as a screen for the small area we want to enclose. Thanks.

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