? for Buford please

Prettypetals_GA_7-8January 31, 2011

Hi, I read on another post in the rose forum where you said you have put out your Black Kow manure and wondered about how much you spread around each rose bush and if you use it around other plants. Last year when I mentioned putting some Moo Nure around my plants everyone said I should put it out on the ground for a while first and let the rain run thru it before applying it to my plants. So is Black Kow safe to use right away? Do you mix anything else in with it when you use it? I have some Rose Tone left from last year and I thought if I mixed it in with the manure it might keep it from clumping so bad in the spots that I don't get scratched in good which is alot of spots plus I could kill two birds with one scoop. lol! Sorry for so many questions. Thanks, Judy

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Probably best to email her directly.

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Thanks Brandon, I will do that. Take care, Judy

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buford(7 NE GA)

Sorry! Been busy at work. What I did was use an old 1 gallon planter. For the larger roses I think I scooped it twice and spread it around the roses. Once for smaller ones. The bags of manure were really heavy, so I had DH put them in the wheel barrow 2 at a time and I just wheeled that around the yard and scooped.

I first used Moo-naure, but that is compost with manure in it. Black Kow is 100% composted manure. Both are composted, so you can apply direct to the ground for anything, even edible plants. I would recommend the BK over the Moo-nure. It's a deep rich black color vs brown for the Moo-nure. It doesn't smell at all. It's a bit more expensive (about $5 for a 50 lb bag) and it's only at Lowes, they don't have it at Home Depot.

I used to use Rose Tone, but now I just use alfalfa. You can use it with the Manure, or wait till spring Either or is good.

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Thanks a bunch! No need to apoligize. I know how we all get busy and its hard sometimes to find time to get on the computer and look around. Do you spread your alfalfa or do you make a tea? I have some rosetone left from last year so I will use it this spring with the Black Kow. Gives me another reason to go to Lowes, lol!! Thanks again for your suggestions, take care, Judy

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Hi Buford, I picked up some Black Kow today and while I was there I saw something called Black Hen. Its a fertilizer from the same maker and it says its good to mix with Black Kow. Have you ever used them together? I have already put down some Rose Tone with the manure and thought maybe adding this would be over kill. Maybe I can try it in a month or two for a booster and just see how it does? Let me know what ya think when you get a minute or anyone else who might want to chime in. Thanks, Judy

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buford(7 NE GA)

Hi, I've never used black hen. I think it's just manure. I don't know if chicken manure is better than cow or horse. Maybe someone else can give their opinion.

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I have use chicken manure before. They are way better than cow and horse but the only things I hate about it is that it stink. Back in the old day human pee and manure was use for planting so I guess what they eat make a big difference in fertilizing.

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Thanks buford and vietzero. I went ahead and picked up a few bags and yes it does stink baaaaaad. We covered up the bags wit a large rug I keep in the back to keep the smell inside the rug. lol! I am going to use it on some roses and some hosta if I run out of Black Kow. Sounds like it would be good to use on anything. Thanks again, Judy

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