What are your favorite Pinks?

frenchcuffs13(z8a)July 16, 2014

Hi everyone! I'm usually on the Roses thread but have recently become interested in daylilies.
I'm wondering what are your pinkest true pinks (light or dark) ? I found an older thread from several years ago, but thought perhaps it could use an update.
Hybridizer photos seem fairly misleading when compared to actual garden photos, so am looking to you experienced folk. Thank you and i hope you share your favorites!

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This is Curt Hanson's "Pink Panties." It is a wonderful plant, with strong scapes, lots of buds, and reliably beautiful blooms. Highly recommended!

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shive(6b TN)

My favorites are Chartered Course, Symphony of Praise, Shores of Time, American Doll, and Lillian's Jinger Bred.


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I had to giggles at the name Pink Panties! Such a nice bright color.
Thank you both so much for the suggestions. I truly like hearing what you guys have to say and your input. I know pink isn't everyone's favorite.
I think I've seen Shores of time on the lily auction. I do really like the bubbly edges on Chartered course.
Great photos, thank you!

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Shores of Time has been nothing but trouble here, but you are in a warmer zone. Curt has one intro this spring called "Pussy Galore."

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There are so many beautiful, luscious pinks, and they rank among my favorites. Here's a few of the clearest pinks I grow:

Wild Cherry Wine:

Julianna Lynn:

Half Moon Key:

In Hot Pursuit is the brightest, deepest pink in the garden:

Gangster of Love is clear and tall:


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njmomma(z6 NJ)

San Ignacio blooms like mad

Dabo Girl is pinker than it looks here. Leans a little but oh so pretty.

Fairy Tale Pink is a favorite of mine. Not a strong pink color but the form and coloring makes it special.

Elegant Candy is very pink and blooms it head off.

Seminole Wind

Palladian Pink is super pink

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Just for people in a colder clime reading this thread, San Ignacio had terrible bud count here--sometimes just a few per scape. Zone 6 covers a big area, and New Jersey is a different climate from that of Ohio.

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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - What kind of trouble have you had with Shores of Time?


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Maryl zone 7a

Wild Cherry Wine is new to me and now on my list. I haven't heard of the hyribizer before (Bennett) and don't see them on the Charlottes hybridizer list. But they did a good job from your picture....That's also a great shot of Elegant Candy.....My contribution to this pink thread is Leslie Renee. A very good dependable bloomer from Stamile....Maryl

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Had a Leslie Renee bloom today.

Debra, Shores of Time just hasn't taken off here. One plant rotted. The remaining one has never had more than a few blooms and of course none this year. I've seen complaints on other forums that it is, at the least, a slow multiplier.

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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - I would agree that Shores of Time is a slow multiplier. Here it has so many buds and then reblooms that I don't mind the slow increase. Mine had serious thrip problems this year, and I never got a really good photo of it.


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I don't have many pinks but the two that are pink without peach shade are Party Pinafore and Brookwood Softly Pink. Here is Party Pinafore.

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Love Party Pinafore!
My SOT is a slow increaser too which is just fine with me, I actually prefer that :) But bud count is low.. like 8-10 maybe. And then one petal sometimes doesn't open well not sticking out but it seems not as wide as the other two. I still love it!

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I don't have many pinks, and most of the ones I have look rose-ish or cream-ish here, despite what the registration info says. Maybe it's the soil.

Maybe it's my definition of pink - because I offer as an excellent pink FLAMING BULL, by Bud Bennett:

http://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/detail.php?id=155209&name=Flaming Bull

He registered it as rosy red; to me,it looks like a deep pink.

Maryl, Bud Bennett is the hybridizer of WILD CHERRY WINE, too. He sends out paper catalogs only (no pictures in them), and these days (he's in his 80s), he has a relatively small number of intros per year, probably around six (?). I believe he hybridizes dips only, but I might be mistaken about that. He's a Region 3 hybridizer, and you'll probably find his plants mostly in Region 3 gardens. I think WILD CHERRY WINE is one of his best-known ones. If you want some of his plants, one source is Woodhenge Gardens; at least a year ago, I'm pretty sure Margo and Jim were listing some of his plants.


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Salter's Pink Lemonade Party has always done well for me, but this winter reduced the plant from 2 large clumps to just 3-4 fans. I was surprised that it bloomed this year.

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Lynxe, do you happen to know how to get a hold of a paper catalog from Bud Bennett? I've been searching for a few of his without success.

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Maryl zone 7a

I pulled up Woodhenge and didn't see Wild Cherry Wine or any F. Bennet (he's officially Frank) plants offered for sale this year. Woodhenge apparently offers different hybridizers daylilies but his name was not among them. I see that Marietta carries WCW (higher price) and Singing Oakes does also. Pink Lemonade Party is on my short list too and Singing Oakes carries that as well. However with the death in her family I don't know if she is planning on staying open next year. I seldom order in the fall for fear of importing rust. Fingers crossed for next spring. Some really nice pink beauties to try out..........Maryl

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maryl, you're right! I'm sorry that I steered you wrong; in previous years, I remember seeing Bennetts on the Woodhenge price list.

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maximus, I've just sent you an email.

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Belle of Ashwood is my favourite pink in my garden.


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I've been admiring DAY OF MAGIC (Polston 06; DARLA ANITA x SPACECOAST STARBURST) yesterday and today. It's a really lovely shade of pink!

Previously, meaning both earlier this season and for all the several years that I've had it, I haven't liked the color very much. It's always had that DARLA ANITA coloration and, wherever I've seen that one, it's always been a blah color verging on muddy. Ditto on my DOM.

But maybe it's hit its stride? I sure hope it blooms with this lovely pink from now on.

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alameda/zone 8

My favorite pink is Blue Pink Beauty. I have several plants of it and it is always gorgeous - I don't like pinks with eyes or yellow edges, I like the clear, true pink without the frills.

Right up there with Blue Pink Beauty is Gone Fishing and its parent, Pink Aloha.

I have and love Pink Pinafore. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is a very light, pale pink, large flower. Have crossed it with BPB.

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I have another lovely "pink"! It's RASPBERRY RHAPSODY, an '05 by Gerald Hobbs. Like the name suggests, it's registered as a raspberry self, To me, it's a bright pink.

There's a nice picture of it in this:


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