Butterfly attracting kit to Jasmine plant?? Help Please!!

mightyfragranceMay 7, 2007

I am a newbie and last week bought a new star jasmine plant with me, and I was so happy when I saw new leaves & buds coming in my short care that I wanted to give it a boost. I was also concerned about its hardiness, so wanted to mulch it. I went to home depot and got American heritage's Butterfly & hummingbird attracting kit. It is said to have seed, mulch, advanced soil watering technology, and I felt it might be my perfect answer. It was supposed to be sprinkled on the soil. But when I opened it is nothing but white rounded particles and not at all like that wood mulch I see everywhere! Now I am concerned if I did the right thing after all? if it is mulch in fact? if that seed might germinate and take away my jasmine's soil space!!? If I over-fertilized the jasmine plant, so it instead of boosting its sprits, I would kill the plant's new growth? Please please please advice me guys. BTW, I am not at all eager for any butterflies, but just a mulch.

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If you bought what I think you did (the Butterfly and Hummingbird kit), it is meant for sprinkling on the ground outside so that the seeds therin will grow into flowering plants whose blossoms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It is not meant for use as mulch for potted plants.

My advice would be to remove this pre-seeded compost before it sprouts. If you want mulch (which is usually not needed for a plant in a pot) use something like pine bark, or spanish moss, or aquarium gravel to give a decorative touch.

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Mighy, I agree w/Scenter..if you don't remove, your plant will soon be sprouting other plants. And yes, some might take over roots and kill your Jasmine.
Why do you want a mulch for a potted plant? To be honest, it's best not to use mulch for potted plants..You want to be able to check soil..also, some mulches attract fungus gnats from constant moisture..
Of course, I'm not trying to tell you what to do..if you want a mulch for decorative purposes, go w/the Spanish Moss..It's lighter than sphagnum, and less likely to attract bugs..Toni

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Good lord! I removed them immediately!!thanks a lot Scenter & Tony for those advices.
So then there is really no need for a mulch in my container other than decoration? as I definitely water the plant everyday and I am not eager about decoration. Also I have this plant in a container with water reservoir, so it should not have any moisture problem.
I saw this tiny white fungus near the roots today, may be due to over watering (?? I just sprinkle water though!) so I immediately tilled the upper soil, and sprayed the insect killer, That should take care of it, right? Thanks for any advices in advance.

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Mighty, it's good you rid the mulch/seed, whatever it was..LOL.
The white stuff could be mold and yes from overwatering..I'd wait until the reservoir was nearly empty before filling..(is your pot self-watering?)
Insecticide won't rid mold, it'll only kill insects..(S) But if you let the soil dry out a bit, (check w/finger) it should be fine..I'd get a paper towel either dipped in vinager or rubbing alcohol and wipe away the mold..Toni

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