Star Jasmine

mariposa13May 25, 2007

I think I need some reassurance... I really want this to work!

I purchased a star jasmine plant and have planted it next to a chain link fence. It is in full sun. I used twist ties to secure the vines to the fence. It's been planted for about 2 weeks now. I really want this to climb all over the fence, but I only have one right now to see how it does (I don't have much luck with plants/flowers).

Now... it seems to be doing well, I've been watering it daily and I've mixed up some fertilizer.

I've noticed the flowers are starting to turn yellow/brown. I don't know if I am watering it too much or too little? I mixed up a gallon milk jug of water and fertilizer. I use about 1/3 jug every morning to water it. Do I need to use more / less?

I really want to keep it alive!

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As long as the leaves look glossy - your plant is healthy. The flowers turning yellow/brownish could be an indication of balling or ageing or sunburnt when mixed with water. In order words - avoid watering the flowers - just water the roots.

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Mari, I would think you're over-fertilizing..Instead of feeding each day, (follow container directions) fertilize according to instructions.
Also, it's not a good idea leaving mixed fertilizers over night. At least everything I've read on the subject states not to..I believe it's even written on boxes or containers.
Though I grow jasmines in pots, I allow soil to dry a bit between waterings. Soil should not be muddy.
This is important, especially if your soil is heavy. Toni

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